New data from the Alliance of Democracies Foundation has revealed that Ireland is the 7th most immigration-sceptic country in the world. With 23% of Irish people saying that less immigration is one of the top-three issues for them, almost twice the global average, the growing significance of migration as a political issue in Ireland can be indicated. 


Of the top 10 countries opposed to further immigration, major European economies such as France, Germany, and The Netherlands can be seen at similarly high rates of opposition. 

This data comes as no surprise; repeated polling has shown over the past several years that the Irish public is opposed to the current migration trends in the country.

The Science is Clear: The Irish People Don’t Want Immigration

In 2018, a report by the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission revealed that 59% of Irish people wanted little to no Muslim immigration, including 75% of people opposed to the migration of Roma gypsies and 42% opposed to general European immigration.

An exit poll for the 2019 elections showed that 65% of Sinn Fein voters were worried about illegal immigrants staying in Ireland, with similar concerns expressed by Fianna Fail and Fine Gael voters at 61% and 51% respectively. Sinn Féin in particular have totally ignored their voters’ anger about immigration.

In February of this year, an Ireland Thinks poll showed that 56% of Irish people believed Ireland had taken in too many refugees in the past year

Another Ireland Thinks poll sought to examine public perception of the asylum seeker crisis, finding that 42% of Irish people believe that the media is biased in favour of refugees and against those with concerns with the government’s current refugee policies. This is in contrast to the 20% of people who are of the belief that the media is biassed against refugees.

When asked who they believed were opposed to the asylum seekers in Ireland, 48% of people were of the belief that it was predominantly concerned local residents.

Democratic Failure: Government Denies Will of the People

With the government’s consistent mismanagement of asylum seekers entering the country, and devotion to mass immigration in general, public opinion has remained largely dissatisfied. It comes as no surprise that Ireland is the 7th most sceptical country of immigration in the world, as government policies have continually been employed to the detriment of public interests.

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  1. This blog dislikes free speech but loves censorship. 10/05/2023 at 9:13 pm

    “The problem of intolerance must be confronted in all its forms: Wherever any minority is persecuted and marginalized because of its religious convictions or ethnic identity, the well-being of society as a whole is endangered, and each one of us must feel affected.” — PAPA FRANCIS the leader of all catholics in ireland, a pop star that was given a concert in ireland by them basically.

    Shouldn’t you be following the words of your highest leader of your church TheBurkean, now now, are you bad catholics not to follow?

    The christians of TheBurkean, GRIPT and other outlets promoting catholicism on one hand and anti mass immigration on the other still have not put two and two together, low I.Q is what i would say..

    Catholicism was great for ireland they say, but their views on immigration are not aligned with the highest authority of their church and all the catholic NGO’s promoting mass immigration in ireland, look at peter sutherland, a catholic educated by the church..

    The christians in power in Ireland are hardcore pro immigration pushers, TheBurkean is a whining outlet for disgruntled catholics not in power that think they can change the direction of the church, YOU WOULD THINK THAT IF THEY DISLIKE mass immigration so much, they would reject catholicism, but no, stubborn, just like the stubborn irish who refused to be protestant and ended up with babies being grabbed off irish mothers and sold abroad by the church, a country that lost its language due to being stubborn, if irish converted to protestanism, you can be sure the language would be intact in higher proportions among the populace as it would have not been outlawed. LMAO. But those are other things, but interesting part of irish history.

    LMAO too at Gript being seen as opposition to the globalists in the dail, their journalist cosying up to them during questions with saying “Minister, Minister, Taoiseach in a soft welcoming voice and asking a subscription fee for that. LMFAO , yeah they are hard questions.

    A pretend country with no border control, the country with the most inward immigration in europe due to catholicism lol.

    Sutherland = A former pupil of Gonzaga College SJ voluntary Catholic boys’ secondary school. Gonzaga College = Jesuit Order School. Annual fee for this students in this school is in the thousands lol.

    Other past pupils of that catholic school = multiple green party members one of which is hazel chus husband, lol. Fianna Fail O Callaghan, and green party eamon ryan are also past pupils. The PAPA Francis is all for climate change green policies. Catholicism hierarchy is ULTRA-GLOBALIST and the low-iq editors at the burkean here still fail to realise it and choose to censor instead, a bunch of clueless individuals if ever i saw it.

    LMFAO at the censorship though. AWWWOHH so funny.


