Though it looks like Co Clare are playing in an all-Ireland double, Ireland’s all-pervasive yellow and blue flags are not there to wish The Banner County’s finest the best. Rather, they are there to support the wildly corrupt Ukrainian government and its NATO-installed Presidential puppet, whose day-time job is as a TV comedian of very dubious tastes.

And what do we know of Ukraine, “borderland”, Україна, Ukraïna, besides that it makes great tank battle terrain and that it has been irrevocably split down the middle ever since the East was in the Tsarist/Orthodox circle and the West was in the Polish/Lithuanian and Austro-Hungarian spheres?

If you want a dodgy medical degree, West Ukraine’s Lviv, which recently hosted Fianna Fáil’s hawkish MEP Billy Kelleher, is the place to go. Ukraine has long been the go-to place for those wanting to rent a womb and the international paedophile movement have long had a corrosive presence there; innocent Ukrainian toddlers have long been the go-to target of choice for those “progressives”.

And so, too, has it been the Mecca for East and Central Europe’s Nazi and white power movements, who are now organising violent protests outside Russia’s Rathgar Embassy, with the apparent blessings of Ireland’s Catholic Church, who have belatedly found their voices to attack the Russian Patriarch from the various platforms the mainstream media have cynically loaned out to them.

That, to coin the moronic Fr Ted, is not an ecumenical matter. It is up to Pope Francis in Rome, not to glorified altar boys in Ireland, to address matters of concern to His Holiness, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia. That is how diplomatic protocol works. Or, at least, how it did work in olden days when the Catholic Church had diplomats, not blockheads, in its ranks.

But, as Ireland is a post-Christian society, let’s not worry about Pope Francis’ depleted battalions or the NATO tune they dance to. What is in it for us and, more importantly, for our beer bellies?

Not very much, I am afraid. Prices of gas, oil, wheat, fertiliser and other key economic inputs are all climbing northwards, meaning we can expect inflation to bite us big time in our collective butts, all the more so when our pampered politicians and public sector loafers demand salary increases to compensate them for those same increases their collaboration helped cause.

On the positive side, we will have a mini-army of Ukrainian refugees happy to undercut the Poles, Bulgarians and other Central Europeans currently doing most of our hard and physically demanding jobs. Good news, then, for Keelings, our vulture funds and our public servants making a killing renting out kips to them. And so, like Cork’s Merchant Princes and those other Irish who got rich from The Great War’s carnage, we can feel smug as we slurp on our Barry’s Tea.

But not too smug. The Central Bank of Germany’s greatest fear has always been inflation as it was inflation which paved Hitler’s path to power and which ultimately brought so much pain, suffering and death to Europe. But, without Russian resources, there is no way Germany, which is the economic heart of Europe, can control their greatest of all demons.

But that is where they find themselves as they supply lethal weaponry to Ukraine’s Nazis to keep the bonfires blazing. And the Germans were supposed to be intelligent.

Not so the Irish, who have not displayed collective insanity at this level since Redmond led his men off to die for King and country in 1914. Opening our “generous hearts” to over 100,000 Ukrainians in need will not solve Ukraine’s problems and will still make yet problems for us at home.

Because we are living on borrowed time and borrowed money, we will have to face the music, just as the Germans did in April 1945. We have sold our inheritance for a pottage of CIA-induced diversity, heavily flavoured by well-organised, well-funded and well-connected Islamic and white-supremacist gangs. 

We have elected to surrender our food and fuel sovereignty to some greater EU good. We see our role as a refuge for anyone anywhere who needs a place to kip or, for the more entrepreneurial, to dabble in drugs smuggling. We watch our imported TV soapies and wave our Banner County flags when audience participation is needed. We are, as a nation, totally and utterly screwed.

And so, welcome to our own Vietnam or, if you prefer The Forgotten Soldier, Guy Sajer’s account of the Wehrmacht’s retreat from Moscow to Berlin, via the bogs of the Ukraine. We are now like the Wehrmacht, in permanent economic decline, pincered between the Ukrainian fall-out to our front and a devastated domestic economy to our rear.

As the Russian armed forces cauldron Ukraine’s Nazis, we are in an ultimately no less lethal economic cauldron of our own. Short of emigrating to China, we have no economic prospects. Our only alternative is to learn the post-war lessons of 1918 and put paid to Redmondism in all its forms. Although a candle to St Jude had always been another useful alternative, the shenanigans of Ireland’s Catholic hierarchy and those who deliver their ecclesiastical supplies, consign that one to the trash can. God help us all! Nobody else will.

Posted by Dr Declan Hayes


  1. And what a book ‘The Forgotten Soldier’ is. We are in so much trouble here in Ireland that hope , which allegedly dies last, has been long cremated.


