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Intel Dumps €80 Billion Irish Investment Over Energy Concerns

Under normal circumstances the state’s industrial planners ought to be seeing red over the weekend scoop by the Business Post revealing the shelving of plans to move the production of microchips to Ireland by Intel. Originally in contention with Poland...

/ 04/01/2022

8% of Revenue Threatened by Vehicle Electrification Budget Office Warns

Doubts were cast upon the ability of the Irish State to successfully transition to a promised one million electric vehicles by 2030, with a new report by the Parliamentary Budget Office warning of a potential dip of 8% in state...

/ 22/12/2021

Trucker Protest : Has Ireland’s Winter of Discontent Arrived?

The ‘Irish Truckers & Hauliers Association Against Fuel Prices’ held a short protest at Dublin Port over the weekend and farmers have blocked a road outside Musgraves centre in Kildare over changes to the national herd and the average age...

/ 14/12/2021