“A glory to Dublin, to her we renown,

In the long generations her fame will go down,

And the children will tell how their forefathers saw,

The red blaze of freedom on Erin Go Bragh”-Peadar Kearney

The Irish state’s response to the so-called rise of the far right turned to mud in a matter of hours yesterday evening.

With the emergence of a Trotskyist-backed squatter camp near the Mount Street IPO offices Dublin and her youngfellas had one chance and one chance only to make sure the Fair City’s streets didn’t go the way of Calais or Lampedusa. 

And our lads didn’t disappoint.

In what will go down as the greatest act of working-class direct action this side of the water protests the forces of the gay regime and its hangers-on were thoroughly and very publicly kicked to the curb.

After a tense hour-long standoff the left, badly outnumbered, saw their lines break with Fenians moving in to dismantle and torch the invader encampment. Leftists such as James O’Toole were jeered and escorted into Trinity College by Gardaí. Burkean writers couldn’t hide their glee as a tearfiled TCDSU President László Molnárfi was filmed fleeing Pearse Street flanked by the Garda Public Order Unit 

So much for ACAB.

Today will be a day of damage control for the status quo. After a month of public opprobrium dipping over the asylum issue, Dubs returned in force to defend their turf and with a bonfire a stone’s throw from Google HQ the Battle of Pearse Street was won.

If Dubliners didn’t do what they did yesterday every green space in the capital would have been under threat from refugee squat camps. Every parent, every brother and every husband would have had to look over their shoulder as the Irish lost control of their streets week by week. The media who run cover for the new Plantation would happily cover up an Irish Rotherham.

What was shown yesterday was how much of a paper tiger the state’s response to nationalism is. The genuine and cathartic venom against the left is real with locals seeing no distinction between Gardaí and the trots who come to assist the invasion of their areas.

Enforce your hate speech laws O’Gorman-you’re not taking Pearse Street.

More than people realise yesterday bought us all some breathing space. 

Let’s see it is not wasted!

Posted by The Burkean


  1. massive W for #YoungfellaUprising


  2. Daniel BUCKLEY 13/05/2023 at 12:03 pm

    When peaceful protest is ignored and the peaceful protesters demonised by a corrupt Regime controlled Media it is inevitable that direct action is inevitable, as occurred in Pearse St ,Dublin 11/5/2023.
    History shows that it is an inherent instinct of a cohesive People to protect their Homeland ,from invaders,who seek to loot its limited resources, be they Welfare,Housing, Health , Education.
    These illegal invaders are enabled by a treacherous Regime, who are the Enemy of the Irish Nation.
    Ireland is no longer a democracy,as proved by the Hate Speech Laws , designed to shut down all dissent of the Regime and its lunatic policies on Mass Migration, Climate fraud excuse, to destroy our Industry and agriculture sectors etc.
    A decade of humiliation by the Regime and long suppressed anger has resulted in the genie of dissent and direct action escaping the bottle and no draconian Laws can put it back.
    The veil of docility, naivety and gullibility, as a result of intense Media propaganda methods has been ripped apart and the People are awake and appalled at the Regime culpability in destroying our peaceful Nation and endangering its women and children.
    Ireland’s tyrannical and despotic Regime cannot survive for long without the support ot a long repressed People. The stupifying effect of Irelands Media propaganda is no longer effective and cannot counter act the proof of your own eyes and life experience.
    Bono is hiding in fear under the bed in Dalkey.


    1. Bono is in Vegas ! Many doyens of the leafiest suburbs spend much of the year in sunnier / caucasian climes # White fright


  3. Catherine Kelly 13/05/2023 at 11:20 pm

    God protect Ireland and the Irish people!


  4. Ciaran Caughey 14/05/2023 at 9:25 am

    Get every last one of them OFF the island!


  5. What’s happening to our country is inevitible, with ROG inviting, no, urging people from anywhere to come to Ireland. It’s a shame that it’s left up to ordinary Irish citizens to make a stand.


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 17/05/2023 at 8:57 pm

    The Irish will have a future legacy in their own Country… are traitors an alien species to this noble landscape?


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