Tag: Modern Art

Why does it Matter that the Nativity Scene at the Vatican is Ugly?

In the spirit of a modern artist, the Vatican’s nativity scene might turn to the traditional defense of those who seek to defend the ugly, ‘I say it’s art, who’s to say it’s not art?’. In doing so, one is...

/ 24/12/2020

Central Bank Wages War on Dublin’s Cityscape

A relative oasis of tranquillity, Dublin’s Garden of Remembrance commemorates Ireland’s patriotic dead and provides some uplift in a benighted north inner city. Even if one has to step over half a dozen heroin addicts on the way there, through...

/ 08/09/2019

Art Review: Seasons End: More Than Suitcases

What is art? Some art is used to evoke a sense of aesthetic pleasure in the viewer, whilst other pieces are created to do almost the exact opposite, perhaps to show them another side of the world. The exhibition Seasons...

/ 20/03/2018