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UK: Women Prisoners Potentially Face Extra Jail Time For Refusing to Call Transgender Inmates Preferred Pronouns

Women behind bars in the United Kingdom are at risk of bumping up their prison sentence bigly should they dare to refer to their fellow male ‘transgender’ inmates by he/him. Lord David Wolfson, minister within the UK justice ministry, stated...

/ 11/10/2021

Irish School Pronoun Pledge-How Did Trans Lobby Take Over Irish Education?

A time traveler from 2011 would scarcely recognise the manner in which LGBT ideologues have remodeled Irish education. Whereas at the beginning of the last decade, tentative steps to advance the LGBT agenda in classrooms were under the guise of...

/ 06/09/2021

Sweden Rolls Back Hormone Therapy for Children-An Example for Ireland?

In a significant move undermining the current medical and ideological orthodoxy on gender dysphoria, certain hospitals in Sweden have phased out the prescribing of puberty blockers to under 16s. The move comes in the wake of growing medical concern about...

/ 14/05/2021