At the time of writing, Enoch Burke, a young teacher at Westmeath’s Wilson’s Hospital School, remains incarcerated in Dublin’s Mountjoy Prison, where many a good Irish man has been locked up before in days gone by.

Though Burke, being an evangelical Christian who taught at at Wilson’s Hospital School, founded in the heart of Ireland at the height of the Anglicans’ Penal Laws, might not have agreed with the politics or religion of most of those Felons of our Land, he would, have recognised them for what they fundamentally were, and for what their descendants were addressed as in the 1916 Proclamation: Irishmen and Irishwomen.

And that is the proximate heart of Burke’s problem. He believes that men are men and women are women and not goldfish or mermaids. And that is why he is being punished with imprisonment. Because some vulnerable teenage student has decreed that he is no longer a boy (or she is no longer a girl), Burke is being forced to play along with the fantasy or to languish, like Kevin Barry, in a dreary prison cell. Burke has chosen the latter and, in so far as he is following the example of the Invincibles, who stood up for their principles, we should salute him, just as we saluted them.

But that is not how Ireland now works. Enoch Burke and his family are being excoriated not only on social media but by our state funded television service as well, as he is a part of, what the overpaid bigots of Maynooth University have been overpaid to decree, is Ireland’s far right.

No, he is not. Burke and his family are, as they proclaim, Evangelical Christians, no more and no less than what they claim to be. And, as per Voltaire, they have a right to proclaim their beliefs. But there is the second problem of the Burkes. Fintan Warfield, Panti Bliss and Ireland’s other opinion formers do not believe his opinions should be heard as he is, according to the overpaid superannuated “leftists” of Maynooth Secular Seminary, a part of their imaginary far right.

And therein lies another Burkean problem. Whilst studying at NUIG, the Burke siblings were, by all accounts, excellent students and not only excellent debaters but far superior in that regard than their contemporaries. Although there are several videos of the Burkes at NUIG, this one is particularly apposite as it shows that all most NUIG could do is snigger incoherently about them; rhetorical wizards, their contemporaries were not and most likely are not.

Given those NUIG students cannot even coherently grunt their preferred pronouns whereas the Burkes were dab oratorical hands, one could profitably compare and contrast the quality of their homeschooling with the schooling their contemporaries received not only in Wilson’s School but in other establishments as well. Given how all the Burkes aced the Leaving Cert, it seems that their mother, who doubled as their teacher, had the right approach in teaching them the 3Rs, and the Bible, of course, rather than how to twerk at hurling matches, as is now increasingly the norm. A more solid foundation, one could argue, than allowing young Anglicans believe in life destroying fantasies in between rugby and hockey practice.

In that respect, one must think of the criminal activities of the now totally disgraced Tavistock Institute which castrated hundreds of young Irish boys and performed unspeakable operations on young Irish girls. 

And, whilst thinking of those crimes against vulnerable children,.let’s cast our minds back to when Roderic O’Gorman became our Minister for Children, where he said his first and main priority was to ship more Irish children to the Tavistock Institute to face the chop. 

Let’s also recall how the Traveller actor John Connors railed against O’Gorman outside Leinster House, declaring that the protection of young Irish children from O’Gorman and the Tavistock would be the hill he would die on. 

And let’s, in conclusion, remember that Connors immediately buckled when O’Gorman’s supporters applied pressure and Burke did not and that therefore, no matter how they all may identify from one day to the next, that Enoch Burke is twice the man, indeed twice the human, that Connors, the clowns of Maynooth and the Board of Governors of Wilson’s School will ever be.

Posted by Dr Declan Hayes


  1. If you take the RTE Irish Times view, then Martin Luther King was never arrested for his beliefs either.
    The fact is that each time King was jailed it was because he had broken some law or defied a court injunction and so, in their eyes, he deserved to be locked up.

    January 26, 1956 — He was arrested in Montgomery, Alabama as part of a “Get Tough” campaign to intimidate the bus boycotters. He was arrested by a motorcycle cop from the Montgomery Police Department for driving five miles over the speed limit. (traveling 30 mph in a 25 mph zone)

    September 5, 1958 — King was convicted of disobeying a police order (guilty of loitering) and fined $10 plus $4 in court fees. He chose to spend 14 days in jail, but was soon released when Police Commissioner Clyde Sellers paid his fine.

