In early 2014 I watched the events in Ukraine with equanimity. I could appreciate the national desire of a people to determine their own destiny away from the impulse and aggression of an imperialist, colonial-power. 

I can also appreciate Russia’s interpretation of history – in their weakest days, their empire crumbled, the West moved in like carrion birds picking at the Soviet Union’s emaciated corpse. While Western businessmen made fortunes in the East, buying assets for a fraction of the price, the military arm of the American Empire moved its pieces closer and closer to the Russian heartland.

It is easy to side with one or the other out of reactionary feeling. One can see with disgust what the CIA did in Ukraine, and side with Russia. One can see Russia’s violation of Ukrainian national sovereignty with similar disgust. 

One can draw parallels between Ireland and Ukraine, two formerly colonised nations whose land has been taken by an imperial power next door. One can also draw a parallel between Russia and Ireland – Russia intervened to protect ethnic Russians in Donbass, Luhansk, and Crimea. It was not that long ago when Irishmen fought against the British in the North for our ethnic kin in our six counties. 

If the Free State had the power to intervene in the North like Russia has to intervene in Ukraine, would we have let slip that opportunity? I would hope not.

Ireland must remain a neutral country – not because such is morally righteous, sometimes violence is the right answer. But Ireland must remain neutral because Irishmen should not die in the proxy wars of imperial powers. 

Does anyone believe Irishmen should die for Ukraine, at the beck-and-call of America’s tranny generals and diverse legions? 

Europe is old and flooded with migrants. Europe cannot survive another Great War. It was the last Great War that brought Turks and Africans into Europe as ‘guest workers’; guests who overstayed their welcome.

Russia borders Ukraine. Russia dominates oil and gas sales to Europe. Russia is not like Iran, or Syria, or Iraq. Russia has long-range strike capability and a larger population than Germany and France combined. Russia will win the war on its doorstep.

It is not cowardice to recognise a fool’s errand and advocate for neutrality before we pay in blood for an idea of national sovereignty abroad, an idea which the elites have no regard for in our own homeland.

Ireland must not become involved in whatever happens to the East, come what may.

Posted by Peadar O’Shaughnessy


  1. Liam Sherry 24/12/2021 at 1:15 pm

    Brilliant article. But Ireland will do as its told by the un elected weirdo euro beaurocrats .


  2. (((They))) Live 01/01/2022 at 8:28 pm

    God bless Vladimir Putin

    And lets go Brandon


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