With protests across the capital sending political chills into the halls of power, the antifascist left and big business have responded in kind with a joint statement condemning the demonstrations and what they stand for.

Announced by a new astroturfed front ‘Ballymun For All’ the statement brought together supposed pillars of the community, leftist activists as well as businesses aggrieved at the rumbling protests which brought parts of the M50 to a standstill yesterday.

Featuring a cross-representative selection of politicians from Fianna Fáil from PBP among the business community, Supervalu Ballymun were rather firm in registering their antifascist stance.

A cutout of the conglomerate Musgraves, Supervalu’s parent company is arguably the state’s most vociferous campaigner for mass migration, even lobbying government departments on streamlining the visa process for non-EEA workers.

While signing the pledge is merely the act of a single franchised branch this is only indicative of a wider corporate trend in the company as well as an increasingly symbiotic alliance between Irish capitalism, the political establishment and antifascist left in objecting to migration control at large.

A major sponsor of the GAA, Supervalu was vocal in promoting ‘diversity’ within the sport as well as funding pro-migration polling on the matter last year. Rather unusual for an Irish shopping chain if you forget the wider ideological war at play.

Not the first incidence of woke capital folding in under the antiracist banner Irish style, the entire project of mass migration into Ireland has found a willing ally from big business from the 90s on especially in the NGO sector.

Through business lobbies like IBEC which actively envisions an island wide population of 10 million by midcentury to the patronage of plutocrats like Chuck Fenney towards influential groups like the Immigrant Council of Ireland via the Atlantic Philanthropies funding stream, the last 30 years of Irish history has seen a shameless coalition of the radical left and corporations in the field of promoting mass migration.

Now facing a genuine grassroots threat from the Irish working class and a small but burgeoning nativist movement, this alliance of convenience is quickly mobilising. Euphemistically termed civil society, this tag time represents power itself in Ireland which wears many hats, flies many flags yet is dead set on depriving the Irish of their home.

For all their ill-gotten silver, our elite and NGO appendages are frantically struggling to meet what is emerging on Irish streets and parishes. No amount of slush money can silence a risen people enraged at what is happening to their country, and the events of yesterday evening could merely be a taste of what is yet to come. 

After the lacklustre decade following the Crash, could Ireland be about to make up for lost time when it comes to the arrival of right-wing populism on our shores?

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Declan Hayes 13/01/2023 at 2:39 pm

    It is obvious from that and more PBP and Sinn Fein are just cat’s paws for bigger outfits who pay them. The Ballymun shop should have stayed out of the fray but they too must obey as 10 million people means more profits for Musgraves and lower wages for their staff.
    The Ballymun shop is effectively saying that would be cop killer is a hero and those who donated to the immigrant shop worker this gangster violently assaulted are bad people, who should be barred from their shop.
    Chuck Feeney, like that English millionaire who supposedly donated to Sinn Fein, was simply a conduit for the CIA and MI5 to fund their dupes, which they have in big supply.
    The contempt the thugs of SF and PBP have for ordinary people they are over paid to represent is breath taking. Some SF councillors, with colourful back stories, have released statements about going on a war footing against Irish women, boys and girls, who do not want to be gang raped or murdered.


  2. Duine gan Ainm 13/01/2023 at 5:00 pm

    “We were never asked”
    Someone came out and said that we should complain to our local TD instead of protesting on the streets, outside migrant centres or effectively anywhere that might genuinely inconvenience the vested interests.
    What use is such communication for the citizens in Dublin North West? All of the elected TDs were quick to show naught but contempt and derision for those souls who are standing up against the 21st Century Plantation. Although, why should we be surprised by that our elected officials behave in such a manner when they have shown their true sadistic nature by voting against the use of anaesthetics for the unborn.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 14/01/2023 at 10:47 am

