Today, @GardaInfo and @GardaTraffic were seen liking posts from Antifa activist Charlotte O’Sullivan, tweeting about her being banned from her infamous Twitter page “Ireland Against Fascism”, an account notorious for harassment and threats against those on the political Right.

The posts were then un-Liked by both accounts, but by then hundreds of people had noticed and many screenshots were taken. Ireland’s police force seems to be collaborating with, or infiltrated by, Far-Left activists who oppose freedom of speech.

Both these Garda pages are grey-check-marked, meaning they are verified by Twitter as “a government or multilateral organization account”, verified as official accounts of the Irish State.

The Garda Code of Ethics includes the pledge: “I will uphold and obey the law and fulfil my responsibilities in a fair and impartial way.” The Burkean has contacted the Garda Press Office for a statement.

The Ireland Against Fascism page had been banned recently for threats of violence. Charlotte O’Sullivan had created a new X/Twitter page to vent her anger. Among the likes from far left activists and anonymous pages were likes from both these Garda Pages.

Far-left accounts, including that of Charlotte O’Sullivan, acknowledged the police accounts interacting with them (archived here

The Garda accounts were also recorded Liking a video from another user, Therese Cahill, calling for @IrlAgainstFash to be reinstated:

Analysis: Gardaí caught in cahoots with Antifa

Alarm bells rang in Garda HQ on Tuesday evening, not because of any far-right riots in the capital city, but rather a major PR blunder sparked by one of their own.

Multiple tweets calling for the reinstatement to X of Ireland Against Fascism, a particularly malignant account that has harassed and intimidated Nationalists and right-leaning activists for years, were liked, and therefore supported by both official Garda accounts; @GardaInfo and @GardaTraffic, respectively.

Other Antifa-adjacent accounts were subsequently seen jubilantly celebrating the fact, seeming delighted to receive support from friends in high places

The IAF account, operated by Charlotte O’ Sullivan, had been recently banned from the platform for making violent threats, a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Although realising their mistake, the admin quickly unliked the Tweets, it raises serious concerns about the impartiality and non-political nature of our police force.

How can the Gardaí, on one hand, police the speech, reading material and even thoughts of ordinary citizens, while at the same time implicitly endorsing the reinstatement of an account that was just banned for speech that is already illegal in Ireland?

This isn’t the first time the conduct of the account admin has been called into question. Previously, multiple users of the X platform have reported they have been blocked from official Garda accounts for what seem to be mild criticisms or jokes. 

Whatever the case, the actions of the individual controlling the Garda accounts amount to at the very least gross misconduct, and at worst, a bad actor that has infiltrated what is a very important and should be a professional and dignified arm of State.

As the State picks up the pieces after last Thursday’s unrest, there has been much discussion in the media over the Garda’s response, and what should be done about online activists on the Right. Garda morale continues to plummet and the media class continues agitating for stronger legislation for hate speech laws to shut down any criticism from the right of Liberal Ireland.

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  1. The treacherous gombeen gubermint, running the former Irish Republic for the EUSSR polibuuro in Natostan capital Brussels, is without doubt among the most corrupt Globalist cabal$ on the planet. The dire situation in the land of long dead saints and scholars features in not just one but two articles currently on Zero Hedge. Ireland as usual appears to be the dying canary in the coalmine, gassed by the USual suspects for their nefarious interests.
    It’s hard to believe that Irish people resisted the mob on Pirate Rock for a thousand years only to be sold out by the gang of Soros minions that have taken power from the docile and gullible people in exchange for peanuts and rancid platitudes.

    Shut up already, Paddy because the mean greenies and their uppity imports and the Globo Mobst€rs that own them have plans for this island and its livestock.

    The Coudenhove Kalergi Plan is in full force in the EUSSR and yet not one in a hundred Euro Peons know what that totalitarian plan entails.


  2. After the next general election expect Ireland ‘s Ireland’s loonie left govt to abolish it’s few remaining immigration controls . Don’t be surprised if there’s a coup .


