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Bashing the Burkes: Progressive Ireland Takes Aim

At the time of writing, Enoch Burke, a young teacher at Westmeath's Wilson's Hospital School, remains incarcerated in Dublin's Mountjoy Prison, where many a good Irish man has been locked up before in days gone by. Though Burke, being an...

/ 13/09/2022
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Nationalism and Law in an Irish Context

Law can be a tricky bitch to describe. One can assume the role of explaining what actions are legal or illegal (or lawful and unlawful) and never give a second’s thought to what it actually is that is being applied....

/ 26/03/2022

Margaret Buttimer: Remembering Clownworld’s Irish Prisoner This Christmas

As turkeys are carved and selection boxes pilfered throughout the nation, one Bandon home will be without a key member of their household this Christmas. A grotesque reminder of just how far off the rails the country has erred in...

/ 24/12/2021

The Spooky Saga of Dr Bassalat

Following a grueling imprisonment at Maghaberry Jail, the Palestinian rights activist Dr Issam Hijjawi Bassalat tastes freedom for the first time in 15 months. His case is one that begs more questions than answers about the practices of British security...

/ 16/12/2021

Fourteen Fold Increase In Asylum Free Legal Aid Fees Since 2015

Under freedom of information, The Burkean can reveal a marked fourteen-fold increase in free legal aid costs billed to the taxpayer since 2015. From figures obtained from the Legal Aid Board, the body charged with handling free legal aid for...

/ 04/06/2021