Grassroots local activists ejected a group of anarchists and foreign illegals from the vicinity of Pearse Street on Friday night, and of course the government and left-liberals have been wetting their knickers since. On behalf of the Irish people we want to say: we’re not sorry.

Paul Murphy thinks he can force sketchy foreigners into your area. Sinn Féin think they can intimidate locals. They came for a scrap and they lost. The people of the Pearse Street area have nothing to apologize for.

Law Enforcement

People have a right to expect that their neighborhoods remain fairly stable and safe over time, full stop. They have a right to oppose, by any means necessary, crusties and foreigners occupying lanes in their neighborhood and refusing entry to locals, full stop. The sketchy foreigners say “this is my land“; wrong – Ireland belongs to the Irish.

[…] the safety risks are unacceptable. Locals reported that some squatters had been harassing local girls and women […]

The Gardaí should have removed that camp immediately. When they raided it last Friday morning searching for weapons, which they reportedly found according to witnesses at the scene, it should at last have been shut down on the spot.

Unconfirmed report on the background of this migrant who assaulted locals, including a woman, last Thursday

Instead, the foreign nationals were allowed to continue to squat there, after assaulting locals while claiming it as “their land”. Aside from the political aspect of foreign people trying to bully native Dubs, the safety risks are unacceptable. Locals reported that some squatters had been harassing local girls and women, which is not unexpected given the behaviour of “refugees” that we have seen over the past few years.

Sore Losers

As usual, Sinn Féin and their fellow crusties were shouting the odds all day Friday about “no pasaran” and “bashing the heckin’ fash”. On Friday evening, they weren’t as brave. Standing behind a row of Gardaí, they looked terrified.

You’re a long way from Seomra Spraoi, soyjak!

After being outnumbered, outmuscled, and stared down for hours by locals, the Left realized that they had lost. They realized that they would need a Garda escort out of the area, and their bluster on social media had been called out.

After Left surrendered, locals dismantled the squat camp and made sure it won’t be settled again. Then locals and activists cleared up, making the lane clean and safe and free from threatening migrants. Which is what the Irish people of the Pearse Street area deserve. Because Ireland belongs to the Irish. We’re not sorry.

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  1. Camps will spring up in Dublin 1 & 7 . When the Brits pass tighter immigration laws in the coming weeks , Ireland won’t have a spare hotel room by September . RTE & Newstalk were as biased as ever in their fake narratives . No sign of our leaders following the rest of Europe & trying to deport those whose asylum claims have failed . Why ? No willpower .


  2. Camps will spring up in Dublin 1 & 7 . When the Brits pass tighter immigration laws in the coming weeks , Ireland won’t have a spare hotel room by September . RTE & Newstalk were as biased as ever in their fake narratives . No sign of our leaders following the rest of Europe & trying to deport those whose asylum claims have failed . Why ? No courage / willpower .


  3. It’s about time for the indigenous Irish people to stand up and try to save their country against this government led invasion. Time is running out, it must be stopped before we become a two state country. One lenient law for them, and a harsh law for the indigenous Irish people


  4. Illegal immigrants will not be allowed to set up illegal camps anywhere in this country, under any circumstances. I wonder has the location that these crimals were defecating in been located, yet. That’s a serious threat to public health, to go along with the threat to law & order that these people present.


  5. Alan Bradley 15/05/2023 at 10:22 pm

    We simply will not allow these people to turn our city into a slum… End of story.


  6. Too much ''diversity'' 15/05/2023 at 11:36 pm

    Media lies everywhere now, this is a disgrace, young lads did a good job here, fair play they have skin in the game, fighting for their future. That is what they are doing while the old smoked out socialists are irrelevant, cosy and ready to sell the young out. The youth and some older nationalists are fighting for their futures and the country, may the queue not get longer, but shorter!

    The young lads did not burn any so called ”needy refugee” out of it, they did a fantastic job, planted flower pots after even, the lying media did not show us that!