    Dec 15, 1961 — He was arrested in Albany, Georgia charged with obstructing the sidewalk and parading without a permit

    October 19, 1960 — He was arrested in Atlanta, Georgia during a sit-in while waiting to be served lunch counter in an Atlanta department store.
    Charges were dropped, but King was sentenced to Reidsville State Prison Farm on the pretext that he had violated his probation on a minor traffic offense committed several months earlier.

    In April 12 1963, King was jailed in Birmingham, Alabama, after he defied a state court’s injunction and led a march of black protesters without a permit. During his time in jail, he wrote what is now known as his historic “Letter from Birmingham Jail.”


  2. Well written article as usual.
    It’s quite telling how some mainstream journalists, who profess to hold the government to account on various issues, all marched in lockstep to condemn & belittle the Burke family for their Christian beliefs. Some of the articles in the mainstream press spent more time castigating the Burke family for their beliefs rather than explaining the background to Enoch Burke’s imprisonment. More evidence of the pitiful state of Irish journalism, where a journalist spends more time expressing their own beliefs rather than reporting issues in an objective manner.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 13/09/2022 at 1:59 pm

    Great article,thank you Dr. Declan Hayes.
    And therein lies all OUR problems,not just the Burkeans.
    I stand by the Burke’s as any rational human being should do also.
    I will own that problem because that is what Men and Women,not just in
    Ireland but universally,we should stand shoulder to shoulder and totally reject the way Enoch and his family are being mistreated by the puppetry state and media. It’s time now for all to stand up united.


  4. He is being crucified for beliefs, and all the Irish media are leading the cries for blood. The decent people of this country need to stand up and call out this cruel behavior towards a good living moral young man. It’s immoral what this young man is being subjected to .


  5. bells of shandon 14/09/2022 at 6:50 am

    Just another day in the Totalitarian hell hole that is Ireland. You are expected to believe and profess support for the nonsensical beliefs of the Psychiatrically sick Cult that is transgenderism.
    If not , you become a social pariah, and the controlled Regime lackeys of the Media earn their Judas shekel by piling in on their victim, who then is labeled as social pariah.
    God help you if you are a State emloyee. Your arse will hit the pavement rapidly and you are blacklisted for future work.
    Up at the front are the usual scum of the 6 Billion funded cabal of NGO taxpayer predators, numbering 35k organisations.
    These are leaches on the Taxpayers, without any productive contribution to the economy . This is the Enemy Within. and the shock troops of the PR campaign to promote the latest Thing,wheher it is BLM, the criminal George Floyd or the Transgender sickness.
    Ireland has been under attack in an organised Mass Psy-Ops for over a decade.
    The Marriage referendum, abortion referendum, Childrens referendum,the attacks on the morality of the population by the attacks on the Catholic Church, the family and the Nation to undermine Social cohesion in the pursuit of profit by the MNC interests.
    Foremost of these is the false Multiculturism, diversity inclusion racket. Objectors are machine gunned with the racist label to gag them as the Nation sinks into chaos.
    This is but a play on words to disguise what is really an Invasion. False altruism comes to the fore, but behind the racket is an NGO operator /traitor .selling out his Nation.
    No need to highlight our incompetent ,corrupt political Quislings, who cooperate in the destruction of our Nation and have no love for Ireland or its people.
    This attitude has permeated all sections of our State Institutions,from the Civil service,Garda, Judiciary, education Health.
    The Regime seeks total control,of what we think and do.
    The COVID debacle and the pushing of a dangerous,experimental Injection ,that was not a vaccine, has embolded these Political reprobates and they feel invulnerable.
    They think with their control of Media and their NGO attack dogs ,they can fool and control the population at will.
    Information is the key and the most effective weapon against this increasingly repressive Regime.
    Time for the docile. dumbed down, people of Ireland to awake and cast all of these political charlatans on the manure heap. The stench of their criminality and corruption is now unbearable.


  6. Although I don’t know all the details of the case and am opposed to transgenderismin my humble opinion the may have served better to take a case against the injunction as regards free speech rather than break the “law”. Just a different approach.


