Leinster House played host to an assembly of trans critical feminists Saturday in what was the first event of its kind, denouncing the nation’s lax gender self-identification laws and erosion of female-only spaces.

Organised by a variety of trans critical feminist groups, the rally saw 50 or so attendees addressed by speakers such as culturally disgraced comic Graham Linehan and Northern Irish activist Cerri Black, who has experienced continued harassment by British police on account of her beliefs.

Objecting to the already existing Gender Recognition Act which legislated for the controversial self-identification system of gender identity, the rally also called into question the risks posed to women by the effective ending of women-only spaces in prisons and healthcare.

Speaking at the event an emotive Graham Linehan asked for more men to assist women in speaking out against the ‘fad’ of transgender ideology while a recurring motif throughout the day’s proceedings was the online and legal harassment facing TERFs by trans activists.

Among the groups represented were organisations such as ‘The Countess’, Irish Women’s Lobby, LGB Alliance as well as Radicailín, each providing speakers.

Hoping to influence a review of the Equality Acts by Minister Roderic O’Gorman, those in attendance demanded the reinstatement of single-sex spaces and clear legal definitions of ‘woman’ within Irish law.

As expected, the rally, which was organised in secret to mitigate the risk of counter-protests by trans-militants, earned the ire of left-leaning commentators online, enraptured that many former comrades from the Repeal days had taken a heretical line on trans issues.

The respectable showing by the women is to be welcomed as potentially the first twitch of a vibrant resistance to the dogma which has eaten so much of our civic and institutional space. We can only hope that they succeed with any infighting by ideological opponents to be savoured and as an added bonus.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. You appear to support single sex spaces so why does your article call gender critical feminists TERFS?


  2. Sorry (real) girls. You created this monster,now it’s devouring you you burst into to tears and want (real) men to come to your rescue. The natural order of things always triumps.


  3. “triumphs”


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