Sweden Rolls Back Hormone Therapy for Children-An Example for Ireland?

In a significant move undermining the current medical and ideological orthodoxy on gender dysphoria, certain hospitals in Sweden have phased out the prescribing of puberty blockers to under 16s. The move comes in the wake of growing medical concern about...

/ 14/05/2021

Le Chéile: Ireland Newest Censorship Org Off to an Uninspiring Start

The congested field of anti-racist organising in Ireland met with a new and belated contendor this December with the birth of Le Chéile, a new voice to combat Ireland’s apparently nefarious far right. With an arranged press release coverage from...

/ 29/01/2021

Who’s funding the Irish Trans Industry? —TENI’s Ambiguous Accounting

The past decade has witnessed a renaissance for Irish trans activism culminating in the Gender Recognition Act of 2015, which arguably effectuated the world’s most permissive transgender recognition regime. Facilitating ‘self-recognition’ with no questions asked for individuals over the age...

/ 14/01/2021