Monday afternoon, and it’s increasingly clear that the forces of the French Republic are gaining the upper hand against the Arab rioters who have hammered the nation the past week. The French intifada of 2023 ends with a remarkably low death count (at least officially) as a nuclear armed Western Europe state was reminiscent of the Bogside for the best part of a week.

Not the first and certainly not the most extreme insurrection that the post-Bastille state has seen the back of; but it would be foolish to understate the effect of the carnage on the flow of politics nevertheless.

The Macronist experiment to cover up the racial cranks of the French Fifth Republic looks about as busted as a burnt-out transit van on the boulevards of Paris after the week’s clashes.

A universalist state founded on the prose of Voltaire and Montesquieu was easily backed into the corner by ad hoc Algerian street gangs wearing Tupac t-shirts and shooting fireworks. The country that still imagines that it can lead Europe as a counter to American hegemony saw its security forces literally dragged through the mud as the worst fears of the French radical right were vindicated.

If you think though this has been the firing shot for a grand French civil war you shouldn’t hold your breath however.

Despite having its pride badly wounded things will continue on as before albeit with more certainly that the Republic is coming to its political sell-by date as street politics dictates the course of events much more than opinion polls. The Arabs have muscle and the Irish of all people know that street politics is upstream from political power, but no Muslim leader or political force looks to be on the horizon as the French security state has largely nipped in the bud any Islamists which could have acted as a vanguard.

The Sorbonne elite who have propped up Macron since 2017 are quietly grooming Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin as their next crisis candidate to fend off another challenge by increasingly buoyant Le Pennists as more authoritarianism is on the cards.

A public spat between policing unions and the government nevermind repeated declarations of civil war by French military top brass highlights the institutional disunity and growing prominence of right-wing views in offices of power.

The French state is a vast apparatus web of functionaries spanning intelligence networks to newsrooms and elite educational institutions which are slowly being filled by all the right people to assist some sort of nationalist takeover. Central to this is oil tycoon Vincent Bolloré who is using his media influence to parachute figures on the radical right to positions of prominence within French media.

The week just passed had all the hallmarks of the early stages of the Syrian Civil War, with one bungled Bloody Sunday moment or even a lone wolf attack from the extreme right enough to make the situation even more kinetic. If French police were fighting with their hands behind their back it was because they knew one clumsy move or death and the situation would escalate in the banlieues.

The French left, despite picking up some steam during the recent pension protests, have fatally misread the room by backing rioters this week as reports of leftist militants assisting rioters made it to the mainstream.

As sadistic and corrupt as French police genuinely are, the rioters still trying to integrate Algerian ethnic blocs into policing is a recipe for the country transforming into Lebanon and for most progressives not even on the table.

What happened in France is very particular to the nation’s history and racial ecology and not conceivable for Ireland even if some degree of turmoil can be counted on from the current asylum mess – and perhaps more than what our state can endure. We have emergent diversity blackspots with clear Irish minorities in Balbriggan or Ballyhaunis but nothing on the scale or historic animosity of the Algerian ghettoes just yet.

France has failed its Arabs by humouring the notion that flimsy Enlightenment values could replace the bonds of ethnic and national kingship and Arab and European could be united under the tricolour. In truth the real villains and those that should be getting their skulls cracked either by police or Maghrebis are the 68er liberals and their ideological offspring who engineered the chaos by unwillingness to put aside discredited universalist ideas.

The cure to France’s ills may be morally hard to face up to and logistically humongous, but one the French and even the Irish must wake up to and that is the gradual repatriation of all third world immigrants and their offspring in what will likely be a century long project.

The only alternative liberalism and demographics offer us is carnage and a oriental desert as happened to post-Hellenic Egypt or wherever Islam has displaced Europeans.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Linda Freedman 04/07/2023 at 10:39 am

    Well I come at this from a different angle because I live across the water from you in England where our problems are much worse than Irelands. I don’t think people who have been here a long time should be repatriated just those who have absolutely no right to be here. India came to our aid in WWI to defeat the Nazi’s it wouldn’t be right and proper to evict generations of Pakistanis and Indians, nor those who are descended from Slaves and invited to Britain decades ago. Plus we should have just encouraged the U.S to bomb the crap out of Afghanistan rather than be World Policeman and try to free people from tyranny with an eye on Russia. The Russians had to pull out so the ending was inevitable, those who ignore the lessons from history are going to repeat them, oh how true. Iraq simply shouldn’t have happened so our politicians have earned us obligations that Ireland doesn’t have.
    I do agree with you about the Liberal Elites though, those whose offspring will be on the first plane elsewhere when the shit their parents and grandparents created leaves parts of Britain and Ireland looking like Lebanon. How anyone can be quite insane enough to embrace something like Islamists whilst systematically attacking the church, the family and gender is just beyond me, utterly and completely beyond me. I agree, the Liberals are indeed the bigger problem and they currently are successfully quashing what should be happening in Britain and that is people taking to the streets over the illegal boat landings. It is very easy to claim that ordinary, decent British people are knuckle draggers and Far Right because they have serious concerns when they are struggling for school places, doctors appointments, social housing, any housing AND worried about the rise of drugs gangs, knife crime and terrorist activity. Young people want to be decent generally and are easily swayed by Liberals who pretend they have all the right on their side, to me those tactics just look very similar to the tactics used by the Nazi’s and others. Drive a wedge between youth and their older and wiser adults and grandparents then manipulate their thinking.


