Visitors to this site may have noticed The Burkean’s ongoing fixation with the trans charity TENI, both in their funding streams as well as their dubious accounting methods which previously precipitated a HSE funding block and some awkward resignations.

For that reason and more, we look rather jocularly at attempts by TENI to dig itself out of a regulatory hole by employing (apparently for the first time) an accountant. 

With the heat on the NGO owing to 3 consecutive years of truant accounts, the role was advertised on the group’s website. Seeking a ‘Finance and Operations Manager’ the desired candidate will be tasked with handling the finances of the embattled group reporting directly to TENI CEO Sara Philips.

Included in the brief is mention that any candidate ought to be ready to comply with the Charity industry’s SORP (Statement of Recommended Practice), a firm indication that TENI finally wishes to register as a formal charity.

Of interest is the fact that the role does not necessarily require an accounting or financial qualification though some experience is required in bookkeeping.

Something of a regulatory blackspot, TENI until now has been registered as a private limited company for reasons known only to themselves. Unlikely to attain charity recognition owing to fast and loose approaches to accounting, this move opens up the possibility of TENI’s inner workings to come under scrutiny from critics.

With 24 days of holiday pay guaranteed for a 35 hour per week contract of mainly soft office work the role is quintessentially ‘good work if you can get it’, though mention of fundraising hints at the new revenue streams TENI may look to secure.

With the HSE scrapping their stipend and certain other corporate benefactors looking unkindly at TENI’s diminished corporate board one ponders if it is too late to save the leading light of the nation’s trans advocacy group.

I wonder if the hiree could simply identify as competent?

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. A Cushy gig


  2. That thing in the photo is mentally ill.


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