Green Party officials from within the Irish government joined a raft of state-sponsored NGOs and at least one convicted killer to demand the Irish public accept tens of thousands more migrants.

Titled #IrelandforAll, the demonstration represents the latest desperate attempt by the state to crush the growing resistance to mass migration, with the country’s working class in particular rising up in recent weeks to challenge the new plantation of foreign populations in their areas.

Perhaps unsurprising considering the millions in taxpayer money behind the protest, Saturday’s event boasted a star-studded cast of NGO gombeens, government ministers and washed-up celebrities, with Christy Moore taking to the stage to perform for the rabidly left-wing crowd.

Also headlining the day’s event was pro-immigration performer Steo Wall, who was platformed recently on RTÉ to perform his song “More Blacks, More Dogs, More Irish”.

Wall himself is less famous for his performance art than he is for his criminal history, with Gript Media revealing last month that the leftist singer has previously been convicted for manslaughter. According to the website’s report, Wall killed a fellow inmate while serving time in Mountjoy prison for unrelated offences.

Although the exact circumstances of Wall’s criminal past remain unclear, during sentencing for Wall’s manslaughter conviction, the presiding judge is said to have commented that the now-famous antifash artist was originally in prison due to his drug addiction.

That’s not to say Wall was the only unscrupulous party linked to Saturday’s rally. Also lending their name to the whos-who event of progressive politics was TENI, Ireland’s premier pro-transgenderism organisation.

While the politics of the NGO are bad enough on their own, some major questions about their previous accounting practices have previously drawn particular ire, even from Ireland’s mainstream. Despite being a registered non-profit, the organisation has failed to file accounts on time for four years running, prompting some state agencies to withhold funding from the organisation. 

TENI has also been accused of “brainwashing” government officials into accepting a pro-transgenderism way of thinking, an accusation that the NGO has unsurprisingly denied.

Perhaps the worst of the organisations attending the march was Ireland’s Green Party. Seemingly no longer satisfied with spreading misery amongst family farms across Ireland with their near-suicidal environmentalist policies, the party has since branched out to undermining Irish energy security while all the while advocating for a limitless number of migrants to come to Ireland. Among those attending from the party included Joe O’Brien, the party’s chief immigration architect after being recently appointed to the post of Minister of State for Community Development, Integration & Charities, who has warned that a further 80,000 migrant arrivals should be expected this year.

The Green Party’s presence at the event, as well as their desire to lash out at the Irish public more generally, has made many on the political left extremely uncomfortable. Despite ostensibly being anti-establishment, these activists from the likes of PBP and the socialist party are finding themselves more and more taking the side of the country’s capitalist government, with both factions dedicating an ever-increasing amount of resources to crushing public anger over the migrant crisis that has been bubbling up in working-class areas.

To make matters worse, the turnout for the NGO-filled march was likely not what many were hoping for. Based on a mix of images and technical analysis done by the Burkean, turnout for the Saturday demonstration likely failed to break the 10,000 mark, and was likely only slightly larger than the Rally for Life protest held in the same area last year.

Of course, this reality has not stopped the establishment from bragging about the number of attendees at the protest, with both activists and even some journalists giving numbers ranging from 15,000-20,000 people as attending, with some even claiming that 50,000 showed up to support the government’s immigration policies. This is roughly equivalent to the capacity of the Aviva Stadium.

Those making such a farfetched claim have, of course, so far failed to produce evidence backing it up.

Such a desire to inflate the protest numbers reveals a growing insecurity within the Irish political class however. Having spent years and years warning about the possible rise of the far-right while simultaneously seeming to believe that such a rise was a complete impossibility, the state’s rulership caste is now overlooking their political apocalypse. Despite countless media and government attempts to smear protesters as “far-right”, the demonstrations have only seen their support surge, with Ireland’s premier leftist party, Sinn Féin, being hammered in the polls as a result of their progressive leanings.