  2. raymond mc intyre 09/03/2022 at 2:14 pm

    Soory to read such an igorance fuelled rant from an acedemic with zero excuse for such ignorance.The first Russian cruise missile attack followed by “shelling” (not shells from the beach by the way) of innocent civilians obliterated all your mangled plate of spagetti facts.
    In September 1989 I woke up in a tent in a forest clearing outside Potsdam eastern Germany.Just a hundred meters awsy were a squadron of Russian tanks still in situ in the old East German territory.The threat and antagonism were non existent.Something changed since 1989 and 22 years of Putin dictatorship is a major factor in that change for the worse.Read more travel more and critique your own biasses then maybe other than that maybe you shpuld join Mick Wallace and the far left muooets your arguments mirror.I dont have a degree in anything but I could wrap you around my little finger in any reality based debate.


    1. The fact that you think Putin changed Russia for the worse is testimony to your lack of knowledge,

      Why not try and argue some of the points the writer made?

      As you yourself said, wrap him around your little finger;-)

      For someone to point out the authors misspelling of a single word, you have 4 such instances and here is a hint, tap the space bar after a full stop, it makes it so much easier for the reader.


    2. Dr David Barnwell 09/03/2022 at 10:00 pm

      Shocking nonsense, McIntyre.
      Cut out the hate.
      You knew SFA about Ukraine until a couple weeks back.
      Buzz Off and take your filthy warmongering with you.


  3. I am a little surprised there is no mention in this article of what will blow the conventional narrative on the invasion out of the water – namely the virtual admission in the US Senate yesterday by Victoria Nuland in answer to a question by Mario Rubio that the US has biological weapon labs in Ukraine. These are by all conventions classified as “weapons of mass destruction” . WMDs as we all remember we’re used by the Bush Blair alliance to justify the invasion of Iraq. None of course were ever found, but playing by those rules, that possession of WMDs justify invasions, Russia would have had every right to invade Ukraine, particularly as it is on their very doorstep.
    I listened in vain to RTE today for the hysterical headlines. Tumbleweed and crickets.


  4. raymond mc intyre 09/03/2022 at 4:35 pm

    A lot of teacher types doing spell checks here.Sorry I should have mentioned Putin is really a lovely guy somewhat misunderstood by “western elites” and I would have loved if he had married my daughter.Being the strict orthodox christian that Vladamir is we could have had christmas dinner on the 6th January and heard all his lovely tales from the good old KGB days.
    Loads of laughs.I love the one about that nerve agent in Salsbury only better by the polonium laced cuppa in a swanky London eatery.All great craic comrade .Some folks clap for Putin while many of us are comforting Ukrainians settled in Ireland as their families flee westwards as refugees.


    1. You started the spell checking ye plonk 🙂 and the go to for your own view of yourself was firstly being able to wrap people around your finger because you are just so great,

      Followed by ‘I’m just sooooooooooooooo virtuous’,

      Wow, just wow, what must it be like to be you 😉

      My hero.


  5. Charlie Murphy 10/03/2022 at 2:55 pm

    “As the Russian armed forces cauldron Ukraine’s Nazis”
    I have been married to a Ukrainian lass for 11 years . Post perusal of your article, I realise that I married a Nazi – what do I do now? Do you have any advice? But but but is the current Ukrainian President Zelensky not a Jewish chap?
    What amazes me is that USSR went from the cradle/centre of communism to Russia the cradle/centre of imperialistic fascism in just 1-2 generations!
    Back in the USSR – you don’t know how luck you are boys!


    1. Is the Ukraine a normal democratic state or not? What was that coup in 2014? And did the yanks organise or help it in any way?

      Putin is labouring the Nazi bit but only because that is the worst thing you could accuse anybody in the west of being. I’m fully aware of the fact that many in what is now the Ukraine welcomed the Germans in 1941 as liberators because of how dreadful Stalinist Bolshevism was, however those in the Ukraine that are right wing nationalists, these AZOV people are not necessarily drawn from those who fought with the Germans against the Soviet Union.

      And on the subject of Jews, the German Zionists did a deal with Hitler and co with regard to Jews moving to Palestine, this is well documented and indisputable,

      The idea that Jews cannot be warmongers is patently ridiculous, most of the people calling for an escalation of the conflict are in fact Jewish.

      80% of the Ukrainian government and 70% of the American cabinet are Jews,

      Maybe they should be asked to put their children on the front line so.

      The yanks and NATO want a huge European war to save the dollar and American hegemony, the Ukraine was just chosen as the venue to kick it all off,

      Who is it that is plundering the Ukraine since 2014?

      It ain’t the Russians.


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 11/03/2022 at 5:43 am

    BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, Ireland to be SET- UP as the
    Western EUs UKraine, don’t say you did ot see it happening before your very
    own eyes. And now,at the 11th Hour,just like the Bank Bailout…The Global Strategic importance of a SLEEPERS TRAITORS coup-de- thank you Paddy


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