“The real point is that all this doesn’t matter a fiddler’s fart on the Cliffs of Moher to the country’s real problems.” – Breandán Ó hEithir 

As the prospect of war grips most European cabinets, France teeters, and populist governments make tentative breaks with the liberal world order, Leinster House has been bogged down with an all too provincial scandal of state.

Centred on a dodgy land purchase by the wife of Limerick TD Niall Collins, the saga has been utilised by Shinner media outfit On The Ditch to kick sand into the eyes of the moribund Fianna Fáil-Fine Gael duopoly.

Unsurprisingly, the issue sucked oxygen out of Irsh politics all of last week, with legal letters no doubt being fired faster than projectiles out of Bakhmut behind the scenes.

Supporters of the ship of state point to the Collins dispute as an irrelevant gotcha by partisan hacks, while the Sinn Féin-Left alliance uses it as evidence of a grungy gombeen conspiracy intent on seeing half the nation on the emigration boat just to maintain an artificially expensive rental market. 

The Ruskies even made an appearance with a hit piece tarring On The Ditch as a Russian front, a sign that the magazine has really got under the skin of some.

A battle between Shinnerbots and centrist Derek dads over a comb to brush the Irish State’s bald head, such rancour belies the actual reality of Saorstát Éireann in 2023.

As far as real politics is concerned, the rotting townhouse known as Leinster House exists as a relic to reassure the Irish of residual autonomy before it becomes feasible to mothball the entire island into a ‘Shared Ireland’ travesty under the NATO security umbrella.

If the state has a legislative agenda it is to rubber stamp one already manufactured in Brussels or at the WEF, with whole departments being retrofitted to facilitate the decarbonisation and mass immigration agenda.

Collins, as with most Oireachtas members, exists as an over-glorified parish fixer, catapulted to the national stage and with as much political vision as the TG4 weather girl. A replaceable suit, the Collins archetype has filled the void in lieu of a truly national politics.

The government may take comfort in the fact that their opponents at On The Ditch, in the form of joke populists like Paddy Cosgrave, while cackling today will splinter into a million contrarian pieces upon contact with actual power. 

Cosgrave and friends agree with the status quo on about 80% of policies (immigration, Euro-federalism, covid and climate mania, etc.) but with tepid but increasingly self-assured rise of right-wing populism a greater existential threat to our current regime.

Other than vague mentions of cronyism, there is no solid platform for populism behind Cosgrave et al, with his deplatforming of Le Pen indicative of his alignment with progressive values regardless.

Cosgrave belongs to a puerile school of thought that actually believes the propaganda line that Ireland is a gombeen republic run by racist white men. Not entirely excusing the role gombeen politics plays in binding Ireland to globalism, it ignores the value systems, transnational bodies and backroom NGO complex that actually governs this country in favour of leftist clichés…

“Direct Provision is perpetuated by structural racism… the rise of the far right somehow somehow empowers the government etc”

Presumably angling for a position in the looming Sinn Féin clientalist bonanza that is expected when Mary Lou gets to decide who gets onto what state board, Cosgrave for the Irish Right is to be welcomed as a useful idiot, one actively loosening the political grip of the fading neoliberal era with potshots like the Collins exposé.

Skimming a house on the side would be the least offensive thing Niall Collins has even done to the Irish nation. A parochial functionary the fixation on a measly gaff ignores the elephantine scale of mismanagement we have seen the past five years alone from covid etc with the fundamentals of liberal rule in Ireland remaining so far unchallenged.

Irish politics has as much dynamism now as the day Strongbow stepped onto dry land, with this low scale politics producing many MacMurroughs to potentially subdue our national unity. This week’s faction fighting is a depressing indictment to those who envision a greater Ireland, not one that is on a downward trajectory of petty squabbles as the world marches on. 

Be grateful that we are one week closer to finally being rid of the zombie FF-FG alliance that has governed (formally at least) since 2016, though one week further in not realising the goal of a genuine Irish nation state.

The unloved amalgamate of FF-FG coalitions with any luck is about to break, and what emerges from the ensuing turmoil is anyone’s guess. On The Ditch has gotten the ball going on regime change in Ireland, but one suspects they may not like what comes next.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. ⨁ Tuath Dé 09/05/2023 at 8:56 pm

    “Strongbow ”

    Lol @ Ciaran the “Censorship Artist”, (i say that because i think he is probably a mod on theburkean and censors lots of my posts, likes to call people cranks etc) trying to blame the colonisation of Ireland on an Anglo-Norman “Richard De Clare” whilst ignoring the role his beloved catholic church played. What an ignoramus.

    Don’t blame the colonisation of Ireland on MacMurrough or Strongbow buddy.

    Take a look at your precious church.

    The Laudabiliter was used by Anglo-Normans and later on the protestants with the Crown of Ireland Act” as a justified legal document to rule over Ireland for both the vatican and the british royals.

    (That Ireland, and indeed all islands on which

    Christ, the sun of justice, has shed His rays, and

    which have received the teaching of the

    Christian faith, belong to the jurisdiction of

    blessed St. Peter and the holy Roman church is

    a fact beyond doubt)

    Lol at the vatican also truthfully describing their creation “Jesus” as a sun deity (their own words lol) which is exactly what he is as the state religon of rome was based on solar worship even before they created the solar cult of christianity to expand their empire and territory. Go to mass on SUNday have you Ciaran to worship the sun lol?

    Ciaran Brennan and other lads like Eoin O Fatharta here love the Vatican more than Ireland. They are too ignorant and silly to understand that the vatican (A foreign state, might as well be the EU) claimed jurisdiction over Ireland for centuries and still ruled over Ireland in the 20th century and covered up serious abuse scandals. Anyone saying that the catholic church was great for ireland are being truly ignorant if they continue to ignore the corruption and not highlight it.

    Look here.

    (the payment to St. Peter and the holy Roman

    church of an annual tax of one penny from every household. ) (From the laudabiliter, and irish have donated and given away enormous sums of money and property to this institution throughout many centuries aswell)

    The vatican historically required tax from Ireland. Say anything about the history of the catholic church, theburkean will lean to censorship. A bunch of fake people who are not for free speech when their beliefs are questioned. No different to any leftist globalist. It is also hilarious for theburkean to be continously posting st patrick articles when in fact the british flag contains st patricks symbol, these people do not understand history or symbols or where st patrick the fictitious character originated from. Keep up the censorship LMAO.

    Nice echo chamber you have here, the home of free speech my ass. Lol at you lot too still posting the indecipherable drivel from UlickFitznorman lol. Hilarious!

    It makes me laugh everytime HAHAHA.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 17/05/2023 at 9:27 pm

    It is only about corruption and the corrupted in Irish affairs… and that’s how the power is maintained, Absolute corruption


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