Centre Left vs Far Left Divide at the Pro-Migration Rally
It appears there is trouble in paradise as Ireland’s pro-migration front has been showing deep divides since the even day before the Saturday March by Le Chéile took place. The night before, the Green Party announced they would be attending. As the green party is in government, and has ministers in the key positions that deal with immigration and asylum, this proved very awkward for the Irish Left, who still somehow see themselves as Political Dissidents and Outsiders.

Figures from those on the Far-Left of the protest movement, from groups such People Before Profit, and Trans & Intersex Pride were quick to jump on this, angered at the thought of a government party also at the protest, as this would undermine the heroes and villains style of politics they like to play. If the party in charge of migration is at the protest, it’s hard to say you’re the ones who are out of power. For PBP especially, the problem is always that you have not been radical enough.

This divisiveness was not just performative tweets from those trying to out-left one another, as it was revealed after the march that one of the marchers with the Greens was heckled and shouted at to “Go home” & “You’re not welcome here”. Being from an Ethnic Minority background, this Green marcher immediately fired back at his opponents that this is the same language of the supposed far-right, with other Greens saying the same. The race card is always at hand in a fight among Left-Wing groups.

Le Chéile themselves chimed in, siding with the anti-government faction, that government parties were to blame, A back-and-forth ensued, with the Radical-Left enraged at moderates weaponising race as an argument against them, a common theme in in-fighting on the Left in the age of American Identity Politics. The moderates pointed to the fact that Le Cheile are themselves a government-funded organisation, other commenters that the rally itself had effectively the entire list of NGOs that are bankrolled by the government. It was also pointed to the fact that the protest slogan “Ireland For All” was previously the campaign slogan for a government party in the last election. 

There is a regular pattern in Irish politics that if you are a Left-Wing party, going into a government coalition with Fianna Fail or Fine Gael proves to be a poisoned chalice. The Labour Party is still considered unclean by a portion of the Irish Left due to its time in office in the early 2010s it is hard to believe the party once pulled ⅕ of the vote. The same is true of the Greens, the hard-left painting them as false friends who are also responsible for all the problems they are fighting against. 

This is strange given the level of influence on policy the Greens have had. Whatever happened to the “Green Wave” media hype in 2019 and in the run-up to the 2020 election? The Left have painted this as a nominally left-wing party moving to the Right by going into government, when in reality it is the Green Party who has pulled its coalition partners to the left. It is also amusing to remember the Greens themselves had an internal party schism as recently as 2021.

Fianna Fáil & Fine Gael Not Welcome?

Posting in the Examiner a week before the March, Mick Clifford bemoaned this divisiveness, and the deliberate exclusion of Fianna Fail and Fine Gael. The day after the March, Una Mullally posted in the Irish Times noting that the two parties’ absence was noteworthy and making curious claims that the parties are still unsure of their position on immigration due to the public mood. 

Paul McAulliffe of Fianna Fail hit back in a tweet, trying to dispel any notions that his party were on the fence over the issue, and stating that their party is rooted in “Progressive Republicanism”. 

FF and FG’s continuous efforts to prostrate themselves to the Left and do everything to convince them that they are also progressive is clearly a major factor in how Ireland has swung so far to the Left so quickly.


Gone are the days of pan-Liberal unity of the 2010s with the gay marriage & abortion movements. While even by 2015 there was still a genuine insecurity complex among Irish Liberals as to whether Ireland was able to count itself as “progressive”, by 2023 it is impossible to have any confusion about this. Ireland has become the new Sweden, a small European country defined entirely by its Progressive identity, as the old Sweden pulls back from the brink. 

How long Ireland can remain without a mainstream party in opposition to the current Progressive Order is still an open question, but for now, all major parties are still in a state of trying to out-compete each other for who can be the real Progressives.

