The Web Summit founder has been forced to issue an apology for his tweets on the situation in Gaza. What was this all about, and was he right to say sorry?

Over the past few days, a storm in a teacup has raged on social media surrounding the Twitter activity of tech conference founder Paddy Cosgrave.

Not one from shying away from public commentary, Cosgrave usually focuses on political corruption in Ireland, albeit squarely limited to lambasting Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil and not Sinn Féin, while throwing in the usual Derek-tier criticisms of Catholic Church bogeymen. He’s more interesting than the average Shinner (or Shinner-adjacent), if only by virtue of the fact that he has achieved genuine success away from political bloviating (which is far more than you could say about the average Irish mouthpiece). He part-funds The Ditch, an “anti-corruption” “independent” outlet that deserves some praise for cracking eggs on the faces of Irish gombeens, but otherwise pushes the same boring and useless Left Liberalism that you can find anywhere else.

Also notable is his connection to Chay Bowes, a Russiaboo who hilariously posted a video of himself strolling around Moscow to prove Ukraine is bad (or something)

What Crime Did He Commit?

Cosgrave made the error, a few weeks before his big event in Lisbon kicks off, of asking Zionists not to commit war crimes.

Specifically, Cosgrave tweeted some pretty anodyne condemnation of Hamas along with pleas for Israel not to bomb Gaza back to Reelin’ In The Years. And he also liked some tweets from such controversial figures as Leo Varadkar and that redditor who writes for The Ditch.

As a result, every Zionist from Tel Aviv to the U.S. Federal Reserve jumped down his neck and tried to ruin his business with all the exaggerative melodrama that they have long been known for.

Cosgrave said nothing wrong, in fact he simply restated the position of many major figures like The Pope and the Irish taoiseach. If he was really smart, he would learn a few lessons from this:

Paddy, You Are Not A Revolutionary

Despite LARPing online as anti-establishment, Cosgrave merely represents a slightly-more-leftie arm of the global system that has caused all the problems he rails against (geopolitical predation, the war machine, political corruption, economic inequality) – the funny thing is that he has never really come under real pressure for his hi-jinks until he kicked the rat’s nest of Jewish/Zionist power.

It turns out that exposing “FFG” for corruption isn’t scary to the establishment as long as the exposer toes the line on the issues that really matter, like mass immigration (which Paddy loves), Church-bashing (which Paddy loves), and not getting in the way of International Zionism.

Cosgrave has in the past amusingly accused this publication of being a Young Fine Gael front, but while we publish material that actually threatens the powers-that-be, he doesn’t (until now).

Maybe Cosgrave will learn from this situation who power really lies with (which, of course, isn’t limited to Zionism). Or maybe he’ll just continue to sting gombeen TDs for not paying parking fines.

Which, to be clear, is funny and worthwhile anyway if not earth-shattering.

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  1. What a Load of schizophrenic Bullshit….


  2. D c clan Hayes 19/10/2023 at 9:40 pm

    That is his second year in a row being bitch slapped. Paddy, Pat as the p oms refer to hos type, to be a good little pat the puppet or to be it put of business. Same as sinn Fein.


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