Yesterday evening, Gardaí forced 2 busses of migrants past residents of the area of Ballybrit Industrial Estate, Co. Galway who had been blockading the site to prevent its use as a migrant accommodation centre.

Footage showing busses arriving, council workers closing off motorway, interaction with Gardaí

This is the first cohort of over 300 foreign nationals slated to be housed at the site. Local people were thwarted in their attempts to blockade the site, but they pledge that no more migrants will get past them, and they are escalating their blockade.


Since last week, nearby residents have been protesting against the planned migrant centre. According to local sources, to evade the blockade the Gardaí had to liaise with the local county council to close off an adjacent motorway. Locals were shocked that the government resorted to such unsafe means.


We spoke to several people involved with the protest what the sentiment on the ground was. “They got two busses in, but they won’t get any more past us while we’re still standing,” said one man from the locality.

Another young mother who loves nearby said it was a matter of duty of care to her children. “I can’t stand by while our home is made less safe for my kids.”


This incident comes on the heels of polling that shows 75% of Irish people feel the government have taken too many refugees lately. The people of Ballybrit seem adamant they will halt this problem from destroying their own locality.

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  1. Full support to these poor people, rapists and criminals being forced up on them. It’s forced plantation, Christ, even Russia or China wouldn’t try this. Stand and fight to your last breath my beloved Irish people, fight like your children’s life depends on it, and it most likely does.


  2. The worrying thing is that this is just the start. 22 out of 448 deportation orders issued in 2023 have been enforced . by contrast , the uk deported 38,000 last year . Why ? One sixth of their inmates are Albanian nationals , yet they comprise just . 05 % of the population .


    1. Sorry to say Niamh, but realistically ( and I hope it doesn’t) it will get much worse before a sea-change in attitude occurs in the corridors of power – where the stench of self-congratulatory virtue-signalling abounds.
      Here in ever- deteriorating Great Britain our putative next Prime Minster Keir Starmer signed a petition to stop a plane deporting serious offenders back to there home country of Jamaica. One of the passengers who was thankful for this gesture, when on to murder another black migrant in South London last year.
      Had that been a Conservative Prime Minster the leftist would have been assailing him or her with a barrage of criticisms.


  3. Tbe State will not stop their people-trafficking efforts, unless we stop them. They will bring in 200,000, a million, two million, they will not stip voluntarily .
    Either we will be replaced, right here, right now or we decide to continue in existence & get rid of these politicians, these traitors.


    1. Rhetorical slogans on banners that appear on the news could be worded, “Why do you want to replace US!?”, and/or , “What do you hate about the Irish people so much?”.
      The Dalai Lama is quoted as stating the indigenous reality of different ethnic groups, “Europe is for Europeans; African is for Africans…” and so forth.
      Cicero said as much by saying “The people are the country”, I paraphrased as succinctly as required.


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 12/06/2023 at 6:30 pm

    Home is where the heart is,this is not just about a replantation,loosing ones
    country or culture…this is all about a rogue government using foreign nationals
    to do the dirty work for their puppet masters.
    Irish Homes are up for grabs because this situation will escalate and get out of
    control…this will happen eventually and no Polly Dolly,Gombeen Garda or
    traitors Trollope will be around to witness the mayhem.
    Everything is turning out as predicted,so much for your conspiracy deniers.
    Forewarned is Forearmed,Help Irish Homes and give plenty of warning to the
    Traitorous Bastards in your midst…it’s Time For Them To Go…GET OUT !


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