On the 26th of July, famous Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor passed away in her South London flat at the age of 56. Liberal Ireland’s muse for the past 30 years, O’Connor accumulated quite the expansive record as a progressive activist, using her fame for duplicitous purposes, such as abortion advocacy. 

She is known to have suffered from mental health problems, and has previously had substance abuse problems, for which she was enrolled in a trauma and addiction rehabilitation programme as recently as 2020. To make matters worse, last year, O’Connor’s 17-year-old son tragically committed suicide.

Irish media outlets and international celebrities have come out of the woodworks to label O’Connor everything from a ‘warrior queen’, to an ‘iconoclast’ or a ‘trojan princess’ since the announcement of her death. RTE’s own Ryan Tubridy has even used O’Connor’s recent death to garner public sympathy in hopes it may distract the public mind from the ongoing RTE payments debacle by claiming that ‘she offered [him] her spare room in [her] new flat if [he] needed a safe haven’ at the height of the scandal. 

Muslims in Ireland are now taking this as a chance to offer O’Connor an Islamic funeral for the sake of a cynical PR move as the Irish Muslim Council seeks to thaw its relationship with the Irish public. 

However, amidst these shameless displays of faux interest from celebrities and newspapers, the famous singer Morrissey has published a scathing criticism of disingenuous media carry-on in light of Sinéad O’Connor’s death, saying:

‘You praise her now ONLY because it is too late. You hadn’t the guts to support her when she was alive and she was looking for you. The press will label artists as pests because of what they withhold … and they would call Sinead sad, fat, shocking, insane … oh but not today! Music CEOs who had put on their most charming smile as they refused her for their roster are queuing-up to call her a “feminist icon”, and 15 minute celebrities and goblins from hell and record labels of artificially aroused diversity are squeezing onto Twitter to twitter their jibber-jabber … when it was YOU who talked Sinead into giving up … because she refused to be labelled, and she was degraded, as those few who move the world are always degraded. Why is ANYBODY surprised that Sinéad O’Connor is dead? Who cared enough to save Judy Garland, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Marilyn Monroe, Billie Holiday? Where do you go when death can be the best outcome? Was this music madness worth Sinead’s life? No, it wasn’t.’

A mentally unwell young woman, with nascent artistic fame, swept up in the currents of a social movement whose consequences she could not understand, Morrissey’s statement rings truer than liberals care to realise: ‘Why is ANYBODY surprised that Sinéad O’Connor is dead?’

Conveniently forgotten and thrown by the wayside when it suited pompous journalists and selfish music executives to do so, O’Connor was abandoned by a society which no longer found interest in her as progressives moved on, towards focusing on other categories of so-called ‘marginalised peoples.’ 

The artists profession comes with exposure to human vice, but O’Connor was a particularly vulnerable person owing to her traumatic experience of physical and sexual abuse as a child. The mental instabilities caused by these unresolved traumas left on her an impressionable, anxious, and naive disposition as a young woman.

Liberal societies extol the value of ‘tolerance’ as a virtue in of itself, but perhaps, in the case of Sinéad O’Connor, tolerance only did her more harm – encouraging self-destructive behaviour and giving her the platform to communicate such ideas to a responsive Irish youth.

Would a society who valued morality and the well-being of its members allow a young traumatised woman to so publicly degrade herself, in attention-seeking displays of controversy which could only indicate an internal desire for help? On national broadcasters, should young women like Sinéad O’Connor be allowed to damage their minds, bodies, and souls for public entertainment? Allowing such people to remain in the media spotlight for the sake of studio albums, and concert ticket sales is a deeply immoral act, at which most journalists wouldn’t bat an eye. 

Tolerance, then, ought not to be heralded as the quintessential virtue of our society, as such a position has only wreaked havoc on the lives of otherwise innocent people, exposing them to socially corrosive concepts in an environment which does not warn of their danger. 

O’Connor was mentally unwell at the beginning of her career, with various residual signs of mental trauma, and was drawn towards the “liberating” message of the anti-Catholic counter-culture of the ‘90s. 

Perhaps most well-known today for her social activism and her bouts of mentally instability, Sinéad O’Connor has wavered from extreme to extreme throughout her life, beginning in 1992 as an abortion rights activist, speaking in support of abortion amidst the scandal of the X-case, and infamously tearing up a photo of Pope John Paul II on Saturday Night Live, saying to the camera: ‘We have confidence in the victory of good over evil. Fight the real enemy.’

During Sinéad O’Connor’s time as an abortion advocate, she heinously dismissed the significance of miscarriages, and equated them to an abortion, saying: ‘I just believe that if a child is meant to be born it will be born. It doesn’t really matter whether you have an abortion or a miscarriage. The whole issue is pro-choice.’

