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Inside RTÉ’s Hate Speech Lobbying

Control over the public airwaves was a key feature in the Troubles and looks set to play a similar role in the fight against populism in years to come, as RTÉ's recent submission to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI)...

/ 01/11/2021

Far Right Observatory — How Did An Anonymous Antifascist Organisation Receive €225,000 in Charity Funding?

Early last week Gript sleuthy reported on the apparent receipt of €112,500 in state funding by a rather opaque organisation named ‘The Far Right Observatory’. While the group has been earmarked for €112,500 worth of state funds, this figure at...

/ 15/06/2021

LGB Alliance Ireland and Ireland’s New TERF Wars

Few could have ignored the sanguinary factional dispute among Irish progressives during the past few weeks over the apparent emergence of liberal TERF groups dedicated to overthrowing Ireland’s inordinately lax transgender laws. Not ones to take political dissonance lightly, the...

/ 15/11/2020