Much maligned by the Irish people, Minister Roderic O’Gorman has become one of the most prominent members of the coalition government amidst the various controversial progressive policies he has patroned.

Not just another woke opportunist, O’Gorman has worked on the cutting edge of progressive extremist activism for decades.

O’Gorman’s Nauseating Dáil Record

Elected to Dáil Éireann in 2020 to represent the constituency of Dublin West, O’Gorman also previously held the position of Green Party chairman from 2011 to 2019. 

As the Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, Roderic O’Gorman has spearheaded the Irish government’s progressive push in recent years. 

O’Gorman’s tenure in office has been perpetually mired by some kind of public criticism of his actions, statements, and policies. Such as in 2020, when O’Gorman experienced online backlash as result of a photograph he had published on his social media.

Strange Bedfellows

This photograph, taken of O’Gorman with British LGBT rights activist, Peter Tatchell, at a Dublin gay pride parade in 2018, engendered concern as a consequence of controversial statements made by Tatchell in the past. The Minister slyly claimed that the photograph was their only meeting, and accused detractors of “homophobia”.

Furthermore, dissatisfaction with O’Gorman’s liberal asylum seeker policies has been a general theme of his time in office, making such concerning statements as his defence of the predominantly single male asylum seekers entering the country. 

In light of these policies, there is a large reason to believe that O’Gorman’s political views are informed by an extremely socially liberal bias. This idea has been reinforced recently, as a journal article from 2004 written by O’Gorman has resurfaced.

Transsexual Propaganda from 20 Years Ago

Titled, “A Change Would Do You Good: The Evolving Position of Transsexuals Under Irish & European Convention Law”, the article analyses the Irish legal system’s treatment of transsexuals in the Foy v. t-Ard Chlaraitheoir case, in comparison with later rulings by the European Court of Human RIghts relating to transgender rights and the European Convention on Human Rights. . 

The case Foy v. t-Ard Chlaraitheoir , brought to the Irish Supreme Court, was presided over by Judge William Martin McKechnie. 

The case was brought to the court by a transgender citizen seeking to alter their birth certificate to display their preferred gender. 

Donal Mark Foy, a dentist by profession with a wife and two children, experienced a troubled mental state in the 1980s before being diagnosed as transgender by a psychologist in 1990. Subsequently, Foy separated from his wife in 1991 and in 1992 went to England for sex reassignment surgery, where the Irish Eastern Health Board contributed £5,000 towards the hospital fees. 

Now known as Lydia Annice Foy, Foy sought to alter his gender on his passport, drivers licence, and birth certificate. Successful in all prior altering of his identity documents, the courts ruled against the changing of Foy’s birth certificate. 

Foy’s argument was that the birth certificate was a historical document that should be subject to retro-active alterations should a person wish it so. 

However, as O’Gorman himself notes, such reasoning was held insufficient by Judge McKechnie, who “held that the traditional method of identifying gender by the use [of] the Corbett criteria was correct. Thus… the identification of Dr. Foy as male on the register of births did not amount to an error of substance or fact as, at birth, Dr. Foy was biologically male.”

O’Gorman’s article reviews the legal dispute in Ireland, and criticises the Judge’s ruling on the grounds that the European Court of Human Rights, only days after the ruling of Foy v. t-Ard Chlaraitheoir in Ireland, ruled against the United Kingdom in the case Goodwin v. United Kingdom. 

Goodwin, another post-operation transgender, brought a case against the British government for violation of privacy rights on the grounds that he had received harassment from employers and that this unequal treatment violated the European Convention on Human RIghts. 

Another component of Goodwin’s case, was the legal restriction of his ability to marry, something which, too, Foy criticised in his own legal case. 

The European Court of Human Rights in siding with Goodwin, facilitated the British government’s later adoption of the Gender Recognition Act of 2004, which allowed transgender people to change their legal gender. O’Gorman, writing this legislative case study review in 2004, likely had this legislation on his mind as a model for Ireland.

Strong Trans Bias

In O’Gorman’s closing statements, he expresses dissatisfaction with Judge McKechnie’s ruling in light of the more “realistic and flexible approach” of the European Court of Human Rights, which he speculates as to whether it may indicate future European Court rulings relating to gay marriage. 

Finally, pondering the domestic consequences of the European Court’s ruling, O’Gorman speculates as to whether the ”incorporation of the European Convention into domestic law and the impending Foy appeal to the Supreme Court all point to the need for similar legislation in Ireland. The question is, will the Oireachtas be proactive, or will its hand be forced?”