  2. Daniel BUCKLEY 11/05/2023 at 12:13 pm

    The Regime promotion of Mass Migration into Ireland has been weaponised as part of the strategy of the WEF’s Great Reset.
    The Plan is to cause Societal chaos and breakdown.
    This ensures the ability to introduce further Emergency Powers to restrict Freedoms and impose Authoritarian diktats.
    The original Covid repressive diktats have Not been rescinded and are still on the Statute books.
    The Covid19 Scam was a test case of Lockdowns,compulsory mandates, Apartheid Covid Passports, with a de-population agenda attached to the deadly Injection and boosters.
    There are several vectors of the Great Reset Plan already in motion, using the weaponised fraudalent Climate Change scam.
    This gives the Regime the ability to damage our food supply by culling our beef ,sheep and Fishing Industry and forcing synthetic man-made substitutes and bugs upon us, to profit Corporations
    The attacks on fossil fuels is destroying our Power Stations, Industry,agriculture, fisheries and many small businesses.
    Transport will be nationalised and diesel /petrol car made uneconomical or banned, restricting the freedom to travel .thus promoting 15 min Cities.
    The Media will be Regime controlled propaganda, ( already achieved in Ireland’)
    Hate Speech Laws will be introduced to repress Free Speech and dissent. (already passed in the Dail).
    Health policies and Injection will be mandated by the WHO.(Already in motion).
    Private Property will be eliminated ,already prepared in Irelands coming referendum, which can be rigged.
    CHAOS is the plan of the Great Reset, Totalitarian control is the target using Emergency Laws.
    The frightened people will beg for them as they did during Covid and inform on their neighbours.
    You will own nothing and be happy.
    Every thing will be rented to profit the Corporate Controllers, down to your Toaster.
    Marc Morano ex- US Senator ,summarises the methods and objectives of the Great Reset in the attachments.
    Well worth 40 min of yout time ,to understand the dystopian world that is planned and to understand the lunatic policies of the Irish Regime and its Green affiliate.
    Are they ‘useful idiots’ or compromised collaborators.I believe both.


  3. By 2030 , 33 % of the 26 counties will be foreign born . Shanty towns in Dublin are the # New Normal
    The city will soon be just an extension of Lagos & Jo’burg . Expect more gated communities to be the rule ( not the exception ) . Dublin 1 / 7 are dumps , expect the nearest neighbours to soon follow suit # Bohs # Gypsies


    1. All those scientists and engineers. 11/05/2023 at 11:05 pm

      “Shanty towns in Dublin are the # New Normal”


      I am surprised i have not seen the mud plaster huts yet actually. We all saw the FGM court cases, but no mud plaster huts yet.

      It would be very culturally enriching to see more somalians, nigerians, moroccans, algerians, afghanis in Sandycove, Foxrock and blackrock, those areas are just too white, they need more “diversity” there for some cultural enrichment, all those engineers and scientists would be a welcome addition for the high earners of ireland. They would be amongst their peers, all those engineers, lawyers, scientists.

      How much would their houses be worth in Foxrock and Sandycove if multiple refugee centres permanently opened up there? lol.

      In ireland, only the peasants receive diversity. Lol.

      Communities must not have a veto on who gets to live in their area – Leo Varadkar, the indian in charge of ireland.

      What about the shanty towns leo?

      Would this not be considered reckless mismanagement from your mass immigration policies?

      Leo would rather be Kissing lads in nightclubs it seems than worrying about shanty towns springing up all over ireland.


  4. Daniel BUCKLEY 11/05/2023 at 12:54 pm

    The ultimate Control tool in the Great Reset will be the Central Bank Digital Currencies and the carrot of Universal Basic Income to encourage the take-up, into total slavery.
    Every transaction can be traced and annulled ,such as limiting food supply such as real meat, petrol for cars, rent.
    People can be refused service at food and drink outlets, should they exceed their ration allowance.
    Credit can be cancelled at the touch of a button, for non -compliance with Controller diktats,such as refusing an Injection.
    This will make a person a prisoner in an Open prison, without access to accomodation food ,shelter, transport ,clothing etc.
    The technology of Smartphoes already ahas a tracing app and the ability to listen in on private speech.This can trigger algorithms and mark a person as a security risk.
    This is the dystopian world that once was but science fiction and is now a lived reality.
    This is not the pejorative Conspiracy Theory used to undermine Conspiracy fact and observation.


  5. This blog is an anti-free speech echo chamber. 13/05/2023 at 3:43 am

    TheBurkean back to censoring again here, picking and choosing what comments to allow like deciding which chocolate to pick out of a box.

    I posted a comment saying that Peter Sutherland was President of the International Catholic Migration Commission, which further elaborated on the idea that catholic groups and catholic individuals like sutherland were and still are the sepping stone to all the immigration into ireland.

    We still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others, and that’s precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine. – Peter Sutherland.

    That guy was brought up and educated in catholic schools that cost thousands to be educated in.

    *CENSORED* just like my comments with gory was censored in another article.

    What a joke of a blog.


  6. Peter Suthereland died in 2018. But he was very much in favour of migration and at one time, a director of the World Trade Organisation. Sutherland was also the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for International Migration.
    One of the reasons I believe he gave for his huge support of open borders was the ageing european population.


  7. Ivaus@thetricolour 17/05/2023 at 9:13 pm

    This current and previous governments have clearly demonstrated by THEIR actions that they disregard the majority on any issues or priorities… It’s called a dictraitorship.


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  10. Ríobáird Lankford 11/09/2023 at 10:35 pm



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