The last number of days have seen an enormous Western reaction to events in Ukraine – from Germany announcing it would double its defence spending and put Nordstream 2 on ice, to Western powers providing significant quantities of war material to Ukrainians.

Indeed the resoluteness of Ukrainian citizens on several fronts is a remarkable display of national vigour – the aptness of Pearse still rings true, ‘it is policy that stirs the Governments; it is patriotism that moves the people.’ This journal is not and will not take one side or the other in this fight; we see both why Russia has intervened and why Ukrainians will punish them for doing so – and we have said so before

Between Britain essentially calling for foreign fighters to flood into Ukraine and the head of the Saxon’s intelligence services arguing that we simply must send our young men to die for the rights of trans mulattos in Eastern Europe, one questions whether we are living in the real world or a ghoulish, computer-generated impression whilst we are hooked up to nightmare machines in the depth of a gay techno-futurist torture chamber.

The proliferation of weapons in Ukraine is only going to end in tears. Ukrainian authorities claim that twenty thousand automatic rifles and ten million rounds of ammunition were given to citizens alongside, RPG-7s with videos showing not even the bare requirement (that you possess Ukrainian citizenship) being checked, as crates of weapons and ammunition are unloaded from trucks and handed out. Drug gangs are still buying milsurp from the aftermath of the Yugoslav Wars and are likely foaming at the mouth with the quantities being shipped into the East.

The consequences go beyond the mere ramification of weapons proliferation – Russia’s disconnection from SWIFT and its ban on trading in foreign currencies will exacerbate inflation – European exports to Russia will collapse and gas imports will increase steadily in price. While a two or three month grace period as strategic oil reserves are released to ease the pressures, eventually the price will come due. Prices have already begun reacting to the instability and this will only become worse. 

The failure to develop Irish gas and oil reserves in the Atlantic, the continued ban on uranium prospecting and extraction, the failure to develop native energy independence and the impending doubling of the carbon tax are all the failures of an Irish willingness to put up with incompetent leadership and midwittery so long as they echo the same social talking points as their fellow bedwetting journalists and ‘polite society’.

The moves taken against Russia are unlikely to end their invasion. Russia has over half a trillion in foreign currency reserves, enough to cover their outflows and debts for months and possibly a number of years. Europe cannot source alternative energy sources in an equivalent timeframe even given the strategic oil reserves.

Russia may be damaged by the ban on technology exports, but given that China shared with them American-provided intelligence on the Russian build up, it is not unreasonable to foresee a scenario wherein Russia and China develop their own production with domestic innovations or stolen plans. 

The war in Ukraine and the pressures piled on Russia will hurt both Russia and Europe, and China will firmly take the driver’s seat in the creation of an anti-Western power bloc. Russia’s great power status will be secondary to China’s superpower status – as capable of independent power projection and influence as Britain is from America.

As Ireland’s slavish administrators kow-tow to European desires, we will invariably be drawn into joining NATO or a federal European military. When President Macron states “The war is here, on our soil. In the tragic times we live in, Europe has no choice but to become a power,” be aware of what such means: Ireland will no longer be even a nominally sovereign State, it will be a province totally under Western hegemony. Even the last vestiges of the Irish Nation will be subsumed by the vociferous maw of the rootless international hyenas and their SSRI-prescribed domestic cattle-regime.
This reason alone should be sufficient for us to recognise the great mistake Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been. Iacta alea est.

Posted by Peadar O’Shaughnessy


  1. Disappointing article today. No reason whatsoever not to take the side of Ukraine


  2. Spender_CGB 01/03/2022 at 7:48 am

    Like the Covid scam, we are seeing Global Governance. As nearly every country in the world followed suit imposing lockdowns & mask mandates in a fast cascading effect. So we are seeing hostility to Russia in the same pattern.

    Government media studiously avoids any mention of the violence directed at the breakaway regions of Ukraine which has been going on for years and seek to portray what is happening as an act of unprovoked aggression against a peaceful country which just wants to be ‘democratic’. The fact that a violent coup overthrew a democratically elected leader is glossed over. Also the propaganda level has reached the heavens. 40 mile long columns of tanks! Soldiers on Snake Island who all died after saying fcuk you to murderous Russian troops, are apparently alive again.

    We are being pushed to WWIII to defend ‘gay rights’. This is the Anti=Christian agenda cloaked as tolerance and its aim is the destruction of western Christian civilisation.

    What will it be replaced by? A pagan Sodom & Gomorrah green global government?

    Probably. See the Georgia Guide stones to get an idea of the projected casualty rate


  3. Ivaus@ thetricolour 06/03/2022 at 11:27 am

    People in Power,namely President,Politician,Press,Public Broadcasters such as rte etc,Bankers and Broakers,Civil Servants,Priests,The judiciary and all those that have taken AN OATH, TO SERVE THE PEOPLE, and I will not leave out the Gardai…especially you louts and thugs that are the criminals…it would be very wise for you all to seriously consider the role you are playing,if you know wrongdoing then you are obliged to call it out,do not be silent.
    The future will reveal all the sordid past and truth of crimes committed against a fear driven public,deaths to begin with(RIP) and who wants to be THE VICTIM, of a people that was trusting but tricked…your call ,careful now, yeah.


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