As turkeys are carved and selection boxes pilfered throughout the nation, one Bandon home will be without a key member of their household this Christmas. A grotesque reminder of just how far off the rails the country has erred in the past 20 months, Margaret Buttimer, a 66 year old Leeside grandmother, looks set to spend the holiday period behind bars as a guest of the state.

Sentenced to a six month jail sentence (with another six suspended) for the crime of repeatedly not wearing a face mask on multiple occasions, Buttimer received the sentence at the hands of Judge McNulty at Bandon Cour last week.

The umptenth time she had faced the long arm of the law for her non-compliance, Buttimer had become a rallying point anti-lockdown feeling i.e. sanity for activists at large.

In her previous run-ins with the law Buttimer had been put under a curfew and sent to Limerick Prison, famous for its wing of female identifying ‘trans’ prisoners.

To some, mask wearing is not the best hill to die on when fighting against the current state enforced lunacy. Regardless, at any hill and at any time must such frank injustices be protested against, with inhumanity shown to one dissident likely to be replicated to us all eventually.

It is striking that in a state that can barely maintain law and order on a given weekday on O’Connell Street seeks to vent its frustration on a solitary grandmother from Bandon for the meagre crime of not wearing a mask.

For all the human rights NGOs populating the civic space barely a murmur has been uttered in the mainstream against the spectacle of the state’s pursuit of Buttimer.

The legal cost for the dozens if not hundreds of public sector man hours put into prosecuting Buttimer may never be known but is merely another stain on Irish legaldom.

While we heard a lot of Americanised talking points from the Irish left about police abolition in the wake of the BLM craze of 2020, very little sympathy has been expressed of Bandon’s most wanted.

On Buttimer’s part, while some months ago I’d have written her stand as crankish there has been no point I was without a grudging respect for her stance.

Covidmania has made it clear that it will put an end to our society as we know it if we do not seek to put an end to it first. It’s better to be fighting these battles now over the mask issue rather than some months ahead when like Austria we face enforced vaccination under legal and professional duress.

Whatever misgivings one can have with the Irish courts, a small mercy has been the fact we are without the ideological sadism seen with the hate speech ridden UK. While hate speech laws are some time off the books, the Buttimer debacle is an early warning sign of how unjust proceedings can be for dissidents. 

When it comes to courts and interactions with Gardaí in general I’d advise any reader to minimise their time with either. A rule of thumb is that any political subversive who finds before a gown and gavel is already a dead man.

One gets the feeling we’re going to be experiencing some more Yuletide incarcerations in the years to come.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Nothing ‘crankish’ about the stand being taken by this woman. Everybody who wears a mask is responsible for this woman’s plight. The mask says only that the wearer is submissive and gullible.


  2. Question, Think 24/12/2021 at 7:44 pm

    The “state” imprisoning an old granny out doing her bit of christmas shopping is an example of the “covid emergency powers” representing a dire threat to irish citizens civil liberties and freedoms and also their livelihoods.

    One wonders when those “emergency covid powers” are put back into their box, never to be seen again.

    They are constantly being extended and there are no journalists asking hard questions . The “government and NPHET” have caused severe financial damage to the economy, the national debt has risen dramatically. They basically have put grandmothers in jail for not wearing a face nappy whilst out shopping. According to their own logic and fearmongering horseshit, that granny should be in ICU with the virus that has never been isolated. But there she is walking around as a “picture of health” in the photgraphs of her.

    The Government/NPHET expect a citizen to partake in an ongoing medical experiment with multiple injections/ mRNA lipid nanopartictles in order to drink and eat in a bar or restaurant. The government and NPHET are a threat to a citizens bodily autonomy, civil liberties and freedoms. For what though?

    To put in a form of “medical martial law” with the excuse of protecting people from a so-called virus with a near 100% survival rate, raises some serious questions and moral issues. The majority of people that have a positive PCR test have a near 100% survival rate. They are acting as if a “positive pcr test” is the “end of the world”.

    Even if a person were to believe in the “official covid narrative” that there is a Sars Cov-2 deadly disease along with the new monthly strains? (I don’t believe the official narrative as it makes no sense whatsoever), Why was there lockdowns when the survival rate is so high? and when the so-called “deadly disease” largely only affects very old people with underlying health conditions, going by the statistics? If it was a real pandemic, people would notice the sickness and the death rates immediately in their community without people having to do a PCR test.

