Helen McEntee, previously the Minister for Justice presiding over the state’s controversial Hate Speech Bill, has returned to her post after taking several months of maternity leave.

Resuming her tenure as Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee will complete the passage of the Hate Speech Bill into Irish law as it awaits review in the Seanad. This legislation’s pernicious and extensive criminalisation of the possession of vaguely defined “hateful” content regardless of intent to distribute it.

Humorously, McEntee’s return to the position was marked with a Twitter post in which she revealed private government briefing documents for the Department of Justice were scribbled on by her baby. 

However, when zoomed in, the photo of her briefing document reveals the table of contents for her briefing documents.  

It can be seen that McEntee’s return to office will see her tasked with tackling the issue of immigration. The contents of the document notably include “International Protection”, “Applications 2022-2023”, “Undocumented”, and “Border Management Unit”. 

From these contents alone it can be inferred that the department will likely establish a Border Management Unit to prevent further arrival of undocumented migrants, while simultaneously reviewing the applications lodged between 2022 and 2023 which have caused so much public upheaval over the government’s casual and sudden introduction of large numbers of undocumented young male migrants into their communities.

The immigrant investor programme is also under review, likely a result of the substantial Chinese interest and exploitation of the programme, while the government seems to be considering the Common Travel Area with the United Kingdom. The reasoning for this may be supposed to be for several reasons, the first being that the Irish state has experienced a large influx of bogus asylum seekers fleeing Britain amidst the British government’s crackdown on illegal immigration, and is seeking assistance to prevent this. 

However, the Irish government seeking assistance from Britain to secure the Common Travel Area would also be an explicit admission that Ireland cannot manage its own borders, and is therefore risking outsourcing a serious responsibility of Irish sovereignty to the British government. The final, but most unlikely reason for the government’s review of the Common Travel Area is their continued commitment to the Good Friday Agreement, however, as McEntee’s briefing is specifically related to immigration, this is highly unlikely.

The government’s apparent intent to review VISAs and Citizenship as well indicates their awareness of misconduct present in their handling of these issues, and the loose nature of the country’s border policy.

The highlighting of the asylum crisis as an issue within the briefing document’s contents suggests the government’s intent to backtrack the public outrage against their policies in such a way that it protects their electoral interests going into 2024 and 2025. 

A particular irony in this however is McEntee, the same Minister who has previously granted mass amnesty to illegal immigrants living in Ireland, is now being tasked with neutralising the political ramifications of the state’s asylum blunders.

The state’s mismanagement of the asylum crisis has emboldened public concerns with immigration, and the Department of Justice can be seen to now be taking a closer inspection of the issue. 

McEntee’s track-record has proven her allegiance to radical progressive policies and status as a cynical careerist, and no doubt, her department’s tackling of the asylum issue will be equally as horrendous and malicious as her custodianship of the Hate Speech Bill. 

The government’s comical mishandling of immigration in recent years has irreversibly released the genie of right-wing populism from the bottle, and it now appears that the government is set on socially engineering its way out of this mess. Should the government pivot its rhetoric, the public cannot forgive or forget the ills they have imposed on Ireland and would be remiss to believe that the government considers their interest in any respect. 

Posted by Ryan Kiersey


  1. People on our side seem to have a very hard time taking the Win.

    Come on. This is what we’ve been looking for.


  2. McEntee is weak, no backbone, its inherited, however, she has political aspirations to the leadership role. This may influence her to give strong soundbites, but do not believe for a minute she will take any actions to stop the invasion. She will sacrifice the indigenous Irish for those from third world counties that will destroy Ireland like they did their own.


    1. I’ld be surprised if she has even an inner monologue in her head. Everything about her screams moron.


  3. Documents left out on purpose,I’d say she scribbled on them. A cynical, incompetent useful idiot.


  4. Daniel BUCKLEY 04/06/2023 at 4:26 pm

    If you are serious about poliical change in Ireland, you must bite the bullet, and change your vote to a political Party that is against the Plantation and destruction of Ireland.
    There is no such Party in the Dail that has the interests of Irelands people as its core policy.
    Radical thinking and voting is required.
    The Present Regime and all opposition are a Uniparty and cannot or will not change course. We are heading for societal chaos ,crime and destruction.
    The Uniparty are captured by Pathological Altruism, that is an addiction. Or it may be that their addicted to power ,control and money and cannot be assuaged ,even to the detriment of the Nation andits People.
    The Regime is at war with the People and are the real Enemy, malevolent ,malicious , tyrannic ,despotic destroyer s of the Nation.
    The Covid dictatorship gave them a taste of brutal suppression of freedoms and they are thirsting for more with their Hate Speech Laws, for more control.
    They have control of the Media, the Justice system and the Gardai and use it to tyrannise and brutalise the citizenry, with their paid toadies in the NGOs as their foot soldiers/
    Power corrupts ,absolute Power corrupts absolutely and its can be seen in their arrogance ,hubris and outright contempt for the interests of the People.
    Clear them out,before they clear you out with their ethnic cleansing program of City and rural communities.


  5. kenigmatic@protonmail.com 05/06/2023 at 2:02 am

    No ‘accident’. Someone rang Ole Mark Little at Kinzen…. Hmm.. how to take the pressure off the current Juntas open=door invite to every wannabee asylum Gangsta… ‘Accident’? , there are no accidents in Statecraft….


  6. >Helen McEntee

    This kind of thing is FAR more likely to happen when you allow women to have influence or worse power and authority — they are naturally empathetic and averse to conflict, so they seek consensus — and anyone can see what the media imposed consensus is around questions like migration and ‘hate’.

    Honestly, politically Ireland is a disaster at this point, and I see little hope this can or will be remedied before its demographic denouement is all but inevitable.

    I’m glad I toured around a bit in 2010 when Ireland was still Irish.


  7. Ivaus@thetricolour 12/06/2023 at 4:41 am

    Send in The Clowns,
    …and no bigger has ever fronted stage than the Mc NT Moran.What an absolute joke to any political spectacle,ministerial post,part time worker or
    Irish Womanhood…a pro abortionist who continues to go on Paid Maternity
    Holidays…a sick sick society in a sick sick world,….the baby did it,scribble…
    No Midas Touch here….but the hands of doom,and gloom


    1. Sir Wrong Thinkist 12/06/2023 at 7:45 am

      Isn’t ‘our’ WEF Young Global Leader due for Maternity / Paternity / Iternity leave soon?


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