The death notices for Aidan Moffitt, Michael Snee and Ashling Murphy should make for reflective reading for those opportunists who organised vigils and opened books of condolences for them in seedy Dublin pubs. 

The grieving families’ notices make it plain that these three victims of brutal and unjustifiable murders were rooted in their communities and, as all three had requiem Masses, that they’d opted for dignified and solemn funerals.

Though footage of the funerals of Moffitt, Murphy and Snee confirm that hypothesis, these brutal murders and others like them necessitate a blunt conversation on when this post-Christian society of ours will, however belatedly, call time on horrific murders and attacks such as these and the political opportunists who exploit them.

First off, contrary to the politicians’ protestations, the angry crowds who recently shouted supposedly Islamophobic and other slurs at the defendants in Tullamore, Dundalk and Sligo are not a threat because the politicians’ politically tinged vigils have effectively disenfranchised them, even as they have elevated their own more vocal opportunists. Because the ordinary, decent people of Louth, Offaly and Sligo are left with no more effective course of action than to scream, Brazilian gang rapists prowl Ashling Murphy’s home town of Tullamore and Angolan serial sex offenders do likewise in Dublin.

Although it is all very well for Sligo solicitors and Dublin courts to determine, probably correctly, that the alleged murderers need psychiatric treatment in this, their adopted homeland, that is of no use to us, their innocent victims.

Let me put my cards and, I am sure, those of almost everyone else living in this island, on the table. Irish women should be free to jog through Tullamore in the late afternoon, Japanese and Irish citizens should be free to walk through Dundalk in the mornings and Sligo and other men, once they follow the advice of the Gardai, should be able to invite strangers into their homes and live to tell the tale.

But that is where the rubber hits the road. Pre-meditated attacks in Donegal and Dublin, coupled with the murder of Kilkenny dancer Adrian Murphy, as well as the murder of Paul Jefferies and the multiple murders committed by serial killer Stephen Port show that Grindr is a very dangerous app to use, especially if the advice of experienced Gardai is not followed.

There are, in essence, two overlapping groups of suspects one must be wary of. The first of these are the opportunists, who convince themselves that assaulting, robbing and “accidentally” murdering homosexuals like Declan Flynn can be justified by the latter’s supposedly deviant behaviour. The second group, and the one the self-styled LGBT community incessantly harp on about, are the so-called homophobes, supposed sociopaths, who have it in for the supposedly down-trodden homosexuals.

Although former President Mary McAleese continues to blame Ireland’s supposedly rampant homophobia for the Sligo murders, her accusations do not hold up. Far from oppressing homosexuals, Ireland has been very tolerant of them, as a trip to Plot K6 in Sutton’s St Fintan’s graveyard, where the mortal remains of English homosexuals Hilton Edwards and Micheál Mac Liammóir lie, undisturbed in death as they were in life.

Though English homosexuals have been murdered in Dublin, the very strange case of Charles Self would suggest that the homosexual community should look within their own more psychotic ranks to find the culprits. And, while they are at it, they could apologise to Charles Self’s family for not co-operating with the Gardai and for thereby aiding and abetting the murderer escape justice. They might also want to examine the case of Reynhard Sinaga, England’s most prolific serial rapist who was convicted of 159 sex offences, including 136 rapes of young men.

Because it is therefore somewhat disingenuous, if not downright stupid, to say that supposedly toxic Irish males conduct pogroms against homosexuals, let’s now move on to examine “males of Middle Eastern extraction”, with whom I have some acquaintance due to my extensive charity work in The Fertile Crescent, where I have conducted numerous interviews which touched on this very topic.

Though ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist gang have both slaughtered homosexuals because of their sexual preferences, it is very important, in the Irish context, to understand from where those propensities to murder homosexuals emanated. The answer is in the radical mosques and the networks built around them, the very same networks that have long been present in Britain and that are now gaining traction in Ireland.

