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Photo: Scott Strazzante, The Chronicle

The Escalating War over Freedom of Speech on Campuses

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” - George Washington In February, 2016, American conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro spoke at the University of California, Berkeley to...

/ 13/02/2018

Feelings Versus Freedom: The New Censorship

In response to the comments raised by the Minister for the Diaspora and International Development regarding John Waters' speech at the University of Notre Dame, Hugh Treacy takes to task the ever-increasing "feelings based" censorship. John Waters has been through...

/ 15/12/2017

A Fresh Farce from the Trinity Administration

Earlier today an email was circulated throughout Trinity College. It announced that the board of the university had “approved a proposal from the Equality Committee that the title given to first- and second-year undergraduate students be changed from “Freshman” to...

/ 28/11/2017

Free Speech has a Cost

A phrase that seems to be growing increasingly popular amongst the regressive left these days is ‘free speech has a cost’, usually followed by a horrendously bastardised version of Karl Popper’s thoughts on the paradox of tolerance, or a link...

/ 30/10/2017

PBP’s Disgraceful Action

It is more than clear that we here at The Burkean have our ideological differences with Trinity’s People Before Profit, as we do with many other students’ societies and communities around the college. We do not dispute PBP’s right to...

/ 27/09/2017

Again… A University is not a Safe Space

In a recent debate at the Oxford Union, Peter Tatchell spoke in support of the motion "A University Should Not Be a Safe Space". The gay rights rights campaigner justified his rejection of such a policy by claiming that it...

/ 16/09/2017