It is very much a case of déjà vu all over again as The Burkean can report that the trans charity TENI has allowed yet another deadline to provide their accounts to the CRO lapse.

The third deadline running that has been ducked by the trans group (currently experiencing wave of cryptic resignations) the expected result of this latest faux pas will be the dropping of HSE grant money provided to NGO per the Social Inclusion Scheme and the probability of TENI having to return all HSE grant money provided to it in 2022.

The walking wounded in the field of progressive NGOs, TENI’s anarchic accounting has previously earned the temporary cessation of HSE funding for much the similar issue, truant accounts.

It would also appear that another major financial backer of the group, Rethink Ireland, a philanthropic organisation, has also put future financial top offs on ice due to similar concerns.

Since 2017 the charity (though it is registered as a company rather than with the Charity Regulator) has been in receipt of €1.24 million in HSE funding.

Drawing mainstream media attention last month for puzzling under the table payments made to TENI executives by the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, it is acknowledged by most industry experts that this week’s deadline may be the last straw for the group.

With a paltry €43,000 in their accounts per 2021 figures, a move to recall HSE funds may very well tip the NGO over and result in effective foreclosure and dissolution.

In the week of trans visibility those scathing of the nation’s trans industry implore TENI to provide some clarity with regards their accounting.

Neither TENI nor the HSE responded to our requests for comment at the time of publication.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan

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  1. Absolutely delighted that these Autogynephile frauds have come to the end of the road and will have to peddle their naked villainy elsewhere.


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