The past few months have seen the growth of a social movement the likes of which hasn’t happened in Ireland for decades. Irish people have realized that a new plantation is going on, and everyone in politics and the media is a die-hard supporter of it.

As we speak, locals in Inch, Co. Clare are bravely standing in the way of the regime, like Samson holding up the pillars in the temple, stopping their community from being rent asunder by mass migration. Here is what we should be doing to help, and how to beat the regime and their lackeys. This is how we win…

1. Twist their arm:

Figure out the most effective way to make the government uncomfortable. Blockade roads and buildings, boycott businesses, expose the lies of politicians. A few locals working together can keep mass migration out of their neighborhood. Tractor blockades and camp dismantling are good examples.

2. Support local protests:

It can be lonely and scary to stand out in public protesting against mass migration. If there’s a protest near you, help the protestors and encourage them. Show up, even for a few minutes, and stand with them, offering words of encouragement. Donate to their fundraising pages. Share their posts and defend them on social media. Bring things they might need

It’s important not to be a hindrance. So don’t over-politicize the protests, and if you’re not from the area then let the locals control the messaging and keep a low profile.

3. Always be presentable:

Another way to not be a hindrance is to present yourself well. Be civil to Gardaí. Dress presentably. Say very little to journalists, and anything you do say should be uncontroversial and low-risk. Under no circumstances should you make edgy comments; no chemtrails, race hate, or irrelevant discussion of vaccines (as harmful as they might be). And remember that your target audience is normal people like yourself, so never appear too aggressive, especially not to passersby.

4. Stand your ground:

Stick to your guns, in a physical and verbal sense. Physically, don’t let far-left antifa lowlives move you on. Stand up to Gardaí who try to push you around. Avoid violence, but back yourself.

Verbally, don’t back down either. It’s tempting to try to be the nice guy by explaining you’re not an extremist or a race-hater and you actually have a foreign friend etc etc. This is useless and makes you look weak; they’re going to call you evil anyway, so don’t give their accusations any oxygen.

Similarly, don’t engage in elaborate rationalization of your beliefs. There’s not much point in talking about how bogus asylum seekers are unvetted and undocumented. That seems like a cop-out to most listeners. Instead, simply say “Irish people come first and this number of asylum seekers is bad for the country. Most of the country wants a lower rate of influx, and we’re being ignored.” Simple and effective.

5. Stealth is wealth:

Our views are sincere, moral, and popular. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t maintain privacy, since regime lackeys will try to ruin your life for saying “Ireland is full.”

Don’t intentionally disclose your identity, don’t post under your own name if you could get fired, and don’t let journalists and antifa near you. Cover your face if you need to, and be careful about oversharing to strangers. If you’re organising, use encrypted platforms like Signal Messenger or Telegram’s “secret chat” feature.

We’re Going To Win

At this stage, public opinion is on our side. We need to avoid any silly mistakes, increase pressure on the government, and support each other. We’re going to win.

Posted by The Burkean


  1. William Kavanagh 17/05/2023 at 12:54 pm

    Excellent advice


  2. Leo said today ” There is no cap on asylum applications ” . Expect d p centres to open in Darndale & Jobstown to cater for this lot . Most of the mess is down to the Brits increasing deportations & their sensible Rwanda policy . Protection applications from non Ukranians in Ireland could easily hit 50,000 in the next yr. No wonder Dublin housing is as expensive as New York .


  3. Mary Murphy 17/05/2023 at 2:47 pm

    Sure according to Irish media (RTE/Newstalk) the majority of Irish people are right-wing because they talk against open borders. Well if we are going to be branded right-wing then we might as well join a right wing group and have our voices heard. We need a leader, one who is articulate and strong in their beliefs. Remember people, time is running out, we are nearly in a minority in our own country. A foreigner has more rights in my country than I have, and a large portion of my taxes go to pay for his/her house, upkeep and children. Paddy can’t afford to have children, but Johnny foreigner can breed like a rabbit at the taxpayers expense


  4. Sound advice all the points through. So many times when I listen to radio-phone in’s and the caller says phrases such as “I’m not a racist, but..” or, ” The is a conspiracy theory”, however factual that theory has become doesn’t matter to the propagandist in the studio: it’s all grist to his mill to chew you up and spit you out.
    Stable and polite and firm exude so much more power than the rantings of someone gripped by anger.
    The message is in the medium.


  5. Brilliant advice….wonder when RTE will give advice to the looney left!


  6. Brilliant advice. Well done!


  7. Ivaus@thetricolour 17/05/2023 at 8:23 pm

    Withdraw all support of local councils/councillors etc.Turn off rte TV and radio.Do not purchase or read identified propaganda newspapers.Inform local Garda that they too are Irish or not.Tell local Priests to cop on and stand up.Buy only Irish and Boycott all foreign influence… there’s a start to begin with


    1. Daniel BUCKLEY 19/05/2023 at 8:02 am

      There is no more dangerous menace to a peaceful .stable .cohesive Nation, than a Regime and fake Opposition of incompetent, inept,corrupt, compromised vile men in positions of Power.
      Ireland has an abundance of such traitorous types.
      They have ,like a virus, wormed into the very fabric of Irelands Institutions to tyrannise, abuse and even murder by Injection the naive People of Ireland.
      The rot runs deep ,as a fish rots from the head.
      This evil began at the founding of the State and like a cancer has spread its tentacles into the heart of Govt, the Justice system.the Gardai, the Civil Service
      None dare call it Treason.
      They suffer from delusions of impunity, which will soon be dispelled, and would do well to remember the fate of Ceasceau as the angry Risen Irish People take back their battered Republic from these despotic tyrants.
      Many of Irelands People have a reflexive trust in the Regime, and are impervious to persuasion to the contrary.
      Reality is slowly dawning as lived experience can no longer equate with the Media propaganda.
      Stockholm Syndrome is but a fleeting miasma of delusion and can no longer be maintained by the humiliating Media propaganda illusions of omission and suppression.
      The worm is slowly turning and will accelerate to remove its oppressors.
      The Regime and its minions are the enemy and Ireland is in a battle for its very existence with the enemy within the gate and undermining its defenses.
      Ireland needs its sons and daughters to defend its very soul at this time.
      ‘They have bought half of us and subdued the other half ‘, (Padraig Pearse).
      But the People of Ireland have been here before and overcome greater odds than these puny,discrepit,stale, morally bereft, Regime toadies.
      Faugh a Baile is our battle cry , we are many and we are winning. Clear the traitors out.


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