In the past couple of weeks, members of the Irish government have, in a rare moment of virtue, voiced their opposition to aggressive Israeli military moves in Gaza. While this is to be commended, it brings into stark relief the government’s disgraceful behaviour recently with regards to the war in Armenia. If ethnic cleansing isn’t acceptable, how come members of the Irish government recently laundered genocidal activities in Nagorno-Karabakh?

Crooked Interests

Seán Ó Fearghail, Fianna Fail TD and Ceann Comhairle of the Dáil came under criticism for his warm welcome of Azerbaijan officials at the end of last month amidst the then-ongoing persecution of Armenians living in the Nagorno-Karabakh region. 

With various human rights organisations condemning Azerbaijan’s actions in the historically Armenian region, the Irish government damaged its international reputation once more, as officials in Leinster House gleefully greeted their Azerbaijani counterparts. While the tánaiste at least denounced Azerbaijani aggression, this statement means little if the Azerbaijani officials are being feted in Dáil Éireann at the same time.

This meeting came as the Speaker of the Armenian Parliament, Alen Simonyan led an Armenian delegation to the European Conference of Presidents of Parliaments, hosted in Dublin. 

So dysfunctional is the Irish government’s current foreign policy, that in December of 2022 the Irish Representative to the UN Security Council, said at a UNSC meeting that:

“Ireland, like others, is seriously concerned by the ongoing obstruction of the Lachin corridor, which began on 12 December and has severe implications for the local population. Without the free movement of people, goods, food and medical supplies through this vital corridor, the people of Nagorno-Karabakh will surely face a humanitarian crisis this winter. As a Council, we must do everything we can to avoid this and prevent another man-made catastrophe emerging on our watch.  Ireland therefore calls on the Azerbaijani authorities to immediately and unconditionally restore freedom and security of movement along the Lachin corridor, in line with the Trilateral Statement of 9 November 2020.”

Such a blatant contradiction of Ireland’s morality-based foreign policy is a shameful demonstration that Irish elites do not adhere to the principles which they present themselves on the international stage. Far from an amoral machiavellian realpolitik policy however, Ireland’s liaison with Azerbaijan serves our state no purpose, and violates the very principles under which our state interacts with the world.

Regional players like Israel and Turkey are involved in supporting Azerbaijan, as Russia and the United States too, are unwilling or reluctant to support Armenia. The territorial conflict caused under the Soviet era gerrymandering of borders has left an imprint on the geopolitics of the region, and as a small state, isolated from the global system, without allies, Ireland ought to have a natural sympathy with the plight of the Armenian people.

Embarrassing As Usual

However, once again, Irish officials have proven our untrustworthiness as a state in the international system, as rhetoric of human rights obscures genuine principles and state interests for the sake of padding Irish elites CVs so they can continue their international career rat-race.

The Irish government has no excuse for its negligence with this meeting, as only in February of this year, the Armenian ambassador to Ireland and the UK Varuzhan Nersesyan raised concerns regarding the ethnic cleansing of Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Much to the state’s embarrassment, the speaker of the Irish parliament, Ó Fearghail went as far as to defend his meeting with the Azerbaijani officials. Ó Fearghail is an outspoken supporter of Ukraine, yet whether it be apathy or incompetence, he is swift to ignore Russia’s historical support for Azerbaijan. 

Former Fianna Fáil TD and Senator Terry Leyden said of Azerbaijan: “They reclaimed their rightful territory, which is their right. If east Donegal was occupied by the British or the coloniser, what would we do?”

Terry Leyden is currently set to become the consul for Azerbaijan in Ireland. 

So close is Mr Leyden with the Azerbaijani delegation that he escorted them inside Leinster House, even receiving praise from his Fianna Fail colleague the Ceann Comhairle who said: “our good friend Terry Leyden, who is outside the door. You are heartily welcome. It is good to have you here”.

The Ceann Comhairle should resign his position, as he has embarrassed Ireland’s international image and relationship with foreign states, by liaising with foreign officials during a time of international unrest and independently pursued actions contrary to the interests of Irish foreign policy. In any other European state, Sean O Fearghail would be severely reprimanded, and Terry Leyden investigated for his suspicious links to Azerbaijani officials, but in greasy old Ireland, there has and will continue to be radio silence on all fronts. 

