The current war in Ukraine is, we are told, Europe’s biggest since the Second World War. Bigger, we are told, than the wars of the Yugoslav succession, when NATO handed the Slavs’ historical homeland over to their pliable Albanian gangsters, at the cost of some 150,000 dead and countless millions of refugees.

The Second World War was, we always believed, Dev’s finest hour as he kept us out of a war where our only contribution would have been a massive increase in the Irish body bag count. 

Not that Ireland got away scot free, as one in five of Ireland’s merchant marine force paid the ultimate sacrifice. Dev, in his 1940 St Patrick’s Day address, explained that Ireland was more effectively blockaded than any country in history and it was in that context that Dev made his 1943 comely maidens speech, that Ireland’s embedded war and anti-war lobbies now like to mock.

The reality in 1943 was that half of Europe would have gladly traded their own horrible plight for the chance to lounge about at an Irish crossroads. That is the same reality today in Syria, In Iraq, in Yemen, in Libya, in Afghanistan and in countless other places, where Irish sanctions, Irish poodle diplomacy, and Ireland’s “constructive neutrality” bring Ireland’s hapless targets only the four horses of the apocalypse.

Ireland’s political elites are up there with Blackface Trudeau, the Clinton tribe, Tony Blair and NATO’s other angels of death and pestilence. And Churchill, too, the man who gassed Iraqis, who genocided the Boers, who was prepared to lose “this island nation” as long as “the new world” finally prevailed, who ordered the Tans into Ireland and who was fully prepared to send those war criminals back into Ireland if he felt it expedient to do so.

It was in response to Churchills’ threat to again sack Cork, Balbriggan and Fermoy that Dev spelt out the rationale underlying Irish neutrality, and, despite the efforts of British agents from Cathal O’Shannon onwards, it is one that has been largely accepted and acclaimed for both ideological and practical reasons by Micky Mudd and Paddy Stink up to our own day.

For all his talk of comely maidens, turf fires, and restoring the Irish language, Dev knew that World War Two was an existential threat to Ireland, and it is in the context of Dev’s Machiavellian neutrality that the presence of the National Library’s Richard Hayes and G2’s Dan Bryan at the surrender of the U-boat fleet in Co. Derry must be viewed. 

It was for holding fast to his ideals that Dev was lauded in the League of Nations, as was Frank Aiken at the United Nations. Like them or loathe them, Dev and Aiken, along with Hayes and Bryan, commanded widespread international respect. They saw off the varying challenges of the IRA, Eoin O’Duffy and General Hugo MacNeill and preserved our island nation and our neutrality.

Not only does Ireland not have the resources to fight any war in any meaningful way, but our current crop of political leaders (sic) do not have the necessary logistics to even make an informed opinion on any of NATO’s ongoing wars. Irish foreign policy is dictated by the British Foreign Office, by the Pentagon, by our EU “partners” and by the Muslim Brotherhood top brass the Maktoum Foundation has helped to plant in our midst. As our self-styled “newspapers of record” know where their bread is buttered, don’t expect any light shed on anything there.

Though current MEP Clare Daly’s eloquence did score some social media points by assailing the Obamas in Leinster House, what is particularly noteworthy about that exchange is Taoiseach Kenny’s fall back on the Good Friday Peace Agreement to successfully stymie her attacks. 

Suffice to say about that 24-year old gravy train for now is disgraced politicians Bertie Ahern and Tony Blair were its main architects on this side of the Atlantic and Bill Clinton and George Mitchell, who engineered it from the Pentagon’s side, were frequent guests on Jeffrey Epstein’s Orgy Island.

So, what then of the Western and Eastern provinces of Ukraine? These have been divided for hundreds of years, with the East being in the Russian sphere and the West being in the Polish-Lithuanian and Austro-Hungarian spheres in terms of politics and religion.

Complicating matters further were the Ukrainian famine and the Nazi occupation which fed into the most repulsive aspects of Ukrainian nationalism which, after NATO’s Maiden colour revolution massacre, was crystallised in the Azov Battalion, which the Guardian and the Atlantic Council have lauded, just as they and their Irish flunkeys previously lauded Syria’s moderate rebel head hackers, thousands of whom have been granted Irish citizenship to pursue their nefarious aims both here and abroad.