Although this has been to the benefit of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil in the short term, it appears that they too appear to have realised that political armageddon may indeed now be upon them. So too have Ireland’s media class, which is slowly moving from articles advocating for the far-right to be stamped out, to penning pieces mourning the coming destruction of liberal Ireland in the face of a now-seemingly unstoppable wave of nationalism, a wave that will only be bolstered by the swing towards the right in Europe.

Although it is too soon to celebrate just yet, Saturday’s demonstration represented somewhat of a sea change in Irish politics. A show of force on the part of the Irish establishment, the march represented less of a Stalingrad-style counter offence and more of a Battle of Berlin last-ditch defence effort on the part of those in power. Ultimately, these forces know they have lost the room, and that the wave of political support they have been riding since the early 90s has now faded away to nothing.

Meanwhile, the very people they have spent the last number of decades trying to crush are seeing a rapid surge of support. In this context, it is starting to look like it is no longer a question of whether liberalism will last in Ireland, but merely for how long before the wheel of the ship is ripped from their hands by the electorate.

Posted by Daithí O'Duibhne


  1. Statist Naivete Paradox 18/02/2023 at 11:59 pm

    An Ireland for all they say?

    Does the #IrelandForAll crowd believe this individual should be allowed stay in Ireland?

    Court upholds decision to deport alleged ‘recruiter’ in Ireland for Islamic terrorists

    Will they have an answer or just smile and look like a brainless simpleton? Likely the latter lol. These people are hollow, they can not debate. Ireland needs a debate around inward mass economic migration where the NGO sector is not invited, because they are too financially involved in the asylum industry, the bias is apparent and real. At least irish people can have their own debates on social media channels, the irish government will never be able to censor the web, all they have is an echo chamber in the seanad and dail, the irish government are undergoing a trial by social media currently by the angry public, we all see the memes and we all are laughing at these clowns absolute stupidity and it is very entertaining how the light is being shone at out of touch with reality these political clowns really are. These politicans are thick, they are completely out of touch.

    Can you imagine Poland inviting sub-saharan africans on state television to lecture the poles about why they should be allowing mass immigration from the third world? Ireland is too soft and it is ridiculous what is going on. RTE is now a comedy show.

    Any irish citizen that would want an alleged recruiter in Ireland for Islamic terrorists be deported might be seen as a bit FAR-ROYSH by the #IrelandForAll crowd. The far roysh, the rise of the far roysh now, thuggish and mobbish far roysh, they are protesting against the far roysh, mammies with their prams that are concerned about their childrens futures, the far roysh apparently.

    The new SS if you were to believe some of the absolute diatribes from the NGO-gravy train sector directed towards working class communities. The gravy train is out of control, they are afraid of their free lollipops being taken away, absolutely terrified, shivering at the prospect of a respectable political party in power that will pull the plug on the tax draining pro-mass-migration pushing NGO sector, that are causing untold misery and social instability around ireland, a drain on tax payers, making the homeless epidemic worse from irish having to compete in the rental market and housing lists/market with non-nationals on a tiny little island not equipped for such a massive wave of inward economic migration, that is just a seed for ethnic tensions. Irish people need to get over this idea of being nice, being loved, BE fucking firm and not giving a shit what others think of you.

    Perhaps the #IrelandForAll crowd should be inviting the afghanistan taliban over for some tea and scones or maybe some somali pirates for a picnic on the beach off the west coast of ireland? They do believe in an #IrelandForAll right? perhaps they should invite some of the rotherham groomers over as Britain seems to want to deport them back to the middle-east and that might be seen as a bit racist by the #IrelandForAll crowd? No? a bit far roysh maybe. An #IrelandForAll should welcome everyone right, THE ENTIRE WORLD, all 8 BILLION with a housing crisis and homeless epidemic? But shur didn’t the 8 billion irish emigrate to gigantic land regions like north amnerica and australia and there is Plenty of room for 8 billion in Ireland, plenty of room, a country where vulnerable pensioners die on trolly beds waiting to be operated on. Sickening stuff, one might say that ireland is undergoing a demonic infestation.

