Kazakhstan: Colour Revolution Underway in Eurasia?

In a country virtually unknown to most in the West beyond Borat, what is on paper an internal political flare-up looks like it may quickly become one of the most significant power struggles in Eurasia. Kazakhstan as it stands Protests...

/ 07/01/2022

The West Has No Moral Authority On Belarus

The bungled diversion of Ryanair Flight 4978 carrying the anti-Lukashenko activist Roman Protasevich heralds a new attempt to engineer a colour revolution in the Eastern European State and one which we ought be scathing of. As we all know by...

/ 26/05/2021

The Single Plausible Case for Intervention Against Iran

We have been at this point before almost two decades ago – an autocratic regime with significant human rights abuses has antagonised the global hegemon, rumours swirl of a WMD-program and a jingoistic media hypes itself into a frenzy. There...

/ 27/06/2019