Despite her activism for abortion, O’Connor later was ordained as a “traditional” priest for an “Independent Catholic Church” (i.e. not affiliated to the Roman Catholic Church) in 1999, by “Bishop” Michael Cox. In a surprising display of lucidity O’Connor was interviewed in 1999 defending her decision despite its contradictory nature to her character, by saying that there ought to be a connection between the traditions which a society holds dear, and the future as determined by the youth of an era. 

In 2018, Sinéad O’Connor converted to Islam and changed her name to Shuhada’ Sadaqat.

As O’Connor dug herself deeper and deeper down the liberal rabbit hole, ascending to greater public notoriety through her attention-seeking behaviour, whether it be her shaved head or anti-Catholic statements, her mental state undoubtedly worsened as fewer restrictions were placed on her position in society and therefore formed a blind self-confidence in the things which she instinctively believed.

Contrary to the media’s harping following her death, Sinéad O’Connor is no model for Irish women and her actions must equally be scorned as much as we are sympathetic to her plight. Would any man tolerate his sister engaging in such self-destructive behaviour – much less help her achieve it? A young woman with severe childhood trauma ought not to be pushed to voice her grievances to the world and garner enough fame to be considered a role model for other impressionable young Irish women while she remains in an unstable state of mind, which it seems clear that O’Connor was for much of her career. 

O’Connor embodies the worst of what social progressivism had to offer women, and may be heeded as a warning to Irish society as a whole: if social liberalism is not accosted with serious and appealing critiques, the youthful naivety of people like Sinéad O’Connor will continue to bolster the ranks of a diseased ideology, ruining the lives of its adherents. 

Both the first victim of Irish liberalism and one of its most obsessed advocates, Sinéad O’Connor exhibited decisive influence in popularising social liberalism in Ireland, and irrespective of her mental impairments, is ultimately personally responsible for all the damage conveyed to the minds of the youth through her mouth-piece.

On June 5th, 1993, O’Connor published a poem in the Irish Times, apologising for her failure to appear at a Dublin concert in what is now the 3Arena. The following extract perhaps best surmises, in her own words, what is so explicitly a call for help – one which was, for 30 years, ignored by Irish society, celebrities, and media outlets.

‘It’s an accident that I got “famous”. But I think it proves that there

are a lot of people out there like me.

It is their pain, which they hear and see also in me — being expressed

which made them respond to that song or to my songs or my voice.

I represent a group of people.

Adult-Children we are called.

Those of us who have lost our childhoods.’

O’Connor’s tragic lifestyle is indicative of her status as an early victim, who projected her own issues, in part, onto Irish youth as a whole. Those liberal journalists who are using O’Connor’s death as an excuse to harp and extol the values of social progressivism, leniency, and tolerance ought to undergo a serious moral re-evaluation. 

Ultimately, Sinéad O’Connor was a struggling young Irish woman with severe mental trauma, and in need of institutionalisation and professional therapy. Instead, RTE handed her a microphone, and the Irish Times gave her news coverage so that she could speak on their preferred social issue, whether it be feminism or abortion. 

Posted by Ryan Kiersey


  1. My best friends son was found dead aged 40 just before Christmas. There was no abuse, no history of mental health problems in his family bar an aunt who briefly went through an eating disorder. He was randomly bipolar…as in no family history. Bipolar is a terrible illness and sometimes the sufferers are truly wonderful people.
    All people with bipolar should be treated carefully by word or deed. Most people have no idea how dangerous an illness it can be and how frightening it is for people when they are well wondering what they may do or say next time they are in a cycle of ill health. I held a really elderly very well to do lady for several hours as she fought us and tried to pull the pins out of her arms left by her surgeon following two compound fractures of the forearms. She threw herself out of a first floor window as her poor husband slept on the floor outside her bedroom door. When the medication kicked in she was in floods of tears apologising for her behaviour and mortified, all I could do was hug her. It is a chemical unbalance.
    I wasn’t a fan of Sinead too much of a handful but who wouldn’t feel concern for a poorly woman who had suffered serious childhood trauma? There should be contraint if not law about printing the rage of disturbed people just because they are pretty and can sing.
    I feel very worried for Brittany Spears at the moment, her behaviour is a concern and people say things about her. Look away, mental health sufferers are not circus acts.


