Helen McEntee, the media’s darling, has had a rugged few weeks. Her hate speech bill has been tremendously opposed by the general public with even Young Fine Top G’s (Gael) voting against said bill. 

To add to this, crime is spiraling out of control in the capital with one particular event involving an American tourist and North Side youngfellas (not /ouryoungfellas/) making headlines recently. 

The American Embassy even issued a warning to their citizens travelling here advising them to avoid walking alone on the once safe streets of Dublin’s fair city. 

Of course, the media were quick to jump on this crime as it involved natives, they refuse to bat an eye when the perpetrators are foreign (as is the norm)!

Furthermore, McEntee thought it would be a marvelous idea to have an auld stroll down Talbot St. where the attack took place, with a couple of guards by her side, and then state that the city is safe. 

The photo op didn’t exactly go to plan with one Dubliner dishing a stone-cold Gael Stare in her direction as the camera snapped away. This led to the American tourist’s son proclaiming the Minister for Justice is “out of touch with her own people”.

“The real crime here is ‘Pee-wee’ Paschal Donoghue’s footwear” – Burkean fashion correspondent Ulick Fitzhugh

Rumours are beginning to spread of a revolt within Fine Gael against her with one senior member warning “Helen is starting to look very weak. Crime under a Fine Gael minister (Nora Owen) cost us the 1997 election. We are in real danger of repeating the error.” In addition to this, Ógra Fianna Fáil has called for the resignation of Ireland’s ultimate girlboss, although Fianna Fáil has distanced themselves from their youth wing’s statement.

Will Helen McEntee resign or will she cling to her post like Spengler’s Roman soldier in Pompeii? Time will tell but I wouldn’t be surprised if “the Irish AOC” (cringe!) Holly Cairns is being lined up to replace her in a future coalition deal. After all, she did say in a recent Indo interview “I wouldn’t say I’d never talk to Fine Gael, it would depend on the election results”.

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  1. I thought the “young fellas”, who beat the American up were indigenous Irish young fellas?


  2. 0% chance Helen ever makes leader. Apparently she is not even liked by other Fine Gael TDs on a personal level. Even mentioning this sort of thing in an article only plays into her hands …




  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 02/08/2023 at 9:17 pm

    Nothing golden about this Clown except her silence.The most divisive figure and incompetent fool added to the scum dregs of Irish political cronies.
    She’s delivered nothing of value to the electorate but a mountain of future
    crime by unvetted foreign criminals who’ve already made their marks on Irish
    Society by means of rape and murder…least we forget.
    Who needs a Part Partimer in a ministers post who abuses overpaid position and privileges?
    When asked why she should not accomodate her refuge-e mates her reply was
    ” I live too remote,too far away from everything ” . THEN STAY THERE !


  5. North Side youngfellas (not /ouryoungfellas/)?

    Does that mean what I think it does?


  6. Daniel BUCKLEY 06/08/2023 at 12:02 pm

    The objective of the Regimes agenda is not the achievement of the issues themselves. It is the alteration/manipulation and perception of the populace to make the absurdity normal as is evident in the Transgender issue and Mass migration Plantation cases.

    Once the public has spent several years having their heads bamboozled between “far-right extremism” and what’s approved by the Ministry of Truth, enough people will have been brainwashed zombies and non -critical thinkers , that a bill can be put forward with the broad and intentionally non-specific objective to outlaw far-right extremism in all its forms.(Hate Speech Law)

    In order to assure the passage of the bill, a significant majority of people will have to have already reached the stage in their new thought process that they feel that the law is not only justified but essential. Those people who can still think will be expected to comply.

    The goal is the elimination of thinking and dissent. If we keep the above in mind as a process rather than an intended outcome, we have a greater ability to focus on the critical issue.

    The core objective is nothing less than the elimination of individual thought and dissent as the attempt to pass the HATE SPEECH LAW indicated.

    It’s essential in the creation of a Totalitarian state to penalise ,demonise ,degrade and eliminate dissent by critical thinkers, and it’s at the very heart of the overall Globalist objective.

    The Regime shock troops of the NGO sector is funded by Taxpayers at a cost of 10 Billion to push thru this Globalist Totalitarian objective.

    The NGO’s and the moronic Regime are carrying out an Agenda which has been initiated by the Globalists.

    As dopey collaborators and ‘useful idiots’ the will be the first to be disposed of by their Masters .

    We have experienced the power of Propaganda in the several Referendums and Bills pushed thru,by the combine of Regime, NGO’s and complicit Media in the Abortion , Childrens. Gay Marriage, Gender Recognition issues.

    The end game is the destruction of the Family unit, which is the Nation writ large.

    This is also underway with the deviant,pornography and deranged teaching of SPHE and RSE in the Childrens school curriculum.

    Any parent objecting is threatened with the powers of TULSA remove their children from the family home.

    Be a Rock star and throw your TV out the window and resist the brainwashing,


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  8. Triggernometry 22/08/2023 at 8:55 am

    God , would you look at her, and her dunnes stores trousers? Is she trying to appeal to people through bad fashion that she is one of the common folk? Recently, it was said in media ” she is doing her job”, how so, a newcomer to the parish just stabbed a fella in grafton street yesterday evening. Doesn’t look like it, we are squeezing in 20 newcomers to a house, bunk by bunk cheek by jowl, what Irish family can compete with that for rent?

    Crime is rampant on our streets, we will turn out like sanfranshitsco, if we are not careful and let people like her run the show. She is intent and showed her intention on chasing down comments online, a peadophile gets less time in jail, in fact most of them get BAIL!

    She will be tough on ”speech crime” but not on real crime, that should be the slogan that follows her around like a bad smell. Helens and her felons, out out out.


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