  7. Ivaus@thetricolour 14/09/2022 at 2:08 pm

    The Overseas International Global Sons and Daughters of the Gael are
    wide awake now to Our People’s Plight. We have been watching and communicating, organizing and planning, no stones left unturned.

    The same traitorous govt. that has hurt our Irish Families has tried to make life difficult for us also.

    This will be sorted now, and we will meet the Irish Enemy, Everywhere.


  8. bells of shandon 16/09/2022 at 4:51 pm

    Antonio Gramsci is the Father of Cultural Marxism.
    Gramsci lived in the Soviet Union in the ”1920’s and married a Russian and had a young family. He returned to Italy,was imprisoned by Mussolini and died there.
    While in the Soviet Union he observed that the ordinary working class man had no appetite for imposed Communism and clung to their certitudes of religion, family and love of their Nations culture.
    He returned to Italy and was imprisoned by Mussolini and died in prison.
    While there he developed the philosophy of Cultural Marxism.later refined by the German Frankfurt School, who pre-war moved to teaching posts in US Universities.
    The basic philosophy of Cultural Marxism ,is that a Nations social cohesion, tribal allegiances, religion. and family solidarity must be destroyed to its core ,before a new Society ,based on Marxist beliefs can be imposed.
    The philosophy of Cultural Marxism has since been hi-jacked by Globalists as a useful tool to further their control and a return to neo -serfdom as per Klaus Schwabs Great Reset, ‘You will own nothing and be Happy’.
    We see Cultural Marxist strategies in practice in Ireland,with the demonisation of the once formerly pre-eminent Catholic Church. the readily available divorce, abortion, the gay marriage referendum, LGBTZrights, transgender activism, the power of the Regime over childrens rights with parents excluded.
    The open door mass migration invasion under the fake,multiculturism, diversity,inclusion meme.
    The numerous fake welfare chasing refugees allowed asylum.
    All these are weaponised to destroy the social cohesion and native culture of Ireland and neutralise any pushback from thise wh object to the destruction of their Nation.
    All these strategies are obvious to those who care to lokk,but too many are in denial or unaware of the insidious attack on the Nation of Ireland.
    The latest ‘Thing’ is the attempt to noramalise transgenderism against basic biological facts. The end game of this is truly dystopian.It is to de-sexual Trise human beings and introduce transhumans into the workplace. This ties into the eugenics dream of world de-population, ties into the Climate change agenda and is connected to the MASS Covid Injection experiment,is connected to the introduction of Central Banks Digital Currency for total control of society.
    All these ‘Things’ are seed by a controlled Media to accept their inevitability.
    Wake up and resist, your Freedom and family are at risk and the Regime, their captured Media and NGO lackeys are the visible Enemy of the Irish People.


  9. Burke is in prison for ignoring a High Court order based on disciplinary action taken agaist him by Wilsons Hospital. Let me be clear. He is not in prison because he will not utter the preferred gender pronoun of a student. He is in prison because his reaction to the request went above and beyond the acceptable behaviour of teachers at that institution. His ‘clever’ spinning of the story appears to have you convinced but it appears you have been easily spun – unlike the vast majority of people who are all-too-familiar with the shenanigans of the attention-seeking Burkes!


  10. Ivaus@thetricolour 28/09/2022 at 11:57 pm

    So, we’re all being led astray or I’d like to think getting your facts straight.How did this molehill become a mountain,root of the problem Ist
    The poor soul of a student REACTED because Burke ( it’s teacher ) would not play the game,yes students pranks are common.Incidentally
    nobody’s mentioned the reaction of fellow students in class, Why?
    2 The reactionary student complained to school representative who also
    3 The school Reacted against Burke in the form of Disciplinary Reaction.
    4 Burkes reaction was to ignore,a paid professional goes to work.
    5 School Reacts again and initiated legal proceedings against Burke.

    Stop here,we could go on with this charade but I’ve had enough already.
    At present Burke languishes in jail, €50,000 of the Schools legal costs
    awarded against Burke by the court and the upstart has a great laugh with his classmates on how to humiliate the entire neoliberal system


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