The beleaguered trans NGO TENI continues its march towards ruination with revelations by the Sunday Times that the group’s chairperson Sara Phillips allegedly misrepresented themselves as a chartered accountant.

Blazing a trail of  infamy for careless accounting, TENI seemingly erased any mention of Phillips’s allegedly fudged credentials upon initial inquiry by the paper.

Suspicion was first raised when inquiries were made to the regulatory body Chartered Accountants Ireland as to the validity of Philips’s accountancy qualifications mentioned in their TENI biography.

In possession of an ACCA accountancy qualification according to the accountancy body this does not enable Phillips to declare themselves a chartered accountant with no mention of the chairperson in their records as being properly registered.

Additionally sitting on the national executive of the powerful National Women’s Council of Ireland, Philips was revealed to have received under the table payments for supposed consultancy work from the IHREC against charity guidelines. According to emails it would also appear that Philips had flaunted their supposed experience as a chartered accountant when lobbying for the role on the NWCI board.

With a professional background in the manufacturing of construction materials Philips also supplements her work in TENI with a sideline role as treasurer of the lucrative International Trans Fund. A product of the Astrea Lesbian Foundation for Justice Open Society, Ford and Arcus Foundation it in turn coordinates with the US State Department in the backing of international trans related projects.

Seeing over €1.2 million pumped into it of mainly state funding this weekend’s exposure adds more fuel to the fire on what is probably the slow motion disintegration of the activist group.

Failing to meet prerequisite deadlines in order to receive state funding the charity had its state funding stripped in March with Philips staying beyond the 9 year recommended by the Charity Regulator’s governance code.

Anointing a new CEO in the form of Hungarian-born trans militant Tina Kolos Orban formerly of Transgender Europe, previous to this TENI had witnessed the quickfire departure of their CEO Éirénne Carroll in what some call suspect circumstances.

Prior to this recent revelation The Burkean had taken a keen interest in the NGO including both their ambiguous funding streams as well as mysterious departure en masse of chunks of their executive board.

Existing in something of a regulatory grey area as not an officially recognised charity TENI has avoided the normal sanctions for dysfunctional charities.

Industry experts state that the probability of TENI receiving the green light for charity status is nil with the lingering issues around financing and alleged internal fallouts potentially consuming the NGO within the next 12 months.

Instrumental in the passing of arguably the world’s most excessive trans agenda on the statute books, TENI may very likely ride off into the sunset like the previous LGBT advocacy group GLEN, typifying the type of pump and dump routine we’ve seen all too often within the sector.

TENI may sink but its fingerprints lie all over the statute books of the state with its executive board likely being dispersed into the ether of the NGO complex.

Regardless, this weekend’s disclosure can’t do much to help a group already fighting for its life on multiple media and fiscal fronts.

Tick Tock…

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. In response to an earlier article on TENI and its late accounts I had posted that it was very odd that with the Chair of TENI who has been on the Board for years and was a CHARTERED accountant (regarded as the most senior accs qualification) how could they have late accounts?

    Now I know, he/she/it was not a chartered accountant.


  2. Ireland gets woker by the day .


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