    They cant be having differing opinions now that shine light on the gravy train land of free lollipops for pro-mass-immigration NGO’s and irish politicans who have an IQ in the region of 65 that are terrified of criticism don’t you know, hence the bringing in of controversial hate-speech laws in an attempt to eradicate free speech around the immigration problems that ireland will no doubt face in the future. Ireland, the land where the NGO sector/government protest against the working class communities, the far roysh might wake up the irish public about the gravy train and the likes of Mr Antifa himself, the baldy wannabe communist can not be having the working class communities seeing him for the moron that he is. Not much of a communist though is he, it is fun watching him making an absolute arse of himself, he has feathered his bed with stupidity. if he was a russian soldier in WW2 sent out to battle by stalin, he would piss himself and run away or hide somewhere. Don’t cede the streets he says with his antifa commie shit. What a clown lol. These people are thick and rich, a terrible combination. They don’t live in the real world.

    An #IrelandForAll concept should be criticised by the public, because it implies that there should be no border controls whatsoever, that the whole world can just waltz right into a country with a homeless epidemic and housing shortage crisis, which creates even more strain on an already broken country, we all see social media of irish people living in tents and doorways in the pissing rain and freezing cold, where is the modular housing? Ireland is taking part in a multicularism experiment that has failed elsewhere and created massive ethnic tensions, want an example? Sweden, France, Germany, Norway, Britain. Ireland is on this path no doubt. Parents need to be weary.

    If dimwits like Simple-Simon are too stupid to not realise that Ireland is on a similar path to other european countries with massive ethnic tension problems, then simple-simon is living in denial, calling people “thuggish or mobbish” will not exactly stop angry working class communities from getting more vocal and politically active. Simple simon and his clown like government are the ones creating ethnic tensions in communities, history will remember these people as the ones that create ethnic tensions through their immigration policies.

    The joke is also on simple-simon for implying that irish mammies going around protesting with their children in prams is thuggish and mobbish. Children are protesting at those events, simple simon implying that child protestors are thuggish is despicable carry on, he painted these protests as thuggish, many of which contained children.

    A hissing political snake is what he is. Lets all hope he takes his boosters. Heaven forbid someone might think of him an absolute idiot lol. See, simple simon does not want the public thinking of him as an idiot, simple simon is more used to the irish media treating him as some figure of impeccable legitimacy beyond criticism.

    Simple-Simon gets an easy time of it by the media, these people are weak and stupid and would be voted out if irish people get the eyes to actually see how intellectually dumb they are. Never watch state broadcasted propaganda, tune into twitter instead if need be or other platforms, more real news on there than RTE.

    Irelands immigration policy is hilariously stupid, you know Ireland has failed with its immigration policy when politicans from other countries have to call them out on it. It is very irresponsible for certain individuals to be allowed into the country if they have no documents and the state have no idea who some of these people are. But in Ireland, you will be called far-right extremist for holding those views, ireland is a fucking basket-case land run by the gravy train NGO sector all enabled by politicans also on the gravy train with a flouridated public voting them in even when they bankrupted the state in the past. Mehole, has a big smile on his face, how the fuck can irish people be so fucking stupid to vote him in again? I’m telling ya, there must be something in the water in Ireland, there has to be, oh wait that would be a flouridated water supply that destroys the pineal gland, the ability to observe and see.

    The state says they have a legal obligation to house economic-migrants, but this is a lie as they voluntarily signed up to plant Ireland with what they call people fleeing war? How can they know if such people are fleeing war if they have no idea about what country they were born in? Also of the individuals whom they know their nationality, what war is in Georgia, Albania, Nigeria, Algeria, Somalia and Afghanistan? These nationalities are near the top of the list of so-called refugees seeking asylum. By not enforcing border controls and checking peoples documents upon arrival, there could be potential security risks to the state and the general public at large.

    There is a wide open border in NI to the republic, which means theoretically that anyone allowed enter britain could just waltz into ireland through the open border in NI. The Irish government is being very irresponsible with their immigration policies, these policies are even criticised by swedish MP’s from a country that failed in its multicultarism and diversity experiment. There are very serious ethnic tensions in Sweden. Ireland needs to be cautious around immigration.

