Dismissed hitherto by this publication as an airheaded, fake-tan drenched, and washed up thot past her physical prime; Holly Cairns, the nouveau Satrap of the Social Democrats, has ignited ire and interest alike following a recent tweet concerning the plantation of 34 migrants in Inch, Co Clare. She stated:

“The manager of Magowna House knew for three months that asylum seekers would be housed there. But nobody else was told. Not the local community, not local politicians, not even Clare Immigrant Support Centre. How was this handled so poorly?” Holly Cairns

Emblematic of the opprobrium faced by /our cailín/ is the following tweet by a People Before Profit Cork activist who suffers from acute bulimia (please donate to my personal Patreon btw; not to help him, he won’t receive a penny — my crippling gambling addiction won’t fund itself):

Ignoring the blatant sophistry therein, the above is notable insofar as it reproduced the mid-twenties Comintern line regarding social democracy; a narrative that ceased with the announcement of the Popular Front strategy toward Fascist and para-Fascistic movements alike in 1936 – ironic given that this tranny (bet half of my week’s dole in Paddy Power on him trooning out within 6 months; 2/14 odds, so I’m expecting a MEGA payday) is a Trotskyist rat.

In ‘Concerning the International Situation’, Comrade Stalin stated:

“Social-Democracy is objectively the moderate wing of fascism. There is no ground for assuming that the fighting organisation of the bourgeoisie can achieve decisive successes in battles, or in governing the country, without the active support of Social-Democracy”

Per Uncle Joe’s analysis, it’s clear that Holly Cairns (‘Kerns’? We’re so back) is, and has for some time, been running a macro-level 4-dimensional strategy of ideational fertilisation (not to get too Freudian, but does this relate to her eggs or lack thereof?), whereby sufficient meta-political soil will germinate, in turn engendering a nigh-unavoidable Fascistic instantiation (with session mot characteristics) on our once grand Tayto crisp consuming, Guiness guzzling, and tranny respecting island.

Irrespective of her methods, aims, unspeakable crimes et cetera, one thing is clear: Crypto-Fascism does wonders for your looks. Cairns, once a haggard rad-lib, now radiates a skanger summer glow that’s the envy of her former ideological compatriots. Moisturiser? Forget about it. Cleanser? Never heard of her! Cairns’ chic xenophobia is a three-in-one solution to those nasty wrinkles, stretchmarks, and blackheads, ladies! 

Let’s return (be quick, you know about these people’s *cough* suicide rate *cough*) to our gender-confused friend in People Before Profit:

Time to take the Luxembourgist approach to Soc Dems before they take the Soc Dems approach to socialists.

Ah, Rosa Luxembourg, a lineal transient so obnoxious she alienated the entire leadership strata of the SPD. The progenitor of: “Socialism or Barbarism”. Yes, yes.To this declaration, Cairns, the Gangster Gee of Pearse Flats, retorts: “Left wing or Right Wing, I’m pro-violence”.

Posted by Ulick Fitzhugh


  1. Daniel BUCKLEY 20/05/2023 at 10:51 am

    Cairns is just shouting into the abyss. There is no objection to the Plantation agenda, no resistance offered by ANY political Party in the Dail.
    The UniParty are all on board with the Plantation Replacement policy.
    They ALL voted for the Hate Speech Law to shut down dissent and protest,and making Irish citizens 2nd class untermenschen in their own Homeland.
    We now have a 2 tier Justice system,with Irish people guilty without trial of discrimination against any illegal invader .undocumented,unvetted as to criminality or contagious health issues that washes up on our shores.
    There is little difference between the Viking and Norman invaders and the present illegal invaders . They both looted our resources.
    Previously it was the land , valuables and labour of the natives.
    Today it is our Taxpayers contributions to Welfare, Social Housing, Health, Education etc.
    Ireland needs a total clear out of all these dangerous collaborators in the Dail and Seanad,
    None have the interests of the Irish People as their first concern.
    They are treacherous collaborators in the destruction of Ireland.


  2. What on earth was that about?


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 23/05/2023 at 4:59 pm

    AH, but where is the leader,the teashock.Sorry my arse to those offended but I’ve suffered for decades, humiliation and disrespect because of a Ball’s less governance. Sure,I respect all Smart Women(mostly independent now)but the “Quota Agenda” has and Will always fail by the scumbags in FFG-SF.
    THE MAJORITY OF IRISH WOMEN, are more capable and competent to sit in any chair…they don’t need balls they weren’t born with… a glowing comparison to what Eu-nuchs hold the Reigns of the ARSES.


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