    The lockdown argument was basically built on the idea that the state hospitals could not cope and that old people could die. How much are the lockdowns and restrictions costing the Irish tax payers and small business again? With the money they have spent/are-spending on “lockdown/restrictions policy and the PUP”, the irish government could have easily used such money to build dozens of “makeshift hospitals” to cater for their fearmongering horseshit around PCR cases, beds and ICU, and still have money leftover. It would have financially cost nowhere near as much as the lockdowns/restrictions. Those “makeshift hospitals” would have cost them FAR LESS in the long run! Swedish society did not end when Sweden did not lockdown! So again, the irish government promoted fear mongering horseshit around a PCR test and the taxpayers are left to pay for the destruction to the economy from the PUP and many peoples livelihood/business ruined! Older people could have been told to be cautious and younger people could have got on with their everyday life as they would have a near 100% survival rate. That is an argument only if you believe that there ever was a virus. It has never been isolated with “koch’s postulates”. The official narrative does not make sense.


    The lamestream does not ask the hard questions.

    From the article – enforced vaccination under legal and professional duress.

    There are well over a “million” austrians refusing the “multiple injections”. They are having protests in the tens of thousands. Those protests have gotten massive, it is like as if entire football stadiums are out on the streets there most weekends. Any fines or threats of imprisonment for refusing to take “multiple injections” will likely be professionally challenged in the courts there. It will likely end up costing the austrian government an unspeakable amount of money in the long run and they are going to draw enormous criticism from human rights groups.

    One million people is the size of a small country.


  3. Mary Stasia Concannon 24/12/2021 at 10:31 pm

    This is appalling! So easy to bully a 66 year old grandmother! And by the way, if anyone cares, I’m noticing it’s getting easier and easier to demonize and persecute women in this brave new world of ours.


    1. Hi Mary,

      As a man in his sixties I have found that it has mainly been women who have attacked me for not wearing a mask.

      They have generally been of an age similar to me however recently, a young woman working in a petrol station , no more than twenty years old, just had to attempt to dress me down in front of others.

      It has always been easy to demonise people, period, it’s not a gender thing it’s a bullying thing.

      One of my sons was relentlessly harassed in a local Spar shop that has a post office by a middle aged woman whilst my wife has never had a word said to her.

      Margaret Buttimer is being demonised and jailed because she won’t bend to the new medical tyranny,

      Maybe the ‘sisterhood’ could be organised in her defense?


  4. Mary Stasia Concannon 25/12/2021 at 1:41 am

    Hi, Niall! It occurred to me after my post that I was not as clear as I should have been. I know exactly what you mean, and I have nothing in common with that bullying sisterhood or tbeir male counterparts ushering in their new social order.
    I identify solely with tbe “Irishmen and Irishwomen” to whom Padraic Pearse spoke. That is my group – those who share my values and my belief in and concern for the rights of the individual – which are under assault everywhere, including my country and yours. recently, i’ve been alarmed to see women under particular attack if they land on the wrong side of the new order. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always had a knack for seeing a few stray leaves picked up by a breeze and knowing the hurricane was coming.


    1. Thanks for the reply Mary and absolutely with you on all of that, I should add that a young woman of my acquaintance told me that her experience when not wearing a mask was that it was men of my age who scolded her. Bullies as we know attack where they don’t expect a response. I used to notice that trend when I worked on a public counter dealing with the general public, women gave out to me whilst men gave out to my female colleagues, I think they do this because they know their own gender would see their bullshit immediately.


  5. Reverend Leo 25/12/2021 at 3:04 pm

    Something fishy here. If she signed two forms in court she’d be out on appeal. Did her solicitor not have them with him.
    Could be spun out for a year or two, and all convictions bundled together.


  6. Brian flanagan 27/12/2021 at 1:03 am

    Has anyone noticed a rough correlation between the nay-sayers to the covid crap and the activist nat-sayers to abortion? Mother Theresa told us many times how abortion is the greatest threat to peace. The Irish electorate disagreed. Barbaric murder and crime in general escalate to swell our prison population disgracefully. Those who opposed and continue to oppose abortion are folk who believe that unless everybody matters nobody matters. They are peace-loving people – to a man – standing up for everyone’s dignity as humans. Pro-lifers have preserved their keen sense of smell for mendacity. Shame on all our overpaid politicians, medics, professionals and clergy who have effectively abandoned botheMargaret Buttimer and the thousands upon thousand fellow citizens who will be murdered in succeeding years. They should read Matthew 25 and switch off RTE.


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