Posted by Stamos


  1. ᚛ᚑᚌᚐᚋ᚜ 24/02/2023 at 8:13 pm

    Don’t censor please or i might call you lot commie soy boys again. Some joking aside, let free speech flow even if you disagree, if you say you are for free speech then allow it.

    “Ireland has become the new Sweden”

    Ireland will be on track to become worse than Sweden, because Sweden is a far bigger country than Ireland. Ireland has a higher population density than Sweden. Ireland is more urbanised and smaller, the potential for more dangerous ethnic tensions are higher for ireland if it continues on its current trajectory.

    The Green Party say they want an island of 10 million, where are these extra people going to come from? The third world is where. The potential ethnic tensions that will arise from that is going to be catastrophic for Ireland. The irish mainstream media can dress it up how they like, but in the modern age of social media, they can not cover up or hide the problems already happening.

    We so-called conspiracy theorists already know now that the vaccinations have caused excess deaths, we conspiracy theorists predicted this from the start of the rollout, we know what we are talking about.

    The irish governments “minister of integration” is from the green party, he was educated by the London School of Economics, a university founded by the fabian society. The underlying ideology of the “Fabian Society” is to create a socialist one world government.

    Transgenderism ideology, mass immigration ideology, and all that jazz comes from the fabian society. The fabian society symbol, its traditional symbol is a wolf in sheeps clothing, anyone can research and see this symbol for themselves. O Gorman is a political puppet for globalist freemasonic organisations that are behind the founding of fabian society ideology. As dangerous as Varadkar is for ireland, o gorman seems to be the most dangerous politican of all time for ireland.

    O Gormans immigration policies and the sheer absolute ignorance in believing he can accomodate all the worlds economic migrants into a small island with a homeless and housing epidemic is nothing short of INSANE!

    I don’t think the average joe and mary have fully comprehended yet, the ethnic tensions that will be coming down the track.

    To let undocumented illegal immigrants roam around irish streets should be concerning for any irish father or mother as no one knows who these new arrivals are if they are deliberately destroying their documents.

    O Gorman is a highly reckless politican who would seem to be on a moral crusade against what he deems the far roysh, the people that make him look like an absolute fool on twitter.

    Green party leader says he wants ireland to have 10 million and the minister of integration seems to want it too.

    “Progressive Republicanism”.

    This is everything that is wrong with irish identity nationalist politics. Sure the wolfetones are a good band with good music, but republicanism ideology is holding back genuine respectable irish nationalism from gaining traction both north and south.

    Look at twitter accounts like @RepublicansAF, they are spreading anti IFP and NP posters around dublin. Republicans hate genuine nationalist movements from forming because they want their own breed of marxist communism to be in control of the irish narrative is as regards what should be defined as irish nationalism.

    Republican ideology is socialist communism and should be rejected by irish patriots going forward, look at Sinn Fein. It is utter stupidity for the new breed of irish nationalists to be shouting “Up The Ra, or other such rubbish on twitter, this is what sinn fein has historically done, sinn fein should be rejected because they are marxist globalists and they are traditionally connected with republicanism in ireland. When one rejects sinn fein, they should reject the republican part too for good optics, as long as republicanism stays associated with the concept of irish nationalism, SINN FEIN will hijack the narrative and paint themselves as real irish nationalists when in fact they are marxist globalists.

    Robinson has created a great documentary called “rise of the celts” and just watch and see how republican symphatisers and sinn fein will spread bullshit about him. The robinson rise of the celts documentary will gain a far greater level of publicity for people concerned with mass-immigration in ireland than even grassroots movements can manage as they have no strong media presence on social media internationally.

    Tommy Robinson is far more influential in that regard and is a real character with big balls, he has an irish mother and any irish patriots complaining about the documentary are only impeding good publicity for the “IrelandIsFull movement.

    The time for sectarian bullshit is OVER. Ireland and Britain have something in common, their islands are getting flooded with third worlders. Irish and british people have something far in more common than they think.