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 29/11/2023 at 3:01 pm

    Nothing new here, Ireland is in the grip of a rogue disfunctional mob of
    collaborators that control govt. State and the entire establishment,for the sole
    purpose of destroying IRISH RACE AND IDENTITY.
    If one is aghast that in the Century of Celebration we consider a failed state,
    a possable cicil war,then do not be alarmed when you see FOREIGN TROOPS
    on Irish Soil to back ITS rogue traitors or more likely the final outcome
    Weve being watching the kettle boiling a long time non…far too long !


    1. Just looking at the riot police on the streets of Dublin last week, it is obvious that the unelected politburo of Uschi van der Lyin’, Hairstylist In Chief of the EUSSR, has set up a Euro Peon paramilitary styled network of police forces across the former independent sovereign nations of Urupp, all kitted out with the same faceless style uniform and German body armor. Forget about the once innocuous Gardai and get ready for ever more baton wielding robo thugs in the style of France and Germany, brutes who will have no problem whacking grannies or kids as we saw in those countries during the Yellow Vest protests and the evil Plandemic. Why else do you imagine they imported those hundreds of thousands of young men of military age, so-called refugees, who have no allegiance or respect for the people and traditions of this island?

      The Covaid$ Caper was the trial run for refining this “option”, no doubt long in the works, and it was practiced to perfection in the eyes of our totalitarian masters. As stated in the infamous Lisbon Treaty, police and military can be transferred across national borders irrespective of existing national laws when the gubermint deems that to be necessary. Sarkozy, the arch Zionist, at the time admonished the Irish, who had the audacity to reject the infamous treaty the first time round, “to vote again until they get it right.” Needless to say “they got it right” eventually in October 2009 and it became obvious that democracy was nothing more than a nuisance for the livestock owners dictating our futures in the Politburo of the EUSSR. Now we see the elimination of the right of individual states to veto Brussels “dictats” which means Ireland will be governed directly by the interests in Berlin, Brussels and of course the head honcho in Washington and those “anti democrats”, or so the EUSSR will have you believe, non team players like Orban in Hungary or Poland, can be silenced and bent to the will of the Euro Peon oligarchs without involving the messy democratic process. Soon NATO (the North American Terror Organ ) will introduce the NATO Schengen sleight of hand, where the military of their vassal states in Europe, under full Pentacon command, can be moved quickly and without permission from the once sovereign states, when the faceless people in Washing town deem it necessary to position their Euro Peon canon fodder for the next go against the evil Russian Bear to liberate all those resources that USSA can no longer survive without.

      As the rump Ukraine dumpster fire inevitably sputters out and America’s proxy ethnic Russian civil war in that unfortunate failed welfare warfare state is won by Mother Russia, get ready for the next attempt of the AngloZionaZi Empire to stave off its inevitable, well-deserved and long overdue demise by dragging all of Urupp into yet another World War that the demons in Washing town mistakenly imagine they can once again survive as with their last 2 bouts of global genocide. The craven German gubermint of the hollow man in the empty suit, posing as leader of Germanistan with his gaggle of idiot greenies and salon bolsheviks will no doubt be more than ready to destroy what’s left of the German economy for those that pull their strings. Urupp is governed by compromised, holier-than-thou, ignorant, eco fascist meat puppets and like the clown in Kiev are more than ready to burn the continent to realize their insane delusions. Build Back Better was years ago…now as the Zionazi slaughter in Gaza has gone kosher, Bomb Back Better is obviously the new mantra of the Soros mobsters and brainless minions.

      How long more will Ireland manage to avoid being a part of this warmongering abomination NATO, now that it is in effect participating in the war in Ukraine, supporting a fascist regime under a quisling government installed through a neocohen CIA orchestrated Putsch? How long more before young Irish men and women are obligated to do military service for the EUSSR slash Natostan and expected to participate in any and all wars that are becoming almost impossible to avoid as the economic system and the fiat filth of the “West” evaporates in unpayable debt and the so-called German economic powerhouse has been castrated and cut off from all that cheap Russian energy that in fact produced the German economic miracle and the European locomotive in the first place. There is no difference between suicide and murder when the cadaver is already 6 feet under and as the old saying puts it “Life doesn’t give a damn who lives it or indeed who throws it away.”
      Mise le meas


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