As with the benefit of hindsight, it can be proven that the Oireachtas has been an excessively proactive actor in relation to transgender policies in Ireland, in part as a result of O’Gorman himself. Disregarding the damage done to individuals and society, the Houses of the Oireachtas are now drunk on an illusory ‘scientific consensus’ which dictates that intrinsic human qualities can be whimsically altered at will.

Posted by Ryan Kiersey


  1. Too Much ''Diversity''. 23/04/2023 at 8:18 am

    Why pay for someone to potentially regret it afterwards and then take another case???? For another big surgical shopping list???? Some who regret their change after chopping off their boobs or penis, and turning their vagina upside down. Take half an hour to pee, and it is painful apparently. Sex also is another issue, a fake vagina is constantly dry, its not like a bit of ky jelly can fix that one. A fake penis, is not pumped up with blood, and then there is the issue of them being pumped with fake hormones, that do not and are not compatible with their female or male brain chemistry.

    They have made this the fashion du jour, has O gorman ripped his cock off? No, they will say it is good for you, but who? Who is it good for, the people spreading the message and getting backing or money for it, or those casualties who suffer and regret an IRREVERSABLE change to their whole body after a couple of years afterthought.

    A child brain and a teenagers brain is still very much in the stages of development, let them get older and wiser first. Do not listen to these lying middle aged men who are older and wiser than you and who haven’t mutilated their bodies, and never will.


  2. Salmon Of Knowledge ( An Bradán Feasa ) 24/04/2023 at 1:40 am

    Nationalist political opposition need to run their candidates in “Dublin West” during the next election, with the recents protests in places like Finglas, there may just be a “will and appetite to accept a political alternative”, Irelands drastically needs to restore some sanity fast and undergo a gigantic cultural shift. I place no hope in the irish political system, but i hope there can at least be some sort of nationalist opposition put in there to expose the corruption.

    Dublin wes has been taken over by a “clique of serveants who are determined to push globalist agendas on irish communities that have failed in many EU countries and made them less safe. The likes of Roderic O’Gorman (GP) Jack Chambers (FF), Paul Donnelly (SF), and Leo Varadkar (FG) really need to get the fuck out of political power, they represent globalists and not hard working irish communities with the policies they bring forward.

    The serfs for globalist institutions with smirks on their faces and all getting overpaid by the irish taxpayers. These politicans won the political lottery €, beware the smirking and smiles, they really hit it big.

    Their political goals and aspirations are to change the social fabric of a once homogenous country into a dangerous globalist experiment.

    Irish electorate should be outraged, demand change and never let such absolute idiots ever have power over their communities again by voting them out for good. Wishful thinking perhaps, but the “Dublin West” protests against the “third world immigrant” planting was an interesting development.

    Nobody has veto on who lives beside them – Roderic O’Gorman

    The absolute state of him.

    What if they stepped on irish soil after destroying and burning their passport documents? What if such individuals have a very serious criminal background in their country of origin or other countries where they were possibly deported from or have failed in their asylum application process? Is it wise to allow such individuals roam the irish streets when security services have no idea who they are?

    Not only are you a seriously dangerous politican due to your reckless policies “Roderic”, but if you ever thought, that it wouldn’t have come to Irish mothers protesting on the streets in the thousands, then you are an absolute idiot!, those protests were the result of your dangerous policies, these protests were grassroots, parents with genuine and legitimate concerns of feeling intimidated because of gangs of ethnically and culturally different “males” hanging around their communities staring at them and their children as they walked by, or as people found out to their horror and saw on twitter, the violent and alarming riots from accomodation centres spilling on to the streets involving assaults in broad daylight, yet your shitty governmnent wants to censor twitter and provide fact-checking? Well you can not fake video evidence Roddy.

    Many videos exist also of attempted robbery of citizens on irish streets and social welfare offices by what allegedly appears to be people brought in under Rodericks asylum accomodation system. There has been a compilation documentary of these videos called “Rise Of The Celts”, which if broadcasted on the globalist shithole that is RTE would have opened the minds of many irish people on the dangers of O Gorman and his ilk and their open border policies and advertising of irelands open borders. These open-border policies undoubtedly represent a threat to irish women and children, there are statistics to show that when you bring in hordes of african and middle-eastern men from different cultures into a european ecountry like Ireland, the crime rate rise to unprecedented levels. I have never ever heard of irish men being involved in the criminal acts of FGM for example, but when you import this type of culture from africa with immigrants who practice it, FGM becomes commonplace in Ireland and is brought before the courts frequently. Import the third-world problems, get the third-world problems, integration attempts fail frequently, enclaves get created instead.