    Big business,big bucks has proven throughout history that it’s only loyalty is profit,more profit,tax evasion,corporatism(tax evasion)and
    abuse of migrant labor by lowering wages and standards,resulting in
    increasing profits margins.Bedding down with governments,NGOs,banks
    unions and international trade blocks they are facilitated in their drive
    for lower wages but higher productivity.They have reached End-Game
    with the introduction of open borders and global governance.
    Unless the TAXPAYER/FUNDED lifestyle of government employees,
    civil servants and NGOs are reigned in and made accountable they will
    never consider the hardships of their electorate.
    Separation of powers and monitors are meant to be functions of a tax-
    funded system and the Irish Establishment has proved they are only
    In it for themselves…and do not give a toss to their tax paying master,
    as long as you/me/us play their game we will never achieve fairness.
    Build local community business and banking,the only way forward.


  4. Daniel BUCKLEY 14/01/2023 at 11:48 am

    What is emerging from the Mass illegal Migration protest is a class war between Irish business interests ,supported by a beholden Regime, and the working class of Ireland ,who have borne the brunt of the discrimination in Housing ,Health,Education and employment in their own Nation.
    The abusive terms of ‘far right ,racist’ are but code for ‘ yuck the working class’.
    The contempt of the Regime for the People has ignited a long overdue blowback,
    The people of Ballymun and East Wall are the equivalent of the sans cullotte of Paris 1789.
    They will soon be marching on the Bastille equivalent,Leinster House and seat of the corrupt Political aristocracy, who ignore and do not listen to their concerns.
    The Regime rats should be making travel arrangements out of Ireland and soon, the People are taking their protests to their very door and making it personal, as recommended by Saul Alinsky ,in his seminal ‘Rules for Radicals.
    The attempt to make another Plantation of Ireland with the connivance of this traitorous and treacherous Regime will be resistedby every means available.
    Only mass deportation of the illegal invaders will bring an end to the protests, plus the removal of all the Political Parties who have supported the destruction of Plantation.
    They have proven unfit to govern or even provide a semblance of Opposition. Quislings all.


  5. Why are Bohemians fc so involved in the asylum industry ? No other sports club in any jurisdiction is as woke . Expensive Phibsboro is as big a dump as it’s D 1 neighbour . The cost of housing , record immigration & number of homeless is at an all time high ; the well organised open borders lobby seemingly has unlimited resources to propagate their ( mostly unchallenged ) nonsense .


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 14/01/2023 at 4:51 pm

    …And who is Ireland For…most certainly not the herd of parasitic swine
    who gorge themselves on overpaid salaries,allowances,kickbacks and
    multiple retirement pensions compliments of the blood and sweat tax
    Paying public,while selling off all Irish assets to Foreign Vulture interests
    and reducing IRISH living standards to 3rd world status,bankruptcy,
    eviction,homelessness,unemployment and migration.
    It is not just about bad governance or incompetents,corruption or bribes,
    traitors or criminals,lawbreakers or tyrants,idiots or fools,have or have
    nots….it’s about all of the above and the contempt you have shown to
    both the Irish People and Ireland since the foundation of state.
    It’s fitting that you are all exposed and punished while we still celebrate
    In the decade of Irish Centenary Commemorations. Buckle up, it’s going
    to be a rocky road from here on in…and IRISH IRELAND WILL WIN.


    1. John O'Shea 14/01/2023 at 9:35 pm

      Well said!


  7. I don’t like the terms used by the mainsewer media, such as ‘far-right; right, extreme right-wing, etc’, a Champion of the people of Ireland with the wit, charisma and wherewithal to parry the blows launched in his or her direction to this deal with this absurd situation is well overdue. So it’s never to late to tackle this insanity.

    A harbinger of what’s to come across to Ireland from England: drive-by-shooting at a funeral mass in the London borough of Camden. A seven-year girl injured among the half-dozen. Who and why? Columbian drug cartel related.
    This is apart from the stabbings of an elderly Irish man in a wheelchair last and a young English man in a nightclub all by blacks. To cite but a few,


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