  2. Alan Fitzgibbon 04/07/2023 at 3:42 pm

    The French are moving inexorably to the right, but unfortunately elections are 4 years away and by then the banlieus will be even more impregnable. 4 million non Europeans have been given residency since the last riots in 2005, and the weight of numbers do count. They need to start with zero immigration and work back from there. But sadly it is hard to imagine anything changing the current trajectory – but maybe it will serve a purpose in waking up the rest of Europe to the existential danger – one hope is that the EP elections next year will mark a shift to the right, and Meloni is gaining stature all the time.


  3. Ultra Pragmatist 04/07/2023 at 7:45 pm

    At the end of World War 2 the reconstructionists coined the phrase “never again”. Never again will they allow another Hitler to rise again. And because this deep rooted pathological fear is in the minds of sooooo many influential, wealthy and powerful people and to prevent anything like Hitler ever happening again, Western civilization must be kneecapped with consumerism, cosmopolitanism, globalism, mass immigration, recreational drugs, prison/legal reform, multiculturalism , erosion of the nuclear family, open borders ,sexual degeneracy etc etc These are the tenants of the “open society” coined by Karl Popper in his seminal book series The Open Society and it’s Enemies. Popper was one of the 20th century’s most influential philosophers and as a jew, was deeply impacted and influenced by the events of WW2. Popper’s protege at the London School of economics was George Soros . To put his mentor’s plans into direct action, Soros created an expansive network of “progressive” action organizations to promote multiculturalism, open borders, mass immigration, and lax enforcement of laws. In honor of his mentor Karl Popper , Soros named these the Open Society foundations. And with the support of hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars in funding, these Open Society foundations spread their ideology across all Western Nations.

    All to prevent the great bogeyman Hitler from ever rising again.

    As more & more of these “open society”measures are implemented across the West, we witness first hand the destruction of the social solidarity rooted in family, faith, and nation. While a tiny group of wealthy & powerful elites quaver in fear about the return of fascism, our societies are dissolving. And it makes you think, are these “open society” policies really about the betterment of the World? Or is it just for the benefit of these people who , in their pursuit of nazi monsters, have in fact became progressive monsters themselves?


  4. The No Borders UnIrish Labour party are on 2 % in the latest opinion poll . The lefties who partially succeeded in reversing the result of the # 2004 Citizenship referendum may not have any TD’s after the next G E # Bad Riddance


  5. Daniel BUCKLEY 05/07/2023 at 1:19 pm

    French riots by the Yellow Vests were economically related by the extension of the working age limit and increased taxes. These were also very violent.
    The present Muslim riots have a basis in cultural and religious differences ,between the Christian ethos of Europeans (even tho; Church attendance and belief is waning) and Islam.
    Islam has no concept of Democracy, it is a political based religion at its core and can never reconcile to the French Republics secular foundation doctrines of Liberte ,Fratenite, Equalite.
    This has fed fuel to the fire of radicalisation and violent protest, by youth who feel deprived of opportunity, marginalised and will not integrate to French society and form violent gangs in their ghetto banlieu’s.
    There is worse to come ,as the slow decline of Europe as a result of the failed attempt to subjugate /isolate Russia via Ukraine creates unexpected economic consequences, as seen in Germany.
    Multiculturism has failed every where ,Diversity creates division on cultural and religious lines.
    The result is chaos and societal breakdown as a critical mass of immigrants is reached and the finite resources of the State in jobs ,Housing,Health ,Education, can no longer meet demand.
    Ireland is on that pathway due to the stupidity and reckless endangerment of a Regime that never learns from other Nations blatant mistakes.


  6. Ivaus@thetricolouresee 05/07/2023 at 2:26 pm

    Anybody waiting for alarm bells to ring,a hint from politics or a nod from the
    Media controlled propaganda machine has already missed the bus.
    For decades we’ve witnessed all the wars,all the wrongs committed,all the pain
    and suffering inflicted on the GOOD,INNOCENT VICTIMS by failed evil
    Political Pundits who have bartered with our trust in Western Democracies.

    IRELAND will not escape the same tragic future that has been orchestrated and created by the same bunch of so called elite ruling class establishments, it’s
    already too late To Get Ready. Pull your socks up,Everyman for Himself now.


  7. Ivaus@thetricolour 05/07/2023 at 3:22 pm

    Dear Censortive @ The Burkean,
    If you at least explained,or even the courtesy in saying you deleted a comment
    for whatever personal reasons you need to exercise,maybe the Adults in the room could understand your motives.
    You might even blank out what you fell requires The Black Mark and leave the
    rest alone.
    I’m sure most contributions involve time and effort…deleting does not.
    Thank you for your understanding.


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