Women behind bars in the United Kingdom are at risk of bumping up their prison sentence bigly should they dare to refer to their fellow male ‘transgender’ inmates by he/him.

Lord David Wolfson, minister within the UK justice ministry, stated that prisoners who deliberately used incorrect pronouns could face disciplinary procedures.

The clarification comes only months after the High Court of England and Wales ruled that holding convicted sex offenders in women’s prisons is legal, so long as the prisoner identifies as a woman.

During the court case, the court heard that there were at the time 163 transgender prisoners in England and Wales, 81 of which had been previously convicted of sexual offenses.

The Trans-mafia’s soft-to-hard power:

These developments in the UK reflect how the trans-mafia are managing to turn their soft social power, built on the backs of state-backed NGOs and academic institutions, into hard, oppressive power.

The UK in particular has found itself at the mercy of the new-age religious movement. Despite being run by the so-called ‘Conservative’ Party since 2010, the nation has seen a total nosedive into progressive politics, the rejection of which is becoming ever more criminalized within British controlled territory.

This publication recently reported on how Father Ted creator Graham Linehan was informed he was wanted for questioning by the PSNI for comments he made online. Linehan himself suspects with good reason that this was related to him speaking out against the transgender complex within the UK.

In Ireland meanwhile, we are beginning to see a flexing of trans-mafia power against non-complaint media and industry.

As those in the UK are being forced to comply with trans-ideology, trans activists on this island have taken aim at the likes of the Irish Times for permitting those critical of the ideology to challenge their views.

Within Trinity College Dublin, a growing movement has been putting pressure on various Student organizations to distance themselves from Ireland’s premiere west-brit publication.

Trinity News has already stopped publishing their own kitty-litter physical edition with the Irish Times, and with the resignation of one of the University Times’ assistant theatre editors (lol), it is beginning to look like a question of when, not if, UT will go the same way.

Meanwhile, TCDSU are looking to pay for the jewellry, makeup and other paraphernalia purchased by trans-adepts within the college. The so-called T-Fund being used for this purpose is, of course, ultimately sourced from the taxpayer through the Higher Education Authority.

As is often the case, the UK for Ireland is the canary in the coalmine when it comes to social issues. While the state has claimed independence since 1922, a combination of geopolitical realities as well as a west-brit ruling elite has meant that trends in the UK often precede similar trends in Ireland.

With the looming threat of hate speech laws and the gross funding of NGOs, it is unlikely that the trans issue will be an exception.

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