It is into this complicated milieu that our politicians charge without knowing their proverbial arses from their elbows. Ireland’s self-styled Peace & Neutrality Alliance (PANA) protest that Russia should not use its military force to protect Eastern Ukrainians, who have been under Nazi bombardment for a decade, that they should take a leaf from former Taoiseach Jack Lynch, who infamously would not stand idly by as Catholics were being massacred in Belfast, but who was quite happy to be bitch slapped by the British Prime Minister and suspected paedophile Edward Heath, when Heath’s own Azov Battalions massacred Catholics in Derry and Ballymurphy.

For all their bluster attacking Jack Lynch for standing idly by, that is all Sinn Féin do, as to do anything else will cost them votes and Yankee dollars. Mícheál Mac Donncha, a former Lord Mayor (Ardmhéara as he likes to call it, even when speaking English) of Dublin, has constantly castigated the Russian military for not standing by and for coming to the aid of the peoples of Crimea, Donbas, and Lubansk, and, as Sinn Féin works by democratic centralism, we can assume that is their policy and therefore ignore their self-serving bleats.

And, short of engaging in Provo-style cosplay, what can Ireland do to help get peace in our time

Although we can look past Dev to the massive protests against the Boer genocide, we should also look at the clownish behaviour of the NATO-infiltrated Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence when the Ambassadors of Israel and Russia spoke there and, indeed, when I brought a delegation of religious and secular leaders from the Syrian Arab Republic to address them, which then Trinity Senator Ivana Bacik sought to ridicule there and in some sectarian rag or other she colludes with in a most offensively disrespectful way that would not have been out of place in Der Stürmer.

The clown-like performance of our political overlords at those three gatherings shows, even more so than Golfgate, that they are not fit for purpose as all they want to do is to play to their own vested interests. 

Developing a cogent foreign affairs’ policy or indeed, working towards peace with justice in Israel, Syria or along Russia’s borders is not on Leinster House’s agenda, as there is just no utility for corrupted politicians in morality.

Posted by Dr Declan Hayes


  1. Mary Stasia Concannon 02/03/2022 at 4:35 am

    There is so much truth in this article that I rarely EVER read, I don’t know where to begin. Hold fast.


  2. The Azov Battalion is a most noble and patriotic group of men. Ukrainians should be proud to count them in their midst!


  3. bells of shandon 02/03/2022 at 12:48 pm

    TheAzov Battalon is a neo -Nazi punishment force .They have been involves in many atrocities in the Donbas, especially the Odessa Trade Union Building where an estimated 100 ethnic Russians were burned to death.
    Those who jumped put windows to escape the fire,were clubbed to death.
    The Maidan of Feb 2014 was a US/Nato orgainised Coup where snipers fired into the crowd and policement both, to create chaos.
    This resulted in President Yanukovich being blamed and he fled the Country,
    The presnt Ukraine is a puppet of the USA/Nato , used as a tool to destroy Russia.


    1. The Azov Battalion is made of the right stuff. They stand against the degenerate West and the anti-white Eurasianist East – both of whom are controlled by Red Sea Pedestrians!

      Nár laga Dia fir Azov! Beir bua buachaillí!


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 06/03/2022 at 9:21 am

    The Greater Irish Neutrality, Ukraine is being used by the same press propagandist that pushed the plandemic,it is a cover up and distraction by WEF,the klouse Klot Anal Swab for his planned event 201 and Global Depopulation.It was orchestrated in late 2019,implemented in 2020 as a Pandemic,2021 with a poisonous prick and now a Putin Pill,to terrorize the world and maintain the heightened level of fear and anxiety.It’s ultimate aim is for a globalist one world governance,the collapse of Western Civilization and Democracy,and the Spiritual Destruction of Christianity,its core being the Catholic Church…thus the inclusion of Russia.It is aided by the UN and all signed up governments,the EU and signed up governments…in other words the WESTERN WORLD.
    THE POPE,Vatican,Royal Family,City of London,WHO,Communists,IMF,
    Bilderbergh,Rothschild,Reserve Banks,Rockefeller ….the list and infiltration is endless…not forgetting Simple Simon Cov any and the rest of the traitorous globalist puppets in Leinster House…a great start,sitting on the UNSC,what security I ask ,for any Irish Citizen,Nationalist or Human Being who is being dragged into WW3….all for a minority bunch of so called elite globalist parasite.
    It was the CATHOLIC FAITH and Ireland’s choice that gave and maintained it’s Neutrality….a false prophet Pope and sellout to FOREIGN MASTERS is how it was all lost.We,the people can take it all back again…or just let the Decade of Death and Destruction take us away…DEPOPULATION AGENDA 201/2030/2040…build back better my bollox. FOOLS N LIERS


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