The way secular Syrian and Palestinian societies traditionally handled this was to give radical preachers, imams in the main, one or more warnings before putting them to rights and the problem to bed. The difference between imams and priests is that priests work under an authority and, as with Ireland, imams are often independent franchises where families run their own mosques or one the Muslim Brotherhood or some other criminal group control. 

The difference between Ireland and secular Arab societies is that the latter watch and control those groups and the Irish do not.

Let’s leave the psychiatric and similar defences to one side and cut to the chase. Irish people urgently need to know if potentially violent Manchurian candidates are being radicalised through Muslim Brotherhood mosques and Saudi affiliated cultural centres and, if so, what is being done to control, if not eliminate, those conduits.

These unregulated centres have sprung up all over the country and their imams are even given the run of Croke Park, when Irish Catholics are denied equivalent access.

All this pampering has to stop. Ireland’s mosques and the schools, cultural centres and other fronts associated with them have to throw open their books and their activities to the light of day. Imams should, for starters, be made register and file, for public scrutiny, their CVs, as well as regular accounts of their activities and those of their associates and radical politicians they are in league with.

We must end the pampering of foreign criminals, which has been evident from the time of Shan Mohangi’s brutal murder of 15 year-old Hazel Mullen down to today where attempted cop killer George Nkencho is idolised and Angolan sex offender Chico Makamda remains free to terrorise Dublin women because Ireland’s immigration authorities from the government’s minister down are not fit for purpose.

And, with regard to the old Hibernophobic racist and related tropes, what should be sauce for the foreign goose should also be very much sauce for our own British and Irish ganders. Larry Murphy, Mark Hennessy, Michael Bambrick and John Shaw are every bit as contemptible as any of the above scumbags and Jastine Valdez and Urantsetseg Tserendorj should be mourned every bit as much as Ashling Murphy.

The fact of the matter is Ireland has a serious crime problem and mollycoddling Irish scumbags, Colombian coke dealers, Boston Mafiosi, Estonian hitmen and sundry foreign pimps won’t solve it.

And nor will Trinity College’s Law Dept, which currently has one of its own more capable professors up on a murder rap but which otherwise seems bogged down with a Reid Professor of Criminal Law, a Director of Research, a Disability Liaison Officer, a Law and Political Science Coordinator, etc etc.

Although there are also professors doing corporate law and other serious stuff, as well as a gaggle of them organising their vast teaching empire, the emphasis seems to be on the diverse, instead of the precise. And all of that is of absolutely no help in putting tomorrow’s criminals behind bars or at the end of a rope.

Although it is almost 60 years since RTE wheeled out the dying Brendan Behan to praise Justice Minister Charlie Haughey for commuting Shan Mohangi’s death sentence, as Ireland is no longer a Catholic country, we need a modern Irish solution for this modern Irish problem. Although military, non-jury courts and firing squads at dawn would temper these attacks, the Irish are not quite ready for that sharp shock solution or, indeed for any solution and the fate of Peter Casey’s 2018 Presidential Campaign, as well as the murders of Limerick’s Shane Geoghegan and Dublin’s Veronica Guerin show the self-imposed hurdles Ireland faces in fighting these crime waves.

Given that Irish rugby international Moss Keane and taekwondo star Jack Wooley have been mugged in Dublin, the problem extends far beyond the pampered niche communities Ireland’s NGOs ponce off. 

We can, on the one hand, have a much more hard nosed approach to tackling crime and holding criminals to account or we can have our interminable vigils and virtue signalling orgies. We cannot have both.

If we want to end the latter and encourage the former we must, to use the American expression, drain the swamp, give the politicians, Law professors and NGO apologists their P45s and go in hard on the perpetrators and their enablers. Although the choice is ours, that choice can only be realised when we make it so by rejecting one and building the other. The ball, if not the baton, is in our court.

Posted by Dr Declan Hayes


  1. Liam Sherry 20/04/2022 at 8:59 pm

    Judge Martin Nolan comes to mind, as does the newcomer to the woke bench judge Melanie Grevey. Away with the wokey f###ing fairies.