Once again, Ireland’s diplomatic reputation is sullied, and it is questionable if there is anything at all that can be done to recover it. In regards to Armenia, the Irish government has not announced any intention to send aid or assistance to those fleeing their homes in Nagorno-Karabakh – whereas they are more than happy to import and provide welfare payments for tens of thousands of bogus refugees.

Irish elites have long prided themselves on their morality-based foreign policy, that no matter the cause Ireland sides with the morally just and oppressed peoples of the world. Ireland’s supposed fixation with the good reputation that is accrued with defending small nations is once again undermined by the government’s senseless and irrational actions.

Realpolitik may be the rules that govern international politics, but as our own foolish ventures show, Ireland is playing by a very different set of rules, by which our Department of Foreign Affairs, and government officials, function in effect as glorified tourist agencies. 

Ultimately, Nagorno-Karabakh is another flash-point in an increasingly unstable global system, and it is one that Ireland should learn a lesson from regarding its interactions with foreign states. We lack military and economic hard power, and are as a small state forced to pursue soft power diplomatic strategies, and thus far, our government has failed catastrophically at upholding and implementing such an intrinsic component of our state’s foreign policy.

Lack of morality and sense

The instability across western Asia and beyond in recent years are characteristic of a world undergoing a drastic shift in the geography of power, as America continues its decline. Ireland is a country with its own existential problems, tied to this ailing superpower.

The limited role we can play in international affairs could include highlighting moral failings such as Israel’s behaviour in Palestine or Azerbaijan’s in Nagorno-Karabakh. But displaying extreme moral inconsistency, while also potentially embroiling ourselves in diplomatic fiascos (as Ó Fearghail has done), is both degenerate and dangerous.

Posted by James Fitzgerald


  1. Tell me how Israel is persecuting the Palestinians when they themselves entered the state of Israel and slaughtered and kidnapped people.
    The warped idea from all facets of Irish society that the Palestinians are a peace loving bunch of freedom fighters belies the fact that even the Palestinian people themselves are under siege from a force within their own society supported by foreign interests only interested in destabilising the region (and I don’t mean the US).
    Just remember that the Palestinians are Muslims whose medieval mindset believes that homosexuals should be thrown off buildings, women should be 2nd class citizens and stoned to death if they become a nuisance.
    Knowing all this and the latest massacre in Israel you have any sympathy for these people then you need your head checked.


    1. Declan Hayes 16/10/2023 at 7:01 am

      Over 15% of Palestinians are Christians, who have long been the target of ethnic cleansing. There are Catholic and Orthodox churches in Gaza. It is the Syrian (sic) rebels, ably supported by the Irish regime, who throw homosexuals off buildings.
      Ireland has No – Zero – international credibility when it comes to human rights. Instead of Dev and Frank Aiken, all we have is Mary Robinson and Mary Lou McDonald


    2. Palestinians are human beings not animals 16/10/2023 at 6:33 pm

      I’m no fan of islam myself and would be critical of any attempts to reclocate palestinians to european countries as refugees when they are culturally more suited to settle in islamic countries in the middle-east. I also dislike how radical islamic extremists infiltrate palestinian protests around europe so as to push their own calls for sharia law.

      However, if you feel no sympathy for the palestinians that the israeli regime is bombing to death, in what can only be described as an attempted ethnic cleansing, then maybe you need your head checked.

      I am sickened by the footage i saw, and it is not fake footage either, innocent woman and children in body bags from being butchered with NATO weaponry used by israel. The crying, screaming and misery from the damage done by israel to them is just shocking and disturbing.

      It is also despicable in the way the Israeli regime called these people “animals” as in a collective sense not differentiating between hamas terrorists and innocent civilians of which there is man, woman and child, these civilians are human beings not animals.

      Israel are a genocidal regime. How convenient for them to to let hamas enter their territory when usually a mouses fart can not get past those walls and fences. Something is not right there and others have called it a false flag. Also according to many experts, israel have also been known to have had a hand in the creation of hamas, they probably created them to oppose the Palestinian Liberation Organization, yasser arafat was secular, it would seem israel would rather lunatic radical extremist hamas in power in palestine to undermine a peaceful two state solution.

