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Asylum Industry, Vulture Funds, and Irish Displacement

Narrative Control Last Monday, National Party representative Paul McWeeney tweeted that a work colleague of his was unable to make an appointment for his sick baby in his local GP practice in Ballaghaderreen, county Roscommon. McWeeney’s tweet alleged that the...

/ 15/01/2023

The New Plantation of Ireland

It is interesting how Government and elected politicians will decry working-class attempts to stop the plantation of their communities with outsiders as ‘intimidation’ and ‘racist’ because they are loud, but shy away like cowards when wealthy communities stop the plantations...

/ 14/01/2023

Big Business Backs Open Border Pledge in Ireland

With protests across the capital sending political chills into the halls of power, the antifascist left and big business have responded in kind with a joint statement condemning the demonstrations and what they stand for. Announced by a new astroturfed...

/ 13/01/2023