  2. A start might be made with people acknowledging that everything they’ve been taught for the last fifty years is a lie and the ideas of the past we’re so contemptuous of were the only ones that actually work, hard and all as they are.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 21/04/2022 at 2:55 am

    The only response,and it’s been pointed out again and again in the past but to no avail,so it requires a very strong,clear WAKE UP CALL. Irish people must take control,as a community, own the problem and fix it. You cannot rely on
    Cowardly Politicians or Police,they will not fix it and are themselves ,part of the
    In a proper functioning society a Minister for Justice would vet all potential criminals,not just wipe their slates clean and grant them amnesty. Illegals would
    be deported also.
    A Police Commissioner would carry out their duties and Oath of office,this
    applies equally to every Gardai, DO THE JOB YOUR PAID TO, or get out.
    Stop picking on grannies praying.
    The Judiciary and all public servants are accountable, which includes every
    Politician .
    Priests and the Press need to get up off their arse and call out blue murder.
    Together,all of the above,would as a delegation go to all communities,sporting bodies,parishes,mosques,NGOs,lgbt???,blm,antifa and as a first and last resort
    Tv and Radio Broadcasters…with one loud and very clear message to all living on the island of Ireland ” Nobody’s above the law and crime will not be tolerated,it will be dealth with harshly “.
    And because those above don’t and will not do it…IT IS YOUR PROBLEM, so
    own it and fix it. Think, if the victim was my Son,Daughter,Mother,Father or
    Friends. Community Policing worked in the 60s, Lugs Brannigan style.
    A sad reminder to all, Rape, Murder and grooming gangs was exposed on an epic scale in the UK,by Tommy Robinson…to this day AND all of the above knew about it but did nothing,and now ONE BRAVE MAN STANDS ALONE


  4. If you think crime levels are bad now , in another three yrs , inner city Dublin will be the most crime riden dump in europe . Last yr , the Brits deported 2,450 people . Ireland , 4 . No i d , no deportation # Unwanted guests


  5. While I agree 100% with the authors comments above.
    I can not agree with any comment condemning the Gardai.
    The laws of this failing state are decided upon and ratified by our (so called) Political representatives.
    Therefore, any and All blame for failures of the Irish state to ensure the safety of it’s citizens, must be firmly placed on the desk of the ministers responsible!.

    Despite the fact that Ireland became financially prosperous during the Celtic Tiger years, there was little or NO investment in our national Police service!.
    It’s quite recently that news broke of members of the Gardai having to use their own mobile (cell) phones for work! .

    Some serving members of the Gardai are unhappy, with both decades of lack of funding and, their use as individuals and as peace keepers, for political means.
    Others complain (rightly) of inadequate laws which actually serve only to restrict Gardai ability to do their jobs effectively!.

    If real law and order is to be returned or created within the state, then pressure on the political class must be an immediate reaction! , from those who desire safety in their own towns, villages or cities.
    Without such civil action , the status quo will simply continue!.

    IMHO, there Should and Must never be any kind of political coercion or pressure placed upon members of the Gardai, from any authority including the Gardai commissioner!.

    Such action as promoting the Woke / Liberal agenda upon serving officers of the Gardai is dreadful overreach by our political leaders!.
    As every serving officer MUST be A-political, when it comes to both serving the public and enforcing the law.

    Through government actions like painting rainbow crossing in the state and forcing Woke / Liberal agenda and designs on Garda and on Garda vehicles, our politicians are in fact construeting a Fascist like state and in doing so, the political class of Ireland are overstepping the boundaries and rights of Irish citizens.

    The most offencive lesson, which we the Irish voters have had to learn, is that the MAJORITY of our politicians would gladly sell their Mothers for greater wealth, notoriety or the chance of that big well paid job with some international banking group.
    Even perhaps the opportunity to sell out your nation for your pals in the banking industry, as Cowen did, with ZERO consequences!.