      Now palestine looks like it is going to be emptied of palestinians. Very convenient for Israel, Hamas are not doing any favours to palestinians, amnd seem to be more beneficial to Israel as a way to fulfill their evil thirst of genociding innocent palestinians so they claim dominance of the region.


  2. Are you honestly comparing the Irish virtue signalling idiots to Hamas?
    You really need to read up on some history and not from the Socialist Workers bookshop.


  3. You are a typical leftist who when confronted with an argument you change the subject. You state “if you feel no sympathy for the Palestinians….” This is akin to saying Britain should have held a ceasefire after the Germans bombed major cities in the UK because it might hurt someone.
    Let’s be abundantly t clear Palestinians crossed the border into Israel and slaughtered young and old alike. They are now receiving retribution for their actions. If you know anything about Muslims they will cry victmhood but yet still hit you on the head. Why do the followers of the religion of peace not seek sanctuary in other similar places because they know deep down it is a regressive ideology.
    So when you talk to me about having sympathy for the Palestinians tell me why you display no sympathy for the Israelis. The protests seen around the world were of Muslims looking for sympathy not Muslims looking to end the conflict. They shout slogans of war not peace.
    I encountered the organisations supporting these protests here in London, the Socialist Workers Party. They are so stupid that they support an ideology which is contrary to all the virtue signalling crap they believe in. Just a bunch of useless idiots – but harmful to western society at that.
    Btw have you seen much coverage of another stabbing of French school teachers in the media. Of course not because the leftist media won’t speak up against their darling religion – the religion of peace. Wake the f__k up.


  4. Why are some people so dumb? 17/10/2023 at 8:51 am

    Tim Doyle comparing britain vs germany to israel vs palestine?

    Are you actually retarded? Britain and germany were huge nations with huge militaries. Comparing them to a david vs goliath israel palestine conflict is just stupid.

    Israel is propped up by NATO and the WEST the two strongest military alliances in the world against what? A densely populated hell-hole, surrounded by walls in GAZA where they do not even have clean drinking water or food at the best of times in the CONCENTRATION CAMP. Their land invaded by an aggressor and being ethnically genocided by that aggressor for decades.

    Your comparison is stupid.

    Palestinians crossed the border into Israel and slaughtered young and old alike. They are now receiving retribution for their actions. – Tim Doyle

    Israel have been slaughtering palestinians way before that event you clown, and innocent children had nothing got to do with that terrorist attack on israel. But these are the ones who suffer in GAZA Now.

    To put this into perspective 38 Palestinian children have been killed by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank before octobers terrorist attack. On average, it equates to more than one Palestinian child killed per week.

    What is the death toll since the new conflict began? HOw many children dead? Probably over a thousand dead children already in gaza from nato supplied weaponry.

    Why do the followers of the religion of peace not seek sanctuary – Tim Doyle

    Does a retard such as yourself not understand that GAZA is a concentration camp with walls? SEek sanctuary where? THEY ARE TRAPPED You clown!

    Btw have you seen much coverage of another stabbing of French school teachers in the media. Of course not because the leftist media won’t speak up against their darling religion – the religion of peace. Wake the f__k up. – Tim Doyle

    I already said i am no fan of islam. Who do you think is pushing islam into the west you clown?

    Read about the jewish woman Barbara Lerner Spectre and her calls for islamization of the west.

    Israel pushes islam into the west you clown. THey will push palestinians into the west too as they flee.

    FRom a karma perspetive EUROPE will deserve islamification, why? THEY FUND NATO ARMS destroying islamic countries emptying out people to europe.

    European governments side with wars against the islamic world, muslims then flee to europe, it is all by design you absolute simpleton.


  5. Israel/NATO sending millions of muslims to the wsest, enjoy! 17/10/2023 at 9:02 am

    – Tim Doyle says, I encountered the organisations supporting these protests here in London, the Socialist Workers Party. They are so stupid that they support an ideology which is contrary to all the virtue signalling crap they believe in. Just a bunch of useless idiots – but harmful to western society at that.

    Israel will be sending palestinian refugees your direction SIR. How do you like Israel now? Still support western wars against islam? SEnding muslims fleeing to your town?