  2. Declan Hayes 04/08/2023 at 9:25 pm

    One of the more rounded articles about the late Ms O’Connor. I wonder will John Waters and Donal Lunny attend.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 06/08/2023 at 7:20 am

    A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link and thus a Liberal Society is judged
    on how it treats the most vulnerable in it’s community. They don’t care.
    These people are not the average Irish Citizen,they visualise themselves as an
    Elitist Established group that controls opinion and what is acceptable to them
    as a norm…They are NOT THE NORM in a civilised Society that IRELAND
    was Internationally recognised and respected for throughout the secular globe.
    They have NO SHAME,which becomes Our Shame,NO REMORSE,which
    also becomes the burden of the greater population and NO EMPATHY,
    because they are a bunch of PSYCHOTIC PARASITIC PEASANTS that
    would eagerly live up to the REPUTATION of Ireland eats it’s own children.
    RIP, SINEAD, unfortunately your not the first and will never be the last in an
    Ireland that has always been portrayed and betrayed by the lowest evil scum
    that rises to the top of dis functional,dis illusionary,disastrous,draconian, dumb


  4. The main problem in this deeply stupid article is that it paints the portrait of a victim, in as cursory a sketch as possible, so as to make it a mere caricature. Sinead was a victim of a number of wrongs, but she was a professional artist, not a professional victim, and it’s blithe ignorance of the application of her flawed brilliance to a whole range of works is possibly the worst justice that could be done to her. She was not a basket case, she was an intellectual, talented capable originator, innovator and performer. The balance of her health was not always in her favour, but she deserves supreme credit for her innumerable achievments.


  5. Right lets talk about the activism. She supported abortion and gays.
    How is that different to any other middle to upper class ponse in Ireland?
    You think psychiatry can cure these beliefs like you imply, calling them “diseased”.
    These are not diseased beliefs. These are ideology that you dont agree with.

    Are you going to go down the typical Irish road of retorting that anyone you disagree with is either a “lunatic” or “nutcase”? And invoke psychiatry, the very same psychiatry which has been and shall be used as an instrument of political repression / cover ups?

    What exactly is the goal in blaming her mental state and how people failed her?
    The media were not the only ones who failed her. All the nationalists online calling her insults would have affected her mental state also if she bothered to read them. Surely that requires some introspection among ourselves that our side gleefully took the p1ss out of a vulnerable woman, no matter what her beliefs were.

    On that point I am aware of some people in our circles who are no longer in our circles, who died by suicide, and who while in our circles got a nasty reception and had a bad time. I blame nationalists for the death of some of these. I will give you an example, some nationalists set up a discord server to find guests for a talk show to be interviewed, and because I was looking to create live streams I went into their discord. Once in there, and without knowing anything about me, they all pounce on me, and demand I complete a “Fed check”, they bombarded me with personal questions before eventually accusing me of being a Jew and telling me to kill myself over and over again. The footage of this server was recorded in a video showing all their comments and insulting images, so let no one deny it. This is what nationalists are like. This movement drives people away from it, drives away anyone with empathy and collaborative tendencies and drowns out their voice with impulsive bombastic abusive sentimental pseudo catholic bravado slinging thugs who fantasise out loud about doing crime and terrorism in full view of the Gardi and general public.
    And then in the other corner you have a sort of nature reserve for snobbish autistic charlatans who in their ivory tower pomposity feign that they offer anything productive while doing zero work on the ground and speaking only to other ivory tower pompus charlatans like themselves, evading all contact with any activist who would require them to participate in anything beyond endless theorizing as they muse to a bunch of sicophants.

    Sinead o connor had bad mental health?
    What about ye?
    Lets take your inconsistent ideological declarations and the incoherence of all the positions nationalists take, and this fetish for catholicism and reverence for psychiatry while at the same time having a distrust of doctors due to covid, yet another cognotive dissonance.
    Anyone in our circles who is immersed in the hyper sentimental tides and whims of key figures and the things they advocate knows by now there is zero consistency in any stance we take, other than just plain racism. We will grab and clinch at any thing in the news or new word we learn to justify a basic position being that we are better than them and that we want them to subjugate themselves before us ( seeing as how we dont want them out anymore if they are here to work).

    We as a people have serious problems in our society.
    Pretending we are better than anyone makes us look clownish.
    As for sinead o connor, she had talent, and the thing about genius (even musical genius) is that all genius is counter cultural, because every mainstream culture is built on mediocrity and error.

    So she went mad eventually is what you are saying.
    Well look at yourselves. Vast majority of ye are on the disability, with your main hobby being talking sh1t about other nationalists until 3 am at night on discord or telegram.
    A cult of embittered weirdos who drive people away from them.
    You shouldnt associate with ideals and principles because it sucks in people who you dont want, idealists. I understand you need to masquerade as having some purpose, but the bottom line is you people just want someone to abuse for entertainment and talk shit about.
    Confiding any information to you people is a mistake. Nobody should do it.
    The people you tell will be backstabbing you 5 minutes later.

