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Lesson for the Right from France

The recent wave of terrorist attacks in France has inflamed the controversy which surrounds the nation’s relationship with immigration.  President Macron has launched a campaign against Jihadism, insisting that a new emphasis on the Republic’s Liberal values will restore national...

/ 12/11/2020

Terence MacSwiney Centenary: Modern Ireland and Historical Revisionism

Today marks the centenary of Terence MacSwiney’s death while in prison during the War of Independence. A playwright, poet, mayor of Cork and IRA commander, MacSwiney passed away after 74 days on hunger strike, bringing worldwide attention to the nationalist...

/ 25/10/2020

Ireland’s Existential Crisis: Culture and Identity in an age of Globalism

On a mild September morning, a demolition crew sets to work on their new project, a dilapidated suburban house in South Dublin. Before long, the structure is a heap of rubble, which will soon be cleared to make way for...

/ 17/10/2020