    One can disagree with this, i however will be looking to robinsons documentary. I don’t see RTE doing a documentary.


  2. ᚛ᚑᚌᚐᚋ᚜ 24/02/2023 at 9:20 pm

    To back up some of my opinions of how republicanism should be seen as a pro open borders political ideology and how it will never be aligned with ethnic nationalist principles, here it is from the horses mouth.

    One look at @antifascistirl twitter page shows how irish republicanism is pro-open borders and is marxist communism.

    This is from irish antifas twitter account.
    “Statement from Irish Republican Political ex-Prisoners” “We, the undersigned men and women, served terms of imprisonment in jails in Ireland, England and Europe during the conflict for Irish republican activity.” “We are signing this statement to make it clear to communities, and especially young people, that Irish Republicanism has no affinity with the crude ‘nationalist’ hatred recently being peddled by racist and fascist groups stirring up anti-immigrant feeling.” “Irish Republicanism is Anti-Fascist. Always has been. Always will be.”

    Very enlightening and interesting statements from antifa twitter, and if some irish patriots calling for stricter borders still fail to see how republicans are not their friends or are on their side of the political spectrum, then there is no hope for their ignorance.

    Irish patriots cheering on #IrelandIsFull protests and shouting “up the ra” or tiocfaidh ar la” thinking republican groups are ever going to be politically aligned with their beliefs should think again, these people are not educated to understand how republicanism is marxist ideology and how republican groups hate them.

    Republicanism is marxist socialism not ethnic nationalism, just like Sinn Fein. Republican ideology is cancer for irish nationalism and should be rejected outright, either that or irish nationalism will be stuck and hijacked by the likes of sinn fein FOREVER pushing pro mass immigration open borders talking shit about brits but preferring somalians instead.

    More irish people are waking up to the stupidity of republican groups like sinn fein, but still not enough. There can be no intelligent debates around immigration to be had when republican groups are involved, they align with antifa politically.


  3. Slowly but surely the Irish people are waking up to the very dangerous path we are being blindly led down by those in government with an eye on a European job in payment for turning ireland into a dumping ground. It will take time for a swing to the right to happen, particularly as they will have the media doing all in their power to halt it. They media in Ireland are pro left, and complicit in spreading les regarding right wing parties


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 25/02/2023 at 4:17 pm

    Maximizing their limelight performance,they will forever be in the public spotlight,never seeing the light of day again,they will contemplate a life in darkness and lack of energy.No photosynthesis for food production,no natural energy needs because they destroyed all,they will gaze up their asses and look for further inspiration.


  5. ᚛ᚑᚌᚐᚋ᚜ 25/02/2023 at 5:44 pm

    More censorship again? You bunch of “Papists” are just as bad as the people on the “radical left” who you claim indulge in censorship to silence debate.

    A bunch of “papist hypocrites” with no substance is what you look like to me. The irish public will never listen to you, because just like “irish politicans” you are completely out of touch and are living in the past, De Valeras ireland is gone lads.

    Tommy Robinson and his documentary “Rise Of The Celts” will do more for irish patriotism than your “papist blog” will ever manage to do. And no doubt you will complain about someone like him that is much more masculine than you “papists”

    “Our purpose is to provide intellectual content”


    “Our goal is to present the opinions of people that aren’t being heard in the mainstream, and to uphold the essential value that is freedom of speech. We encourage debate and give a forum to many veins of thought.”

    You despise debate because you have no intellect to defend your opinions and views.


    Thank you for making me laugh. It has been a real eye opener.

    You lot would be more at home in the vatican city than ireland.


  6. James Gough 26/02/2023 at 2:16 pm

    You are correct in saying that they are all left wing. The only opposition in the Dail are a few independents.
    The rest are all left wing. Some are leftist globalist. some are Stalinists and some are Maoists but they are all left wing. God help Ireland with this bunch of godshites to select from don’t vote for the traitors.


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