    Unless the nationalists purge themselves of all the toxic individuals and stop tolerating them then they will continue to just mosey on from one thing to the next with no real plan, no real unity, no hope of taking power, no empathy for their own except superficial empathy, and in general being a pack of cowards and liars and abusers who congregate together looking for opportunities to bully people like back in school – and not a real political machine.

    Get rid of the gombeen ringleaders you have and all the thicks and maybe quit yourselves and then the general public can decide what to do about certain ideals.


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 07/08/2023 at 4:41 pm

    For all who cannot defend themselves,your silence is the loudest voice…R.I.P.


  7. She sang Roísín Dubh with all the passion of Ireland’s agonized history in her voice. And she felt it.


  8. Triggernometry 11/08/2023 at 9:27 am

    dt / james , what a load of gibberish, that was a drivellng rant basically on nationalists, listen a TEN YEAR OLD BOY – can be a ”nationalist”, for all we know in his immaturity could have demanded a ”fed check”. Not all nationalists are bad people, but you just refuse to see that, according to you they are all ”ebil nazis”. Check yourself read over what you said and realise you look like a thicko.


  9. @Triggernometry
    I dont like to lower myself to reply to imbeciles but on this occasion I will.
    The fact that “nationalists” are unable and more to the point totally unwilling to purge their own ranks
    of known toxic and abusive individuals, has the inevitable result of people being abused and concluding that you all have problems.
    A toxic individual is not just the problem of the person who is abused by them, they are a problem for the entire “community”,
    and I have seen this “community” collectively abuse people online and elevate known abusers as if it was the norm in their circles, and that is because it IS the norm. I dont have to mention backstabber nationalists and doxers as one way of abuse. I can speak about experiences of such things in detail and name names/usernames of the traitors who did it to me but would you care? I think not. You just want to mark anyone who advocates that nationalists undertake some introspection as to why they do sh1te in elections and are on a one way road trip to being banned and led to permanent defeat – as outgroup/
    Fine then. I am outgroup. I never fit in with a “community” that was trying to impose pre vatican 2 catholicism on a country in which there is enormous stigma on the catholic church due to the industrial scale rape scandals mostly carried out by priests who said the latin mass btw. I did not call anyone an “ebil nazi”. But I will call you an imbecile and a gobsheen for insulting me when I am the only one pointing out inconsistencies and hypocrisies and narcissistic ego maniac “leaders” around whom a mob of scanger yunfla yunwan scanger minger thugs congregate online and occasionally on the street.
    You will never get anywhere with leaders that you have. How do you know? You had these leaders in the last election. Some of them have been around for years so they saw several elections. They never got anywhere. Ask yourself why. And ask yourself why the recent temper tantrum activities of street protests have more to do with this communities fatalism and defeatism and frustration than an actual strategy. Now the regime can just say you are practicing NIMBYISM, which is ironic if you want to divide the country up into “back yards” of individual streets or housing estates, while most of the regular protestors come from other parts of the country. Eventually the career welfare sponge daily protestors will get tired and frustrated and go home or be arrested, and the toxic individuals banned from using social media by a judge and lose their accounts. What will this movement do then? Does it even have any contingency plans for what is inevitable if it stubbornly blusters along this path not giving a sh1t about the consequences? There is no brain to any of this activity it is all sentiment and reaction under the influence of narcissistic egotists who found their life’s calling in what would otherwise be an uneventful life as a nobody – and they are leading “nationalists” to defeat and if you dont want to see that then you are part of the problem, a stubborn defender of error and excuser of hypocrisy.


  10. Triggernometry 22/08/2023 at 3:49 pm

    Your posts are schizophrenic utter scurrilous nonsensical reams of shite, do you not actually mull over what you typed, do some corrections and THEN post? Or go back the week after and realise what utter shite you scrawled?

    Regardless of that, the nationalists in Ireland ARE not OUT doxxing people, what a load of drivel, the only doxxing being done is by lefty weed dopeheads that have not been weeded out yet. Oh and to any natioanlists reading this: TAKE NOTE – Keep your language on and offline as clean as you can, they can doxx you on nothing, because they have nothing.

    Leftys like these are happy to watch stabbers in the streets, and paedophiles get bail, but a comment online that isa bit too naughty? Jail for you under this soviet lot, helen mcentee is about to be kicked out, there is an independent rural awakening, and nothing you can do will stop it, nobody wants leo and his open alternative relationships on display while in public office, he is a disgrace, he is more interested in being in clubs at 4 am getting off with young lads, than doing his job. He even emails kylie minogue, shows you where his head is at.

    Your ramblings are actually quite funny, quite the amusement for today, you say in one breath, the nationalists are ”narcissistic egoists” and then say they are ”nobodies” – so which is it?

    You are a 100% born imbecile. If we leave it to the imbecile left we will be living in sanfranshitsco in no time at all.


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