    Sadly, as I said before the status quo will continue until the people of this country decide to act like adults.
    Further rapes, muggings and murders will continue as well, because no society, be it a local Cub Scouts group or the people of any nation, can allow itself to be highjacked by an outside political entity or manufactored ideal, as the end result IS and always WILL be absolute anarchy!.


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 25/04/2022 at 6:05 am

    In response to TC,
    There is a lot in your opinion that I can reason and agree with, but a blanket no
    blame of Gardai,they too being public servants and serving under an Oath Of Office,to serve the people, The Tax Paying Public, is essentially turning a blind
    eye, at the public level, to their own admission of guilt,corruption and thuggery.
    Over decades, a litany of errors,cover ups,lost evidence,tampering, false statements, on and on it goes. Then the investigations,inquiries, reports and
    Witness Statements to the same. Yes,not all are guilty…but stand up then !
    So we had Whistleblowers come forward…FROM THE POLICE, and we had
    Victims come forward, from the police ALSO. It is too much to ignore and every
    serving Garda knows this too.
    Let’s start at the top of THE PUBLIC SERVANTS LIST and work our way down. Presidential,Political,Public Service, Prosecutors,Police…until you get to serving the PEOPLE. All took an Oath Of Office, and paid to do their choice
    I left Priests out of my list,they have by a majority abandoned their Parishioners
    and once too were active in challenging government and Police.
    I also left out the major culprit because just like the Priests mentioned,they stand ALONE AND ABOVE ALL…the press,the 4th pillar of society, all blames
    for all of Society’s Problems laid at their feet…Cowards,Traitors, Tyrants.


  7. Reply to Ivaus,

    Forgive me, I may have created a situation where, I ended up speaking at cross purposes.

    In my defence of the Gardai, I was speaking only of their (Gardai) inability to effect change politically.
    Like all Police forces of the EU, the Gardai (as in serving officers) by taking the oath to serve,
    are in fact liable to internal review or possible prosecution for deviation from political decisions made by both the Irish state / EU.

    In other words, the point I was making is that Gardai have little option other than to act upon the law, as decided upon by both the EU and the Irish government. Introduction of current & future Liberal Woke laws, such as the proposed (so called) Anti – Hate legislation, soon to become law, will be enforced by Gardai.

    I am not saying for one moment, that there are no bad apples in the service nor am I saying one should never criticise the Gardai.

    My points were/ are that the Gardai have been underfunded for decades, that serving members are being put in a position where extra pressures are placed upon the already underfunded service, with the introduction of unnecessary Woke laws and other created laws, their only purpose being to silence all opposition!.

    My apologies, If I gave you the impression that I was attempting to in any way, stifle opinion or criticism of the Gardai.
    I was only pointing to the fact that Gardai (serving officers), unlike their Commissioner, are not allowed to have opinion /s on any law, but rather are charged with the responsibility to ensure all laws are fully abided by.

    Thank you for your reply, my regards.


  8. Ivaus @thetricolour 25/04/2022 at 6:28 pm

    Thank you for the definitive clarification TC.
    I knew you had not lost your marbles, it was the opportunity to explain to all readers your position…and you do always,in a very dignified way, thank you.
    I always try to understand by ” Walking in another Mans shoes ” …so what still
    irritates me is about said Garda-
    If I was serving in the role, under Oath, as a Garda today in Ireland…I would stand up,and expect my fellow colleagues to do the same…because for a minority of the population,about 2%, I am being used by the political establishment…which goes against the Irish Constitution and my Oath Of Office.
    So, when I previously said start at the top…elle Presidente, et Politico, the
    problem would have been solved…but they ignore and disrespect the IRISH


  9. I like the reverse hypothetical illustration in this given victim and his sexual preferences in this particular location and in this decade.
    Imagine if you would a homosexual male from Ireland going to immigrate to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, who then hunts heterosexual married Pakistan men with an intent murder as many as possible.

    What sort of outcry would arise; diplomatic crisis; outrage in the press with headlines including the words “islamaphobic” or “racist/hate crime”.

    Yet this has happened in Ireland and to add to the tragedy, this will soon fade from public consciousness. Why should this be?


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