  7. Daniel BUCKLEY 16/05/2023 at 1:46 pm

    The use of twisted words by the Irish Media to frame the situation at Pearse St must be recognised.
    We had the usual Far Right ,extremist tags bandied about, to describe the concerned local citizens who have been forced,by the compliance/ negligence of the Regime and its dog catcher Gardai, to defend their women and children from harrassment by these illegal criminals.
    Of course the usual deprived asylum seeker tag, is used.
    Irish People have used up all their care and charitable instincts, which were seen as a weakness to be exploited by the promoters of Mass Plantation Migration.
    Reality has come to the working class people of Ireland ,who have borne the brunt of the destruction of their neighbourhoods, the Housing crisis ,Health crisis, criminal activities and education places.
    The Latte fratti in the leafy suburbs,who populate the Media and NGO’s have been sheltered from the realities,as witnessed by the student numbers at Pearse St.
    These are not asylum seekers at Pearse St. ,They are illegal invaders , undocumented at entry .This makes them criminals under Irish and International Law.
    Ireland has no duty to house ,care or protect them., under the suppressed EU created Dublin Agreement.
    The Regime and the Garda are not protecting the Irish people ,but are culpable in the crimes committed by these illegals.
    This is the reason behind the Hate Speech Laws ,
    A 2-tier system with protection for minorities and illegals and open season by the Justice system to repress and discriminate against Irish people in our own Homeland.
    Register to vote , and vote in all Local and General Elections and Referendums.
    We must remove this despotic and tyrannical Uniparty Regime of FF/FG/SF/Lab/Soc Dems and its minions at all levels ,Local ,National, including the NGO sector and corrupt Media propaganda machine
    They all voted for these diabolocal ,draconian, freedom and Nation destroying Hate Speech Laws .
    They cannot be allowed access to the Dail ever again.
    Time to clean house and the Augean stables of these perfidious treacherous Dail scum.
    They are a clear and present danger to the People of Ireland and its future generations.They must be removed for our own safety and survival.


  8. Daniel BUCKLEY 16/05/2023 at 2:59 pm

    The kerfuffle at Pearse St. was but a tempest in a Teapot and a small part of the agenda to ultimately create chaos in the Nation of Ireland.

    This gives the excuse to introduce further draconian Laws to prevent protest.

    The collapse of society in the USA ,is not happenstance,it has been carefully orchestrated to create the present chaos and collapse of US society.

    Cultural Marxism has been hijacked by the Globalists as a useful tool to further their agenda of the Great Reset ,with the opportunist add-on of weaponised Mass Migration.

    The parallels between society breakdown in the USA ,Ireland and the rest of Europe are obvious.

    The targets for destruction are Christian morality/ethos. cohesive family structure, and the ideal of a stable cohesive Nation.

    The Globalist tools used are the coercive LGBTQP, Trans cult. BLM, diversity ,equity, inclusion, Critical Race Theory, Racism against white populations, weaponised Mass Migration.

    These are used to sow division,hatred and antagonism by social pressures brought to the boil by drains on limited resources of Housing,Health. Jobs,Education places.

    History teaches us that this was the Roman system of control, Divide and Conquer and Loot.

    The pot is coming to the boil nicely in Ireland.

    The coming Western Financial meltdown and energy crisis, will destroy the frothy bubble FSCI Financial economy of Ireland, leaving many naked as the tide goes out.

    That will be the tipping point for descent into the abyss of anarchic chaos.

    Chaos is the optimum oppportunity point to introduce the Bankers Digital Currency and Universal Basic Income bait.

    This gives total central control of all citizens spending and behaviour and the end game of the Great Reset.

    You will own nothing and be a happy slave.

    We ain’t seen nothing yet.


  9. Ivaus@thetricolour 17/05/2023 at 8:45 pm

    …and you will disown me 3 times before the cock crows,their ultimate aim is that no ethnic Irish people will defend their status for fear of being labeled or identified… But the cocky imports claims his grounds.Now ask yourselves “Who started all the problems “… and calls it hatred.


    1. Daniel BUCKLEY 18/05/2023 at 9:33 am

      There is no more dangerous menace to a peaceful .stable .cohesive Nation, than a Regime and fake Opposition of incompetent, inept,corrupt, compromised vile men in positions of Power.
      Ireland has an abundance of such traitorous types.
      They have ,like a virus, wormed into the very fabric of Irelands Institutions to tyrannise, abuse and even murder by Injection the naive People of Ireland.
      The rot runs deep ,as a fish rots from the head.
      This evil began at the founding of the State and like a cancer has spread its tentacles into the heart of Govt, the Justice system.the Gardai, the Civil Service
      None dare call it Treason.
      They suffer from delusions of impunity, which will soon be dispelled, and would do well to remember the fate of Ceasceau as the angry Risen Irish People take back their battered Republic from these despotic tyrants.
      Many of Irelands People have a reflexive trust in the Regime, and are impervious to persuasion to the contrary.
      Reality is slowly dawning as lived experience can no longer equate with the Media propaganda.
      Stockholm Syndrome is but a fleeting miasma of delusion and can no longer be maintained by the humiliating Media propaganda illusions of omission and suppression.
      The worm is slowly turning and will accelerate to remove its oppressors.
      The Regime and its minions are the enemy and Ireland is in a battle for its very existence with the enemy within the gate and undermining its defenses.
      Ireland needs its sons and daughters to defend its very soul at this time.
      ‘They have bought half of us and subdued the other half ‘, (Padraig Pearse).
      But the People of Ireland have been here before and overcome greater odds than these puny,discrepit,stale, morally bereft, Regime toadies.
      Faugh a Baile is our battle cry , Clear them out.


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