Green Party officials from within the Irish government joined a raft of state-sponsored NGOs and at least one convicted killer to demand the Irish public accept tens of thousands more migrants.

Titled #IrelandforAll, the demonstration represents the latest desperate attempt by the state to crush the growing resistance to mass migration, with the country’s working class in particular rising up in recent weeks to challenge the new plantation of foreign populations in their areas.

Perhaps unsurprising considering the millions in taxpayer money behind the protest, Saturday’s event boasted a star-studded cast of NGO gombeens, government ministers and washed-up celebrities, with Christy Moore taking to the stage to perform for the rabidly left-wing crowd.

Also headlining the day’s event was pro-immigration performer Steo Wall, who was platformed recently on RTÉ to perform his song “More Blacks, More Dogs, More Irish”.

Wall himself is less famous for his performance art than he is for his criminal history, with Gript Media revealing last month that the leftist singer has previously been convicted for manslaughter. According to the website’s report, Wall killed a fellow inmate while serving time in Mountjoy prison for unrelated offences.

Although the exact circumstances of Wall’s criminal past remain unclear, during sentencing for Wall’s manslaughter conviction, the presiding judge is said to have commented that the now-famous antifash artist was originally in prison due to his drug addiction.

That’s not to say Wall was the only unscrupulous party linked to Saturday’s rally. Also lending their name to the whos-who event of progressive politics was TENI, Ireland’s premier pro-transgenderism organisation.

While the politics of the NGO are bad enough on their own, some major questions about their previous accounting practices have previously drawn particular ire, even from Ireland’s mainstream. Despite being a registered non-profit, the organisation has failed to file accounts on time for four years running, prompting some state agencies to withhold funding from the organisation. 

TENI has also been accused of “brainwashing” government officials into accepting a pro-transgenderism way of thinking, an accusation that the NGO has unsurprisingly denied.

Perhaps the worst of the organisations attending the march was Ireland’s Green Party. Seemingly no longer satisfied with spreading misery amongst family farms across Ireland with their near-suicidal environmentalist policies, the party has since branched out to undermining Irish energy security while all the while advocating for a limitless number of migrants to come to Ireland. Among those attending from the party included Joe O’Brien, the party’s chief immigration architect after being recently appointed to the post of Minister of State for Community Development, Integration & Charities, who has warned that a further 80,000 migrant arrivals should be expected this year.

The Green Party’s presence at the event, as well as their desire to lash out at the Irish public more generally, has made many on the political left extremely uncomfortable. Despite ostensibly being anti-establishment, these activists from the likes of PBP and the socialist party are finding themselves more and more taking the side of the country’s capitalist government, with both factions dedicating an ever-increasing amount of resources to crushing public anger over the migrant crisis that has been bubbling up in working-class areas.

To make matters worse, the turnout for the NGO-filled march was likely not what many were hoping for. Based on a mix of images and technical analysis done by the Burkean, turnout for the Saturday demonstration likely failed to break the 10,000 mark, and was likely only slightly larger than the Rally for Life protest held in the same area last year.

Of course, this reality has not stopped the establishment from bragging about the number of attendees at the protest, with both activists and even some journalists giving numbers ranging from 15,000-20,000 people as attending, with some even claiming that 50,000 showed up to support the government’s immigration policies. This is roughly equivalent to the capacity of the Aviva Stadium.

Those making such a farfetched claim have, of course, so far failed to produce evidence backing it up.

Such a desire to inflate the protest numbers reveals a growing insecurity within the Irish political class however. Having spent years and years warning about the possible rise of the far-right while simultaneously seeming to believe that such a rise was a complete impossibility, the state’s rulership caste is now overlooking their political apocalypse. Despite countless media and government attempts to smear protesters as “far-right”, the demonstrations have only seen their support surge, with Ireland’s premier leftist party, Sinn Féin, being hammered in the polls as a result of their progressive leanings.

Although this has been to the benefit of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil in the short term, it appears that they too appear to have realised that political armageddon may indeed now be upon them. So too have Ireland’s media class, which is slowly moving from articles advocating for the far-right to be stamped out, to penning pieces mourning the coming destruction of liberal Ireland in the face of a now-seemingly unstoppable wave of nationalism, a wave that will only be bolstered by the swing towards the right in Europe.

Although it is too soon to celebrate just yet, Saturday’s demonstration represented somewhat of a sea change in Irish politics. A show of force on the part of the Irish establishment, the march represented less of a Stalingrad-style counter offence and more of a Battle of Berlin last-ditch defence effort on the part of those in power. Ultimately, these forces know they have lost the room, and that the wave of political support they have been riding since the early 90s has now faded away to nothing.

Meanwhile, the very people they have spent the last number of decades trying to crush are seeing a rapid surge of support. In this context, it is starting to look like it is no longer a question of whether liberalism will last in Ireland, but merely for how long before the wheel of the ship is ripped from their hands by the electorate.

Posted by Daithí O'Duibhne


  1. Daniel BUCKLEY 19/02/2023 at 10:23 am

    The Irish Taxpayer has funded its own destruction for far too longlong by paying for the propaganda vomiting from RTE,Local Radio and the Newspapers. All collaborators of the
    Corrupt,Crminal,Gombeen Regime.
    The worm has turned and an awakening has occurred among the People.
    These destructive traitors are exposed as the predators of the People,NGO’s & 2nd Tier celebtities all attempting to play with the ‘latest thing’ of Open Door Plantation.
    That train has left the station and those idiots are left playing yesterdays song to an empty theatre,
    Bocott and starve those celebrities who jump on the Regime band-wagon to extend their careers on RTE.


  2. James Gough 21/02/2023 at 2:30 pm

    It is hilarious.
    Opposition protests for government policy.
    Journalists protest on behalf of censorship.
    Government parties protest against the peoples opinions.
    The Guards think that running people over with a car is a “moral act”.
    NGOs who are paid by the government to tell freeloaders how to game the system are in favor of importing unlimited numbers of freeloaders to live off the long suffering taxpayers.
    It is starting to dawn on them all that they have been found out and that the people can see what is happening. Lies will always out and this lot are done.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 21/02/2023 at 4:57 pm

    Ireland will fall…before it gets up to fight …we will keep the traitor down


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