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Shannon LNG : Ireland’s False Energy Dichotomy

As Cabinet documents reveal winter-time preparations for energy rationing and fresh emergency powers, a new urgency towards energy security has not yet imposed itself on the thinking of our domestic elites. With Corrib gas fields going dry and no movement...

/ 28/08/2022

Lights Out!: Engineering Group Issues Warning on Green Goals

Ireland’s precarious energy situation was highlighted this month in a report by the Irish Academy of Engineering which called into question the prudence of phasing out gas-fired energy production by 2030. An advisory group made up of academics, the Academy...

/ 29/05/2022

8% of Revenue Threatened by Vehicle Electrification Budget Office Warns

Doubts were cast upon the ability of the Irish State to successfully transition to a promised one million electric vehicles by 2030, with a new report by the Parliamentary Budget Office warning of a potential dip of 8% in state...

/ 22/12/2021