White people have, broadly speaking, no business living outside Europe at this point. It’s time to go home.

Covid, recessions, wars, riots, technological upheaval – recently we have witnessed frequent major incidents or crises that seem to change the political landscape more than anything that happened from 1995-2005. Right-wing reactions to these events vary widely – whether considered psyops, signs that liberal capitalism is in crisis, or evidence of a creeping anarcho-tyrannical left-authoritarianism, everyone seems to agree that “something is happening”. The ranks of the nothing-ever-happens brigade are dwindling and volatility, whether beneficial or harmful to White interests, is the order of the day (much to the cope of Hanania- and Fukuyama-tier nerds).

Is this quasi-anarchic volatility good for White people? Are we (to invoke another nerd, Nassim Taleb) “antifragile” to this lumpy chaotic decay? The question seems to depend on where you live, and for all (7 of) our fine US readers slugging enjoyinh this 4th of July, the answer is “not America” (or anywhere outside Europe, really).

America is toast, Canada is worse

America is a basket case, speedrunning its way to libtard third-world communism. The “Right” in America, despite a sea-change of sentiment brought about by Trumpism, seems determined to embrace “based” Mexicans, Nigerians, and Muslims as the future of the country. As long as the T in LGBT isn’t overemphasized, they’re happy with all that too. In such an environment, dissident groups have no bandwidth to exploit or benefit from the coming hypervolatity and decay. If anything, political turbulence is more likely to result in gulags for White people as opposed to opportunities to carve out pockets or initiatives of resistance.

Canada is even worse. An arch-gombeen Trudeau, a stupid man by anyone’s measure, still commands the loyalty of millions of Canadians, and his potential usurpers are not much less liberal than him. The scale of replacement migration in Canada is breathtaking, and the country crossed the demographic Rubicon a while back.

New Zealand is in a similar boat, where genuinely nationalist government seems to be impossible. The Australians, despite their hard-nosed fightback against criminal migration waves and COVID tyranny, as well as their patriotic folk spirit, will not be far behind.

The dystopia that South Africa has become does not warrant discussion. Again, here, the “bittereinders” are putting up an impressive fight to defend their existence and way of life, but it is one doomed to failure.

Despite right-wing cope fantasies about “national divorce”, balkanisation, or even more delusionally a coming era of warband-recolonisation in the new world, the inescapable truth is that these territories are now No Country for White Men. It is a shameful reality that these European projects have ultimately become toxic to European civilization itself. Especially the US, where the Anglo-American socioeconomic model built a platform for waves of Europeans to reach new heights of prosperity, progress, and power. A power that is now being used against the ethnic groups that created it.

White people in the new world are in a situation of fragility, not antifragility, vis-a-vis the coming chaos.

The Urheimat Option

Europe is no bed of roses for native Europeans, but from Denmark to Italy there are governments being elected with an explicitly nativist mandate to reduce immigration. Europe, with its patchwork of nations, is an inherently easier landscape to establish local poles of resistance to globalism.

Most obviously, the demographic situation in Europe is markedly better than in the new world. By many counts, the US is already a minority-European state. Nowhere in Europe is nearly as bad.

And things seem to be changing for the better on this side of the oceans. Apart from the electoral victories mentioned above in passing, the geopolitical wind looks to be changing, with America’s waning superpower status presenting ample opportunity for European states to assert themselves.

White Aliyah

Another reason the idea of returning to Europe is interesting is the difference in scale. While White people might already be a minority in America, that group of Whites is far larger than the population of any European country.

If right-wing Americans, Canadians, and ANZACs returned in large numbers, it would both present a realistic future for themselves and bring a massive joy of nationalist energy to whatever European nations they landed in.

Most European countries give some degree of citizenship rights to those with ancestors from their country. Assuming there are a couple of hundred million ethnic-Europeans in the new world, even 10% of those moving to, let’s say France, Germany, and Italy could swing the balance of power conclusively towards nationalism there.

