It is interesting how Government and elected politicians will decry working-class attempts to stop the plantation of their communities with outsiders as ‘intimidation’ and ‘racist’ because they are loud, but shy away like cowards when wealthy communities stop the plantations in their areas because they are effective.

Working class Dublin and small rural villages have long been the punching bag of Government policy because these communities lack the institutional skill to navigate the corridors of power in the same way the people of Killiney and Malahide can. As Gript were right to point out, the self-same Ministers who are trying to browbeat Dubliners into submission (and no doubt, signal to the ego-stroking fantasists in the NGO sector) have had no issue with leading the charge in stopping dead halting sites in their areas, or making sure that everyone knows there won’t be a Direct Provision centre in their area.

Minister O’Gorman, Minister Harris, and others, are clear that they support an ephemeral “right to protest” but believe that protests should be inefficacious releases of tension, all in the hopes things will go away. When thousands of people protested outside the RDS over new draconian Covid-restrictions, the restrictions didn’t end. Never, at any point, did local communities meetings with Government officials ever result in the planting of migrants being reversed —rather state agencies use these delaying tactics to dissipate tensions, to create inertia, all the while they continue the act of moving migrants in. 

In contrast, the actions that successfully stopped migration into local areas was a continued placard-and-boycott in Oughterard, and (unfortunately) the attack on the refugee centre in Finglas. This is not to condone the actions of those who felt pressured into undertaking such acts in Finglas, but when Government plays dirty and singles your community out for plantation, is it unreasonable to suspect someone may believe that to be the only sensible recourse?

If Government doesn’t want to have to deal with “intimidatory protests” or criminal damage to property, then Government needs to treat Rural Ireland and Working Class Dublin with the same respect and courtesy and apprehension it treats Dalkey or Howth with. If locals in Killiney don’t want asylum seekers in their community, Ballymun and Finglas and every other place in the country has that very same right. 

The Establishment (and I include Sinn Féin) will be going into overdrive through the next year to struggle to meet the farcical commitments it has made to house the world —in encouraging  foreigners to come to Ireland by circulating material in dozens of languages, in promising them a house within four months of arriving on these shores.

Sinn Féin is already feeling the bite, as the communities which they built their political party off finally revolt against the liberal policies of a middle-class which Sinn Féin is seeking to capture —they went so far as to admit this in an article in the Phoenix where Sinn Féin issued an ultimatum to the East Wall Residents to stop criticising refugees and to focus on Fianna Fail and Fine Gael or go without Sinn Fein’s organisational help. East Wall promptly told them to take a hike.

And so as we head into 2023 the dividing line that we have long said existed becomes clearer and clearer —either you are on the side of Ireland and the Irish, or you are against us. 

“Nothing that has happened or ever can happen can alter the truth of it —Ireland Belongs to the Irish.”

Posted by Gearóid Ó Broin


  1. Plans are afoot to hold a #Diversity4Dalkey local protest over the coming weeks.
    Will any of the Antifa / Rent a mob lefties show up ? Most of them reside within a mile or two # Gold Coast
    Each time Britain tightens it’s immigration laws more & more chances head for Ireland , so expect 100,000 protection applications this yr .
    The Newstalk podcast contains Pat Kenny’ s excellent Thursday interview with Nick Henderson from the Irish Refugee Council. Pat cut the interview short when Nick couldn’t explain why thousands arrive @ Dublin airport with no documents.
    People who enter the Usa on a visa waver program are barred from claiming asylum ; why doesn’t the same happen in Ireland ? Asylum refusals here are the lowest in the EU, just 5 % ; the Greens are operating an open doors policy # Period


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 17/01/2023 at 8:30 am

    These very same people while in government expected me and fellow
    Irishmen to obey and respect all laws of the land.To man police and
    Defense forces in duties both national and international.To wear a uniform,jersey or appropriate attire abroad while playing sport or
    performing in the arts…representing IRELAND and them.

    So what do I say to my grandchildren now?Should I expect them to do
    as I and others did with great pride.It is different and difficult for them
    now,competing for places at schools,hospitals,jobs,houses,all in their own
    Country,obstacles placed by their own government and people…or take
    the boat again Paddy…except it’s a globalized world,they are nomads.
    They’ll always be proud and stand up,they were reared that way by me
    and family…I don’t expect and will not tell them TO DEFEND the very
    people who did not defend their rights,their homes,their legacy or culture


  3. Glenn Gordon 21/01/2024 at 8:12 pm

    Sinn Fein must have a leadership challenge to restore it to its founding Republican principles and ideology. The men and women of 1916 fought and died for a 32 county sovereign socialist Republic. Throughout our history we have struggled for an Ireland for The Irish because Ireland Unfree Would Never Be at Peace. That’s what Bobby Sands and the 10 men who sacrificed their lives in 1981 fought and died for. I proudly attended their funerals. Mary Lou McDonald and Sinn Fein have betrayed all of them.

    She is a shameless hypocrite, demanding homes and fair rents for the homeless, while spitting in their faces and endorsing giving Irish homes, free rent and free healthcare to refugees, many of who are unvetted. While Irish citizens all over Ireland are homeless, living on the streets, being evicted from their homes and starving with no healthcare, migrants are being given homes, free rent, food, clothing and healthcare. Mary Lou McDonald endorses this in addition to vilifying those who demand justice as racist and right wing. Irish Republicanism was founded on Socialist principles, so how dare she corrupt what our people have struggled for while she endorses what the British did to Ireland, driving the Irish people from their own land and homes and replacing them with foreign landlords and settlers.

    If the Republican Movement wants to survive, it MUST remove this traitor.


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