Once every few years something happens which so succinctly epitomises the zeitgeist that it requires no further explanation. 

As reported by the Irish Times, Senator Catherine Noone called her party president and the incumbent Taoiseach Leo Varadkar “autistic.” She later refused to acknowledge she used the word, until told it was on recording, and then admitted she did not mean to use it literally. She then reportedly went on to use “the n-word.” Not that she said those three syllables, but that she dropped the hard r version. This part seems to have been brushed over, or was shoddily reported by the same newspaper.

Senator Noone, for those few who are unfamiliar with her, was a cheerleader for abortion. She also mocked an “octogenarian” priest for preaching Catholic doctrine in Mass, and then denied her remarks were “ageist.” The same Senator claimed MMA was a barbaric non-sport, admitted she’d never watched a match or knew the rules, and committed a truly gracious volte-face to champion its recognition as a sport within the space of a month.

It is unfortunate that marriage to reality or having some kind of guiding principles is not a requirement to be part of the establishment clique. 

For example, Senator Noone has been a vocal supporter of the need to bring forward “hate-speech” legislation. Just imagine, if she could have an innocent slip of the tongue and say the  “n word” in front of a journalist, what are all those filthy plebeian racists saying? 

Catherine Noone is not simply not a racist, ageist or callous to those with special needs, she’s also a much better person than you or I could ever be. At least that’s what one could suppose her estimation is, considering her complete divorce from reality. 

The hilariousness is that she simply isn’t the only one. The entire institutional structure of our democracy is designed to reward imbeciles and gombeens, so long as they portray the accepted “righteous outrage” when it comes to. When Kate O’Connell mocked pro-life TDs for being pained by the legalised murder of Irish children, she was lauded as being “straight-talking.” 

Pro-life campaigners who said the abortion rate would increase with legalisation were accused of fearmongering, despite the prediction coming to pass. Pro-abortion campaigners who were proved to be liars weren’t reprimanded for misleading the public, instead those holding silent vigils outside abortion centres were demonised for “traumatising women.”

Allegations of misogyny and toxic masculinity were levelled at male employees of the “Irish” Times, the very paper that sought to cycle Anglo-American outrage culture into the Irish context. In Cologne, the police covered up and underreported mass sexual assault by Muslim immigrants on New Years’ Eve a number of years ago. What was first called “conspiracy” became “isolated cases” and gradually blossomed into hundreds of cases being admitted. Inquiry? Sanctions for misleading the public? Nay. Never.

Roger Scruton, before his passing, had an interview manipulated and selectively edited by the interviewer and suffered grievous career and financial penalties as a result. Jeremy Corbyn’s actual anti-Semitism was ignored by left-wing cheerleaders.

Truth is and has become secondary to political victory, and no matter how much left-liberal media will tell you otherwise, they are absolutely responsible for it because it was politically expedient for them to do so.

The Irish “lack-of-intelligence”-sia are infected with the same sickness that most left-liberal pundits around the world suffer from – an overinflated sense of self-worth, a disconnect from repercussions, and a simple lack of self-awareness.

But this is what you get with liberal democracy – the sham competition of idiots who lose little and win a lot. It might be time to rethink the system.

Posted by Eoin Corcoran

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