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Housing and Ireland’s Secret Power Struggles

In my rambles around Dublin Bay North, that salient bordered by the Malahide Road, the sea and the coast road back to Fairview, I have come across two homes, one opposite Sutton Marina and one on the Baldoyle Road, both...

/ 08/02/2022

Reforming Ireland’s Toxic Markets

If Davy's recommendations are your weather vane on Irish stocks, then plump for AIB, Bank of Ireland, CRH, Flutter Entertainment, Glenveagh, Greencoat Renewables, Hibernia REIT, Irish Res PR PRC, Ryanair and/or Uniphar. Let's quickly dismiss most of these and move...

/ 02/02/2022

Euro Snap Shot: How Corporations Abuse Irish Residency

The Euro Stoxx 50 index gives us a snapshot of how EU denominated stocks are performing. As they also indicate where institutional investors with Euro denominated liabilities should hold their offsetting assets, they play pivotal roles in the management of...

/ 28/01/2022