While eyes have been justifiably fixed on the spiralling disaster that is Irish asylum policy, a ruling Monday at the Supreme Court bodes badly for any future hope of reforming the already busted system.

Dealing with the (non) plight of a Brazilian and Georgian asylum seeker it was judged that the International Protection and Appeals Tribunal (IPAT) which manages the appeals process for failed applicants acted beyond its remit in pushing for the deportation of the individuals.

The saga began when the two individuals named Mr A and MS B failed to appeal their refusal for international protection and were recommended for deportation by the IPAT which the court ruled was outside their original remit.

With the IPAT’s original decision upheld by the High Court before heading to a five judge panel at the Supreme Court, the ruling enables failed asylum seekers to extend their appeal time by challenging the ability of the IPAT to cut down on the hiatus period by which applicants can extend their deportation process. Those monitoring the asylum logjam know this is an age-old tactic whereby bogus applicants can run down the clock and the state’s patience through repeated appeals.

The origin of this precedent lies in technicalities which exist in the 2015 International Protection Act and the manner in which an ‘applicant in defined’

The implication of the Supreme Court’s judgement is yet another and potentially significant roadblock in kicking the already dysfunctional deportation process into gear. As a consequence henceforth the IPAT which deals with the mass of junk asylum claims will have their hands tied in refusing an extension of appeal time owing to the precedent set.

Already a ragtag process, in April of last year The Burkean under Freedom of Information showed how only 20% of deportation orders are actually a figure increasingly dwindling despite the asylum surge the state is witnessing post pandemic.

With increasing grandstanding by a government seemingly willing to take a stand on runaway asylum fraud (at least if one believes the press releases) this new precedent grants bogus asylum seekers already refused protection an extra crutch to lean on.

The nationality of the two asylum seekers leading the charge on this matter points to the regularised fraud occurring throughout the system safeguarded by legal jargon, NGO culture as well as supine Department of Justice.

Beginning in 2017 the Georgian asylum spike condemned even by the Georgian ambassador himself has been driven by a cynical desire by arrives to attain access to the Schengen zone through Ireland. With regards to the Brazilian we may only speculate but could relate to the allegorical trend of Brazilians latching onto the asylum system when their visa runs out.

The open door on Irish asylum nudged ever wider ajar with a rough few months ahead of us all as the dinner bell is rung across the world on Ireland’s flummoxed asylum system and the death by a million legal cuts it has endured.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Thank you for this piece. I’ve passed it on to the Minister and cc’d it to my local TD and An Taoiseach.


  2. Liam Sherry 22/07/2022 at 8:34 am

    The more I read, the more ill I feel.


  3. ELECTRIC ED 22/07/2022 at 1:09 pm

    Deporting someone from Ireland is now next to impossible . What’s going to happen when the Brits turn the screw further on asylum seekers ? I see 1,000 asylum applications per week by early autumn . Why don’t Brazilians & South African short term visitors need a visa to enter the country ? Ireland is the only european country that has an open door with Johannesburg ! How do Georgians find it so easy to enter the country ? Clearly , the visa requirement is as lax as every other aspect of immigration ” control ” . Legal eagles are milking the system for every cent . How many Irish people could afford to take a case to the Supreme Court ? Nobody that hasn’t been covid vaccinated should be allowed in # Period


  4. The Ivaus@thetricolour 22/07/2022 at 9:16 pm

    I would love to meet,face to face,every one of these elected by the people that put their name, to represent democracy.
    I would be courteous and respectful,and they would respect me,as I them.
    I would ask questions,and expect answers,no waffle,direct and honest.
    I would look them in the eye,and expect the same commitment.
    I would not need to ask 10 questions,no more than 5,I could cut it to 3.
    I would not stop them as they run away,truth exposes them, RUN RUN
    THE WORLDS PROBLEMS TODAY ARE ALL LINKED TO LEGACY MEDIA,there are many guilty parties,we should all know them by now.
    lies..Lies..LIES, and people think GLOBALIST SOCIAL MEDIA Is????


  5. Ivaus@thetricolour 24/07/2022 at 4:11 pm

    Just being Irish, does not count. Denying the obvious,the truth unfolding before our very eyes,and it’s pawned off with no accountability.Time and time again people have voiced their concerns and all that has been labeled as tin hat brigade and conspiracy has transpired and become the norm. Today’s news,which has made it into Legacy Media,finally mentions the expected SURGE of migrants into Ireland due to Britain’s border policy.

    Two Irish Patriots, John Waters and Gemma O Doherty could not get leave to appeal their case,their case was never presented in court. 3 courts later,and over a 2 year period, it was kicked out of the Supreme Court. That alone says it all…Kangaroo Courts.
    EVERYBODY KNOWS, the people,govt.and media,but continue to deny reality…its been happening for years now…not just Wokeism,HIBER-NATION


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