    “I think it is important to say that we have a moral and legal obligation to prove shelter for those fleeing a wartime situation.” – The argument of people like Smiling Roderick.

    A seriously dangerous and naive politican that if there was ever real morality shown by the irish electorate, he would not have ever got a foothold in irish politics.

    Legal Obligation? THE BIGGEST LIE THEY SPREAD. There was no legal obligation to opt-in to the “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration”. The climate hoax tool that is Roderick would have people think Ireland had no choice in the matter.

    Latvia OPTED-OUT. Denmark OPTED-OUT. Poland opted-out. To just to name a few. Netherlands added a legal addendum where they made a law that says the Migration Pact can not be used as a viable juridical document and therefore can not be used as legal support in asylum claims.

    KEEP LYING you stupid little serveant of the globalists, a quintessential GP member climate hoax pusher and an absolute champagne socialist moron living cloud in fucking DELUSIONAL land.

    Ireland could easily have opted-out, and even now create a framework like Netherlands where the migration pact can not be used as a viable juridicial document by asylum shoppers out for benefits that they should have no right to claim in countries like ireland. They should have no right to even be in ireland as they border jumped multiple safe countries to reach some tock in the atlantic. Opting out of the migration pact would have eased pressure on irish homelessness problem and high rents.

    Roderick and his pals are interpreting the migration pact as defining ALL migration as a “human right”, which is an outrageous policy if people are migrating from safe countries, passing though multiple safe countries to get to Ireland for what exactly? THE BENEFITS, THE SOCIAL WELFARE, all paid for the impoverished irish tax payer that can not afford to pay for houses and rent, because of an enormous influx of FAKEUGESS looking for treasure island and the stupid idiots like O Gorman advertising to them and encouraging them to come. VOTE THE IDIOT OUT!

    He advertised in languages Albanian, Arabic, Somali, Urdu and Georgian.

    Who is Roderick exactly? Is this guy mentally sane? Whats with the constant smiling?

    Albanians are not at war. Fun fact : Albanians have a repution for organised crime, particularly human trafficking and drugs. Albanian nationals represent the highest percentage of foreign nationals imprisoned in british prisons. Rodericks advertisement must have went down really well with the Albanian mafia operating all over Britain selling drugs to british children and youth and organisaing their countrymen to enter britain so their gangs can get stronger. Thankfully a lot of them have been deported from britain and rightfully so. They still come back though, the british are on to them.

    Why is he sending out advertisements in arabic? Algeria, Egypt, Morocco? Literally inviting them in, none of those countries are at war and they are all SHARIA HEAVILY ISLAMIC countries, a completely different culture to ireland, they will never be integrated into irish society.

    In Algeria, “Anyone guilty of a homosexual act is punishable with imprisonment of between 2 months and two years, and with a fine of 500 to 2000 Algerian Dinars. Roderick advertises to algerians with own door accomodation after a few months, however, if he was a citizen of Algeria, he would be breaking the law due to his homosexuality. LOL.

    Roderick is not very smart, i am sure, all that paid for education yet of a very low I.Q, this guy is destroying his own political career and thank goodness for that, thanks roderick for waking up the irish people to your absolutely insane policies.

    Since when is Georgia at war btw? Since when is Pakistan at war? URDU? Really?

    This is POPULATION REPLACEMENT ORCHESTRATED BY THE UN, to rid europe of ethnic europeans for a new third-world serf class who will accept much lower standard of living conditions. Ze Bugs in Ze Pods.

    As for the “transgender/transexual agenda” ?? It is a “DEPOPULATION AGENDA”, to make populaces incapable of reproducing. The same with the vaccines, another depopulation agenda. Read Bill Gates words, he is the front man for such agenda, funds vaccines, transgenderism etc, his father was an eugenicist.

    EUGENICS = people who seek to improve the genetic quality of a human population. The NAZIS were heavily into EUGENICS. Wake up sheeple!

    ““Genetically modified organisms, and we’re injecting them into little kid’s arms, we just shoot them right in the vein”” – Bill Gates.

    Never forget that the irish government puts out ads to get kids vaccinated.


    These people believe themselves to be your betters, they think they own your minds.


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