Doubts were cast upon the ability of the Irish State to successfully transition to a promised one million electric vehicles by 2030, with a new report by the Parliamentary Budget Office warning of a potential dip of 8% in state revenue as a consequence should targets be met. 

Committed by the Programme for Government to ban any new fossil-fueled cars arriving onto the market by 2030, little consideration until now has been given to the manner in which this would impact the state coffers.

Deriving €4.5-5 billion in car-related revenue per annum, such a transition would impact the bottom line when it comes to motor, fuel and carbon tax as well as money raised off VAT.

Warning of a ‘substantial risk to the stability and sustainability of the public finances’ the report highlighted the additional cost to the taxpayer when it came to the generous subsidies being given to prospective electric car owners.

With grants of up to €10,000 and reduced tolls for electric vehicles, the incentives offered to enable electrification of this scale would also add further weight to the exchequer to an as of yet unknown amount.

Alongside the aforementioned sweeteners, those purchasing an electric vehicle may avail of VAT Relief and lower motor tax, as well as being free from fuel tax typically levied on fossil fuels.

Not the first time the State has over-extended itself on electrification, previous goals to meet 230,000 electric vehicles by 2020 set in 2008 only amounted to 26,000 electrified vehicles as of last year.

Envisioning a ‘net zero’ state of affairs by 2050, Ireland is tied to a commitment of a 51% slashing of carbon emissions by 2030 under the 2016 Paris Agreement.

With serious questions as to whether the proper infrastructure will be laid down to facilitate electrification, never mind the viability of a power grid on its last legs, such figures in a normal society would get the ball rolling on questioning the green agenda.

Presently, the construction of charging infrastructure is covered almost entirely by the State through grants as well as semi-state bodies such as the ESB. With the lights flickering already amid a brewing energy crisis and failure of a private sector partner to develop the market, it would appear the electrification scheme is doomed to fail on current trends, benefiting those clever enough to play the system when it comes to grants.

For the time being it is well worth milking any and all green subsidies available before the State finally goes off the fiscal cliff. Even before the self-inflicted covid-mania, these goals were far beyond the financial reach of the struggling Irish State.

Electrification of this scale and on this timeframe is predestined to fail considering the economics at work. However, whatever way our leaders seek to make up the inevitable shortfall, expect the final bill to fall at the feet of you and I as taxpayers.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Indeed, like all the nonsensical socio-economic policies that successive administrations have implemented ,the ‘green/climate change’ hysteria will cost the Irish people dearly. The cow and the combustion engine, vital to the well being of the nation.


  2. Question, Think 22/12/2021 at 9:26 pm

    “Climate Change” the “dystopian orwellian agenda” that keeps on getting promoted by the lamestream. Who needs horror movies anymore? when you have hyped up natural weather events being broadcasted frequently on weekly news cycles. All those news cycles and advertisements telling people that the earth is on thin ice HAHA, as beautiful sunshine and fresh air rolls off your face with some of the best weather for years. The fearmongering is pretty funny, a “weather traffic light system” from the state broadcaster with status orange, status red. Next they might be telling people to stay inside from a shower of rain.

    Anyone doing their part for the “virtue signal olympics? Anyone going green, so to speak? How about those bowl of farmed insects? they are said to be very appetizing according to the “state broadcaster”? How about that whopping GMO burger that will raise estrogen levels through the roof, possibly increasing the chances for gynecomastia?

    Those whopping GMO plant burgers are wonderful apparently, people will be doing their part for the GREEN ENVIRONMENT along with their GREEN PASS. A new society of low testosterone men, filled up with “lipid nanoparticles” tapping on their phones in the “social media virtue signal olympics circus” being encouraged on by the lackey state broadcaster who have ads basically saying only they are a trustworthy source of information. HAHA! You can’t make it up.

    So obvious, how the “climate hoax” is connected with the “scamdemic”, l ook at what they are calling the freedom pass? The GREEN pass. See what they did there?

    Anyone that is NOT susceptible to the “relentless thought control”, thought reform, coercive persuasion and various other fearmongering psychological techniques used to bring about an emotional response,,, will be intelligent enough to be suspicious of the narratives being presented to them, by the lamestream that is increasingly becoming more orwellian in its censorship and output.

    Anyone that can not join the dots at this stage regarding the “Scamdemic and Climate Change” and who fail to see the connections, would fall into the “category of the naive” when it comes to understanding what such things are really about. It is about power.

    You will own nothing and be happy = WEF. You might get the odd rare treat apparently, if the masters of the new orwellian society approve such a ration.

    Anyone with a curious mind can already see the totalitarianism, mass surveillance and repressive regimentation being implemented onto society. Phones track people everywhere with cell towers. Totalitarian socialists like Stalin and Hitler would have been delighted with such technology. The lockdowns being implemented in europe would make them envious of such control of the people. Then you have the regimentation of washing hands, wearing masks, lining up for boosters all for a so called-infectious deadly disease with a near 100% survival rate, with symptoms that fall under the category of annual cold and flu. People with cold/flu symptoms are off to get a PCR test and the circus goes in full swing. Lockdown, DEBT, Lockdown, DEBT. Rinse, repeat. People are being trained to bring about the “the new normal”

    With electric cars, most people are going to be entirely dependent on the electrical power grid to be able to function. Notice how with Agenda 2030-2050, there are “sustainable development goals” to bring about a situation where people are pushed out of rural areas into smart cities. Smart cities will have far less freedom than traditional rural or urban areas. The smart cities seem to be the orwellian prison. Even now, people in the cities require a check in with a freedom to be able to eat in a restaurant. Civil liberty groups in Ireland should really speak out more.

    Look at how rural communities in ireland are being neglected. Vulnerable old pensioners are coerced into travelling to “built up areas” in order to do their banking or bit of grocery shopping.

    Electric cars for the green environment with ELECTRICITY COSTS GOING THROUGH THE ROOF?

    They may fool some, they won’t fool everyone. The irish politicans are the lackey signing ireland up to globalist agendas, whilst the common taxpayer, the common man, the common families pay the debt and their wages. Look at the farmers already with the protests, the zero emission goal will never succeed.

    We should all spare a thought for the homeless people. Because of the irish governments failure to create a healthy, functioning well run society, many people are suffering, they can not afford to rent, buy, or put a roof over their head or a present under the tree because of a government who cares more about bending the knee to globalists (Internationalists as martin calls them) than they do about creating a debt free life for the citizens.

    Funny too how martin talks about all this appetite for reducing carbon emissions when farmers are protesting driving their tractors all over the streets. FFG are completely out of touch with reality and are a threat to the irish economy and irish livelihoods.


    1. Robert Molloy 25/12/2021 at 8:58 am

      All true – well said, Im hoping for revolt by parents when they try to jab the kids … hopefully might ignite sonething in the nation.


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