The 2022 census data relating to migration and diversity has recently been made available by the CSO to the general public. 

These results come at a time where the Irish state is experiencing a serious crisis as a direct consequence of the coalition government’s disastrous asylum seeking policies, and lack of border restrictions. 

The data revealed a number of shocking statistics, which, compounded with the unreliability of CSO census data and analysis, are in all likelihood of a higher magnitude than recorded.

CSO Data Unreliable

To begin, the CSO report finds the population of Ireland as 5,149,139, however their raw data shows a count of 5,084,878 people. This inadequacy and unreliability in important information is a serious issue. If the CSO cannot reliably count the population of the country, then serious inquiries must be made into both the institution’s credibility, and a more accurate projection of Irish population statistics. 

Curiously,  6.2% of people surveyed for the census did not submit their ethnicity, meaning that, in tandem with the large influx of foreign populations into Ireland through the government’s open borders International Protection Accomodation Services programme throughout the duration of 2022, the likelihood is that the foreign national population is larger than recorded.

Mass migration

At the time of recording the population data for the census in 2022, a substantial influx of Ukrainian refugees had begun to arrive in Ireland, such that Ukrainians comprise 6% of the country’s non-Irish total population.

Of people usually resident in the country, it was recorded that 751,507 claimed they spoke a language other than English or Irish at home.

In 2016, non-Irish nationals comprised 11.6% of the population. The 2022 census data reveals that only 77.2% of people identified themselves as being from a white Irish or traveller background. The increase of the foreign national population has almost doubled from 11.6% in 2016 to 22.8% in 2022. These statistics, however, do not account for the mass migration that continued into Ireland throughout 2022. 

Previously Ireland experienced large migration from Poland, and Lithuania, among other eastern European countries. However, now the country is receiving substantial migration from bogus asylum seekers, and other third world economic migrants seeking to leech off the free financial and accommodation services provided by a deranged government, completely detached from the interests of ordinary Irish people.

The Great Plantation 

In the same way that the English Crown’s plantation of Ireland changed the course of Irish history forever, damaging the fabric of the Irish nation by introducing a large population of English, Scottish, and Welsh settlers, the government’s Direct Provision system and mismanagement of the current asylum fiasco has amounted to a new system of migrant plantations throughout working-class and rural areas. 

Though it is anathema to the current government, the Irish people have become increasingly aware as to the threat of ethnic replacement. Throughout Europe this issue has become more prominent, with the Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni recently discussing the damage that ethnic replacement poses to European nations, and the need for an increased native birth rate to preserve our cultural intensities. It is a simple formula, replacing the population of a country replaces the culture and identity of the people living there. 

Diversity NOT a Strength

Throughout Europe, people have been told to accept cultural diversity as a strength, because people from different places and backgrounds often hold different customs and beliefs. However, when such people are introduced to a society, the communal interests become fractured along ethnic and cultural lines, promoting division and hostility. The negative consequences of mass migration, social alienation, cultural degradation, crime, and even the hollowing out of trust in local communities have happened all throughout Europe, and have been a particularly controversial topic in Ireland as of late.  

Beware the government’s eventual backtrack on migration, because these people can never be forgiven for what they have done, and are rotten to the core focused on political expediency and their political careers, irrespective of the wellbeing of their country or the interests of its native inhabitants. The current government has found themselves committing a crime against their countrymen worse than that of Diarmait Mac Murchada. They have sold the scraps of their nation to the wolves, and have permitted an uncontrolled influx of migrants for the sake of intangible economic statistics which have no bearing on the quality of living experienced by ordinary Irish people.

Posted by Ryan Kiersey


  1. A record number of adults live with parents ( half a million ) , up 6 % on the last census ! Unfortunately , it’s the norm rather than the exception & will get worse ( indefinitely ) . Housing costs in Dublin have increased eight fold ( currency adjusted ) over the past three decades . Wages have barely doubled . Similar situation across most of Europe ; the Brits , Nordics , Yanks & Canadians are much better @ flying the nest .


  2. Richard O Clear 03/06/2023 at 2:07 pm

    If you filter, look at only under 44 years of age people.

    The number of irish people has declined nearly 10% since the 2011 census.

    Traitors rule us.


  3. Here a few victims of ‘diversity is our strength’: Kris Donald, a 15 year-old boy murdered by Pakistanis; Mary-Anne Leneghan, tortured and killed by British born Jamaicans and one Albanian; Richard Whelan, stabbed to death by a British born Jamaican parolee on 43 bus in London.

    As that marxist ‘playwrite’ , Sally Rooney wrote in her script “Ireland is too mono” meaning too ethnically Irish or that misleading label too ‘white’.
    We even have an inscription on our coinage that states “Diversity built Britain”; diversity has certainly filled our hospitals and prison cells.


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 12/06/2023 at 6:46 pm

    I wouldn’t trust this census or any information coming from this shower of
    Bastards.Most likely the figures are much higher as many move around on census night and others are just lying,refuse to sign,or basically do not give a toss.
    How many ethnic Irish would actually tick “White Irish” is a hint..a clue


  5. It’s challenge to know what to trust or give credibility to from any official source.

    What a ridiculous oxymoron that phrase is “white Irish”; a textbook example of a nation fractured.


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