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What Happened to ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’?

The author of this article is a barrister with many years of experience. Back on 5th November 2018, in a rape trial in Cork, the trial's defence counsel in her closing speech to the jury used the following words: “Does...

/ 05/02/2019

Ireland’s Drug Blues: A Slow Cowardly Surrender

If ever there was a clear sign that Ireland is in serious danger of disappearing up its own contradictions it was the sight of Minister of State for health promotion Catherine Byrne holding a brightly coloured poster providing details on how to...

/ 21/07/2018

An Unjust Law and Ascough’s Dilemma

You wanna know what you need to make a basic 12-gauge shotgun? It’s pretty basic stuff. You need a metal tube, 18.5mm wide, and a screw will suffice as a firing pin. For further information go to YouTube and search...

/ 01/10/2017