    Since the pro-immigration NGO gravy trains basically demands no borders, lets have a look of the opinions of more professional people in politics who do state the importance of strict border controls.

    Border security is the most basic and necessary responsibility of a sovereign nation.
    Kirstjen Nielsen

    Border security is a safety issue.
    Heather Wilson

    Clearly, border security has been the top domestic issue of the year, and rightly so. Securing our borders is an essential aspect of our national security.
    Randy Neugebauer

    We know gang members are pouring across the border and filling up our prisons. We have a huge drug problem in this country now in places that never had an opiate problem. Why is that? Because this is brought in – because we do not have a border.
    Ann Coulter

    Hissing snakes like simple simon should learn something from politicans that know how dangerous open borders are.

    Marxist pro-immigration simpletons from irelands “NGO gravy train” can have their fucking champagne in whatever clown like reality they have decided to believe in, free from economic-migrants of course, as posh areas receive no so-called diversity, but they can think again if they foolishly believe they can silence the concerned public about the possible dangerous implications of their promotion for mass-immigration into irish working class communities and rural ireland, where integration is near impossible because different ethnicities create enclaves. Foreign individuals are destroying their documents upoin arrival and no one knows who they are. For every action, there is an opposite reaction, the can of worms has already been opened, especially now with the internet where concerned citizens can witness the negative effects of mass-immigration policies and voice their objections through protesting or becoming more politically aware. Mass-immigration has created a gigantic strain on social services and housing throughout Ireland, only an imbecile would deny the consequences that mass-immigration has on the housing market on a small island. We all see the videos on social media too of what appears to be a lot of foreign-nationals engaging in criminal activity, fighting and attacking each other in hotels and in broad daylight on the streets. Whilst the argument can be made that criminality is committed aswell by irish citizens, an argument can also be made that importing people from cultures that are not like Ireland can create dangerous ethnic tensions and create even more criminality than what was already there to begin with, due to cultural differences and norms. Integration procedures have failed elsewhere like in Sweden. A big long debate about the possible negative implications of mass-immigration is badly needed in Ireland, even swedish politicans are calling for a debate to be had in Ireland as regards the republics relaxed border controls. People have concerns and they have every right to be concerned.


    1. Brevity is the soul of wit!

      Correct in everything you have discussed but The People need A Rallying Cry, A Clarion Call to Unite them not a dissertation!


  2. Daniel BUCKLEY 19/02/2023 at 10:23 am

    The Irish Taxpayer has funded its own destruction for far too longlong by paying for the propaganda vomiting from RTE,Local Radio and the Newspapers. All collaborators of the
    Corrupt,Crminal,Gombeen Regime.
    The worm has turned and an awakening has occurred among the People.
    These destructive traitors are exposed as the predators of the People,NGO’s & 2nd Tier celebtities all attempting to play with the ‘latest thing’ of Open Door Plantation.
    That train has left the station and those idiots are left playing yesterdays song to an empty theatre,
    Bocott and starve those celebrities who jump on the Regime band-wagon to extend their careers on RTE.


  3. James Gough 21/02/2023 at 2:30 pm

    It is hilarious.
    Opposition protests for government policy.
    Journalists protest on behalf of censorship.
    Government parties protest against the peoples opinions.
    The Guards think that running people over with a car is a “moral act”.
    NGOs who are paid by the government to tell freeloaders how to game the system are in favor of importing unlimited numbers of freeloaders to live off the long suffering taxpayers.
    It is starting to dawn on them all that they have been found out and that the people can see what is happening. Lies will always out and this lot are done.


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 21/02/2023 at 4:57 pm

    Ireland will fall…before it gets up to fight …we will keep the traitor down


  5. The Irish Government, utilizing The NGOs , is following orders from The E U/U N and The WEF which dictates that every one under their control must be stripped of their Personal Autonomy,Personal Freedom and Freedom of Speech! To achieve that every E U country must impose the same Cultural Marxist mandates aimed at De Christianizing The Judaeo-Christian West or their plans as outlined in their Agenda 2030 will fail!

    The People must call for A Referendum to Exit The E U



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