    YOu are too stupid to understand that even on a karmic conciousness level, all the islamification britain got, they invited it onto themselves through colonialisation of pakistan and india, afganistan and elsewhere, all speak english too lol.

    Now europeans invite islam through their governments destroying countries like palesine with NATO arms, it is the west they will flee to, ALL BY DESIGN read about barbara spectre. THEY TELL YOU WHAT THEIR PLANS ARE.


  6. Daniel BUCKLEY 17/10/2023 at 1:04 pm

    As with all conflicts the first casualty is always the Truth.
    The Western Media has gone into over-drive in its propaganda mode on the Israeli/Hamas war in Gaza.
    There has been little real interrogation into the many anomalies concerning the initial unopposed attacks by Hamas on the secure ,impregnable defences of the protecting Wall surrounding the Gaza open air prison and the hidden agendas of Israel and the US.
    Gaza is the most surveilled patch of land on the planet ,with satellite, motion sensors above and below ground, automatic machine guns, and camera placements, along with the physical presence of soldier /guards.
    A mouse could not get thru’such defences without detection.
    We are expected to believe that the famous Israeli security service Mossad, was unaware of the build -up of arms ,rockets, paragliders, fighters, large earth-movers being trained to carry out the breach of the Wall in over 15 positions.
    Hamas is a creation of Israel. supported to displace the original political resistance of Fatah, led by the asssassinated Yasser Arafat.
    Hamas is heavily infiltrated by Mossad operatives.
    The story we are fed is that Israel relied heavily on Artificial intelligence algorithms to detect any danger of an incursion into Israel from Gaza.
    That the Israeli Forces had become complacent with their superior intelligence system.
    It is known that Egypt Intelligence had warned Israel that there were indications that something ‘big’ was being prepared. This warning was ignored by the Israelis.
    The Hamas fighters breached the Wall using large earth-movers and poured thru’ unopposed, to carry out attacks for several hours, before the Israel Defence Forces appeared, to resist them.
    We are led to believe that the IDF were initially withdrawn because it was the Yom Kippur celebration period.
    It is obvious that the attacks on Israeli civilians gives the Netenyahu Regime the raison d’etre to carry out an ethnic cleansing Final Solution operation on Gaza, to solve the Palestinian question once and for all.
    The over 2 million population of Gaza is now being bombed and shelled 24/7 and deprived of food .water ,electricity and communications, with about 1 million fleeing into Egypt.
    The US has supported Israel with 2 Carrier Groups standing off the coast to interdict any marine incursions , a case of extreme over-reaction.
    While all attention is on the brutal ethnic cleansing taking place, there is no discussion of the underlying Agendas in play.
    Ukraine has suddenly fallen off the front pages ,as the Russian end game approaches.
    This distracts from another massive Foreign Policy failure of the Biden Administration.
    A Cooperation trade Agreement between Saudi and Israel has been cancelled.
    The massive Gas Field Offshore Gaza can now be developed profitably to Israeli advantage, and supply energy starved Europe by ship or pipeline.
    The threat by Israel to use a Nuclear device on Gaza is just a terror tactic and would prevent development of a Gas Terminal in a contaminated area.
    The danger of escalation with Iran entering the conflict would appeal both to Israel and the US, who have long sought a showdown with the main military power in the Gulf and an ally of Russsia.
    There are several irrational actors in this conflict and some with Nuclear arsenals.
    The world is indeed led by donkeys.


  7. Nuclear weapons is nothing but fear propaganda 17/10/2023 at 6:21 pm

    There are several irrational actors in this conflict and some with Nuclear arsenals. – Daniel Buckley

    They only want people to believe they have nuclear weapons like they say they do. It is all bullshit, watch the so-called nuclear bomb footage of buildings being destroyed in 50’s nuclear weapons tests. FAKE AS FUCK, little minuature model sets like something you would see on a movie set.

    They done the same with the moon landing, they filmed it in a desert with help from Stanley Kubrick probably. Kubrick made space movies lol.

    The world is full of deception, if they can get people to work 40 years to call a house their own whilst still extorting property tax they can do anything.

    There is powerful bombs, but not as described, all the radiation bullshit is also not as described.

    Behind the scenes, Iran is every bit as much as the inner secret society as Russia and China is, enjoy the puppet show.


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