Month: December 2019

CERD19: Cat Lady Totalitarianism On Display

The following is the second in a multipart series examining the influence of Ireland’s inordinately sized NGO sector in the realm of policy formation, particularly in the areas of hate speech legislation and anti-racism advocacy. This segment casts an eye...

/ 12/12/2019

The Policy of Mass Immigration is Incompatible with Sustainable Housing

The most well-known political issue in Ireland today is the housing crisis. A crisis of an overcrowded rental and property market, with record breaking rip-off prices. A crisis exacerbated by the continued expansion of luxury tourist accommodation as opposed to...

/ 05/12/2019

Ireland is Entering Late-Stage Liberalism

Ireland and the Rumblings of Populism The quick-fire legislation towards hate speech early next year is a clear signifier that the powers that be in Ireland are becoming rather rattled over an as of yet non-existing populist insurgency. While right-wing...

/ 01/12/2019