This idea is not without its downsides, for the patriotic new-worlders who would be abandoning their current countries, nor the old-worlders who would not be thrilled by the idea of sharing their neighborhoods with deracinated Americans et al.

But survival is not about preferences, it is an imperative. This 4th of July, ethnic Europeans might take a moment to appreciate what their ancestors achieved in the new world, while also seriously thinking about maximizing the odds of survival for their civilisation, and becoming antifragile to the upheavals that seem to be accelerating.

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  1. Daniel BUCKLEY 05/07/2023 at 11:54 am

    The Kalergi Plan for Europe is no conspiracy theory. It is happening as we speak.
    Count Coudenhove- Kalergi was a born of an Austrian father and Japanese mother . He and others came up with the concept of a single European Central Multicultural State inhabited by a mestizo cross population of Whites, Blacks and Asians all mixing happily and singing Kumbaya together.
    The present riots in France put the lie to that fairy tale.
    But it fitted an ideology of those who wished to social engineer the population of Europe, for Corporate monopoly profit by a low paid ,diversified, working underclass, untermenschen.
    You will own nothing and be Happy and work will make you Free, as it said on the gates of Auschwitz.
    This was progressed by a hi-jacked, infiltrated.compromised EU, to engineer these outcomes under a veneer of legality such as the Maastricht Treaty and the European Central Bank.
    Nothing new here.
    We have seen the failed experiment of Totalitarian Communism.
    We are now undergoing the experiment of imposing Totalitarian Capitalism for the Few , using the Propaganda methods of the extreme Left, such as multiculturism, diversity,inclusion. equity, as the carrots , by the ‘useful idiots’ and bribed ,blackmailed and compromised imbecile politicians.
    The Plan has hit a snag as the old Roman tactic of divide and conquer has run into difficulties due to religious and cultural differences as displayed in the riots in Paris.


  2. Ireland is a lost cause . We don’t have the capacity to take the immigration overspill from Britain & France , yet it’s happening daily . Expect the foreign born population to hit 30 % by 2030 ; double the corresponding figure for the EU 15 . Dublin residential rents could easily increase by 50 % in the same time frame .


    1. Yes, the demographic clock is ticking rapidly. There’s now considerable anecdotal evidence that a certain injection over the past 2 years is now resulting in widespread infertility amongst the indigenous Irish who queued for it.
      If Nationalist political parties don’t make a breakthrough next year, I fear the above timeline will only accelerate.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 05/07/2023 at 1:47 pm

    Don’t play the ” colour card “. No such thing as a white Irishman,all imported
    NGO speak.
    Don’t play the ” fall of Rome ” nothing to do with genuine Irish Catholics or the
    crimes of evil.
    Don’t play the ” collapse of family ” encouraged by evil,abortion,radical doctrine,transcult,euthanasia,commEU-UNism.
    Don’t play the ” Multicultural Globalist Agenda 201/2030/2040 ” supported by
    rogue traitor puppets in government and propagised by msm journaliers.
    DONT PLAY ” their stupid little games ” because these bunch of useless runts
    are passed their USEBY DATES ….too busy playing with themselves n minors.


  4. Racist clap trap, no wonder the author was too embarrassed to put his name to the article. As I look at the dail I see very few brown faces , none in fact. It’s not the immigrants that are destroying the country….but left wing liberals who are very much Irish
    Yes give me a based Nigerian or Muslim all day long, least I won’t have to hear about LGBTQ balls or whamen issues.


  5. Ivaus, thank you! Your comment said so much of what I was feeling as I read the article it was a relief! And no – since when are we “white Irish”? But haven’t they always tried to rip our very identity away from us all through our history? They’ll never succeed. I will not play their games, I will not let them force my speech.
    And as for the 4th of July, the article writer need not trouble himself or herself about it. We have every intention of holding onto every one of those rights we fought for. This is just another challenge we’ll get through- we’ve had worse.


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